The Power of Praise in the Christian Life

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Do you want to know what is the power of praise in the Christian life? Praise is essential in the life of the believer because it is the easiest way to access God. Although there are other channels to address the Creator, praise is at the same time a prayer, supplication, and the expression of gratitude to God. In this article, we will focus on what praise is.

 “ Praise is to bless what salt is to food. Avoid corruption .” The comparison with salt shows the whole dimension of praise in the life of the Christian.

Let the peoples praise You, O God; let all the peoples praise You. ” ( Psalm 67:3 ). First, it is interesting to know that men were created to praise and worship God. “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and bless His name” ( Psalm 100:4 ). The Holy Scriptures teach us that “God dwells in the midst of the praises of his people.”


What is praise?

Praise is appreciating God for who he is. We praise and adore God only for His Being Praise is not asking God. They are special moments in which the soul of the Christian rises and comes into contact with heaven, through songs that magnify God for what he is.

The Bible advises Christians to praise God. “Praise the Lord! Because it is beautiful to celebrate our God because it is decorous to praise him.” Praising God should not be optional for the believer; it is a biblical recommendation. Because through praise, God “rebuilds Jerusalem, gathers the exiles of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and heals their wounds” ( Psalm 147:2-3 ).

To praise God means to praise him, to proclaim his greatness, that is, to voluntarily express our gratitude and our most sincere gratitude to God to honor him (glorify him, celebrate him, praise him, testify to him, magnify him) for his works: for everything he has done for us, for all that he has done for us in Christ, and for what he is or represents for us.

Praise can be verbal or de facto, the word can be said (proclamation) or sung (song) with or without music or dance steps. The Bible reveals to us in Hebrews 13 v15 that praise is a sacrifice and a lip offering to God.

The power of praise – A powerful weapon for the Christian

The power of praise is a weapon that God places in the hands of the Christian, with which he humiliates Satan. Praise is the antidote to the enemy. Through praise, we silence the enemy and the vindictive.

he perfect example of a believer who has made praise his weapon of choice to silence the devil and come into deep esteem for God is King David. In praise, David defeated all the enemy armies. It was through praise that he was able to rid Saul of his demons from him.

He who lives in praise carries with him authority because he has the support of the heavenly host. That is why in difficult life situations, when darkness seems to invade our lives when everything seems nothing when the world seems to crumble under our feet and we feel that we do not have a saint to dedicate ourselves to, we must necessarily praise God. Because “ praise is much more effective than the longest fast ” we can do.


What is worship?

Worship is an attitude of the heart, a fear of God, it is also the greatest form of praise! To worship God is to attribute a supreme value to Him because only He is absolutely worthy ( Psalm 96,7-8 / Mark 12 v29 ).

It is approaching God with a feeling of deep awe-full of admiration. It is also having a feeling of respect towards God, expressing our deep respect for Him (worshipping Him, exalting Him), prostrating ourselves before Him, estimating Him in His just and high value, giving way to Him, contemplating His majesty, His greatness, etc.

In worship, we express our love, wonder, admiration, and
praise to God for the quality of His person, for His character, His attributes, and His
perfection. When worshiping, one can sing, speak, raise hands, kneel, lie face down, remain silent, weep as guided by the Holy Spirit, etc.

True worship can only come from a heart that loves God. “Come, let us bow down and humble ourselves, let us bow our knees before the Lord our Creator! ” Psalms 95:6.


What are the differences between praise and worship?

The power of praise connects us with the greatness of God, while adoration brings us face to face with the Holiness of God. Praise is our voluntary action, our choice with our intelligence to express to God our gratitude and our honor whatever our situation, whether we want it or not!

Worship is not a decision, it is a consequence of praise through which one enters the presence of God. Then our whole being (body, soul, spirit) is filled with the Spirit of him. We enter into deep communion with Him, transported by the Holy Spirit, this transforms our being and upsets our relationship with Him.

Why should we praise or worship God?

Worship is the first objective of every man’s life, that’s why God created us to serve and worship him. That is why the greatest commandment: “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength ”. God created man regardless of our differences with the desire to worship.

And there is not a single person on the face of the earth that does not worship something. It is a universal need deeply inscribed in the tiniest fiber of the human being, it is a latent need in us to connect with God.

Worship is as natural as eating or breathing, it is a need for balance in human life.  Now, if we don’t go back to worshiping the true God, it is obvious that given this emptiness in us, we always find a substitute other than the true God.

Other reasons:

  1. Because of who He is ( Psalms 149:1 ). ( Psal.48: 2; 96: 4 ).
  2. Because praise glorifies God ( Psalm 50:23 ).
  3. Because God commands us to do it. “ Praise the Lord ” is not a suggestion or a request. It is a commandment. ( Psalm 105:1 )
  4. For all its benefits (Psalms 103:2).
  5. For his works ( Psalms 150:2 )
  6. Because it is beautiful to praise the Lord ( Psalms 91:2; 147:1 )
  7. Because he is worthy of praise ( 2 Samuel 22:4; Psalm 18:4 ).
  8. For praise exalts the Lord ( Psalm 69:31 )
  9. Because it is good to praise the Lord ( Psalms 33:1 )
  10. etc
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What is the origin of the power of praise and worship?

Isaiah 14: 11-15 tells us about the fall of satan and tells us about the position he held. Lucifer, a bringer of light, a shining star was created to praise. He was the head of worship and praise in heaven, he was responsible for leading them to God. He not only rebelled against God but also dragged the third of the angels with him and diverted praise and worship to himself.

By being cast down from heaven to earth, he corrupted the power of praise and worship that were originally created to glorify God alone. He not only brought back the praise of this world, but he is also trying to bring back the praise and worship of God’s children.

Being a former head of the praise and worship ministry in heaven, he is well-schooled in praise and worship standards that sit with God; Luke 4: 5-8 “ I give you everything if you bow down and worship me ”. ( Luke 10:18 and Revelation 12:7-9 )

It is important to know that not all worldly songs are meant for God, simply because these songs do not glorify the Name of Jesus Christ, but are meant for Satan even when his name is not directly spoken.

Because nightclubs and other places of prostitution where people go singing are simply temples to the glory of satan. So let’s pay attention to certain clips, movies, and music, that don’t give all the glory to God at the risk of giving the enemy the advantage over us.

It is also good to know that, according to the word of God, even when a song deals with Jesus Christ, it cannot necessarily be accepted by God, since the one who sings must also have a life of obedience to God; Otherwise, his song could be picked up by satan, while he thinks he goes up to God.

Praise and worship belong exclusively to God! They were made by Him and for Him! Let’s use it for his glory.

What is the praise or worship in which God is pleased?

The praise or worship that pleases God is not the beauty of the voice or the harmony of the instruments, although these go a long way to beautify the praise by making it pleasant to listen to.

Nor is it the beautiful words of the lips that one utters or the bodily position that one maintains in the presence of God. According to the Bible, God accepts or rejects an offering according to the life of the one who offers it.

The power of praise and adoration are lip offerings to God, they please God only when you lead a life of obedience and sanctification (good conversion; adequate clothing; good Christian testimony, etc…); this is what makes her his strength.

Let’s read together some examples of the power of praise:

  • Genesis 4 v3-5 “… The Lord looked favorably on Abel and his offering, but he did not look favorably on Cain and his offering .” Louis Second Version

God looks first at the life of the one who offers him the offering before looking favorably or unfavorably at this offering of lips that is presented to him. Any offering that does not comply with this rule cannot be pleasant, so it would work without reward ( Matthew 6v1 ) The example of Cain in this text should teach us a lot.

  • Mat 23v23 “ What a pity for you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, when you are false men! You give God a tenth of certain plants, mint, vegetables, and spices. And you let go of what is most important in the Fa, which is to be righteous, good, faithful. However, this is what had to be done, without forgetting the rest. Word of life version.

Here God reproaches the fact of bringing him offerings when what constitutes the strength of the offering is not practiced, that is, the life of sanctification and sincere obedience to his word; this is what he agrees with before looking favorably on the gift itself.

This reality is comparable to that of the current Christian music scene in which many sing for the glory of God while they are not interested in a personal life of consecration and sanctification to God, which they should do well before singing praises to God.

This is what 2 Timothy 3  confirms in this verse 5: “They will pretend to be faithful to God, but in reality, they will reject the power of faith. Turn your back on these people. “; In the last days, people will serve the Lord, they will sing for his glory, but rejecting what is the basis of true service to God, the observance of the word of God and a life according to divine prescriptions.

  • 2 cor 8v5 “And not only did they contribute as we expected, but they gave themselves first to the Lord, then to us, by the will of God.”

In this text we clearly see that the first Christians gave themselves entirely to God, then their offering came, which made them subjects of great testimony in the churches of Asia.

  • Ephesians 5:2 “  Walk in love, after the example of Christ, who loved us and gave himself up to God for us as a sweet-smelling offering and sacrifice. “

We see in this text that the Lord Jesus Christ himself was completely given over to God before giving up his body on the cross for us. Observance of this rule made it a pleasing offering and a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God.

The true singer of the Lord must also observe this basic principle, he must first give himself completely to God before bringing him the offering from his lips.

  • Psalm 33v1 “Righteous, rejoice in the Lord! Praise belongs to upright men”

  • Psalm 33v1 “Cry out for joy to the LORD, you who obey him. For those with a pure heart, it is good to sing his praises. 

These biblical passages quoted above clearly teach us that the power of praise is to love God and how the Lord pleases him, that is, those who live for his glory, those who obey his word and have a pure heart.

What are the different types of Praise?

There are two types of power of praise in God:

  • The praise of glorification: is to proclaim the greatness of God in relation to what He is intrinsical.
    • Example: His Fidelity, His Power, His Holiness, etc.
  • Thanksgiving (giving thanks or showing our gratitude): it is praising, thanking the Lord for his benefits (what he has done) in our lives.
    • Example: his miracles, his deliverances, his fights for us, his protection, finding a job, etc…  1 Timothy 2v1 / Philippines 4v6 / 2 Corinthians 9 v12 / Jonah 2v10 / Hezekiah 46 v12

What are the different ways to praise the Lord?

There are several ways to praise God. We mainly distinguish praise:

  • With prayer: Praise God with words ( 2 Chronicles 5:13 )
  • With song: First the celebration of God (commonly called ” praise ” = fast singing with gestures, with dance steps, with shouts of joy, with cheers, with instruments) and worship (slow songs with prostration). Celebration alludes directly to thanksgiving, while adoration alludes to glorification.
  • Through acts of recognition: through dance steps, offerings, consecrations, sacrifices.

Any act that consists of acknowledging the greatness of God or thanking him for a benefit constitutes praise.

In what position: standing, sitting, kneeling, or lying down to worship?

The Hebrew verb ” chahah ” which means “to worship ” evokes the gesture of bowing, prostrating, or even throwing oneself face down to worship. Reviewing the entire Bible, we find that the people of Israel, our parents, and the apostles had the habit of prostrating or bowing face down to the ground to worship God ( Exodus 20v5 / Psalms 95 v6 / Psalms 132 v7 ), in heaven the angels continually bow down to worship God ( Revelation 7:11 ).

For the prayers in the assembly, we find that the people generally stood up to address their prayers to God ( Matthew 11:25 / Luke 18:11 ). It is good to indicate that it is the good disposition of our soul and our heart that God seeks in our worship, at least that is what is necessary to find him in prayer and have the answer.

But also the body position must express our deep reverence for sacred things, our fear and humility before the face of God or must reflect the state of our soul during our prayers before God.

It is also good to adopt the body position that most favors sincere and fervent prayer according to the Holy Spirit because they are gestures that express feelings of faith, humility, trust, and love.

  • It can be the standing position, to express an attitude of readiness to follow God.
  • You can sit in peaceful meditation.
  • You can lie down if the fatigue is great.
  • You can be on your knees in a worship setting.

We must allow ourselves to be inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit in all things without deviating from the biblical prescriptions because the Spirit of God does not come to oppose what is written, rather it comes to give it meaning and illumination.

The importance and power of praise and worship

Now, let’s see the importance and power of praise and worship for believers inside and outside the congregation:

A very powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.

Psalm 149:6-9 tells us that the praises of God in our mouths are like a sharp sword in our hands used to execute revenge against our enemies.

A powerful weapon to break down walls and break down chains.

The example of the wall of Jericho that collapsed at the sound of the trumpet and the loud cries of the people of Israel, on the seventh day after six days of preparation, tells us Joshua 6:20.

Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God, and at the same instant all the doors were opened and the chains of all the prisoners were broken, relates the book of Acts 16: 25-26.

We note here that the prayer had preceded the praise, thus giving it the necessary impetus to ascend to heaven and unleash the miracle.

The power of praise breaks down the presence of God.

2 Chronicles 5:13  “And when those who blew the trumpets and those who sang, united with one accord to praise and extol the Lord, sounded the trumpets, the cymbals, and the other instruments, and celebrated the Lord with these words For he is good because his mercy is eternal. At that moment the house, the house of the Lord was filled with a cloud.

The power of praise inspire the prophets

“…Under the direction of his father Jeduthun, who prophesied with the harp to praise and celebrate the Lord” ( 1 Chronicles 25:3 ) “And while the harp played, the hand of the Lord was on Elisha” ( 2 Kings 3:15 )

The power of praise creates a love relationship between God and us

When we praise and worship God, our hearts align with His heart, His desires become our desires, His words become our words, His thoughts become our thoughts, and thus the communion becomes total. In fact, we begin to act and be like his son because his characteristics begin to take hold of us by the time we spend in his presence, in his service.

The power of praise Energizes faith

Giving glory to God allows us to take into account the superiority and omnipotence of God over all things. Thus, giving glory to God revives and keeps faith strong: “but he was strengthened by faith, giving glory to God” ( Romans 4:20 ).

It gives them the courage to minimize the opposition of the enemy, however great it may be.

  • “Be strong and have courage! Do not be afraid or dismayed before the king of Assyria and all the multitude that is with him; because with us, there is more than with him. With him is an arm of flesh and with us the Lord our God, who will help us and fight for us. The people trusted in the words of Hezekiah, king of Judah” ( 2 Chronicles 32:7-8 )
  • ” You walk against me with a sword, spear, and javelin; and I walk against you in the name of the LORD of hosts, of the God of the army of Israel, whom you have insulted ” ( 1 Samuel 17:45 )

The power of praise activates the grace of God

“The princes of Israel and the king humbled themselves and said, The LORD is righteous. And when Jehovah saw that they were humbled, the word of Jehovah came to Semaeja thus: They have humbled themselves, I will not destroy them, nor will I delay in helping them, and my wrath will not be poured out. Jerusalem by Shishak; “( 2 Chronicles 12:6-7 )

  • 2 Samuel 7: 2,11, 15 ” he said to the prophet Nathan: Look, then! I live in a house of cedar, and the ark of God lives in the middle of a tent…. And the Lord declares to you that he will create you a house…But my grace shall not depart from him, as I did from Saul, whom I rejected before you ” ( Samuel 7:13 ).

David purposed to glorify God, and God’s grace was powerfully manifested.

The power of praise urges God to act and trigger his intervention in difficult situations

Praise and worship create a divine atmosphere that allows God to come and manifest Himself in all His glory, power, and love.

  • “It is for my love, for my love, that I want to act; For how shall my name be profaned? I will not give my glory to another. ( Isaiah 48:11 )
  • “When the singing and praising began, the Lord laid an ambush for the children of Ammon and Moab and those from Mount Seir, who had come against Judah. And they were beaten. ( 2 Chronicles 20:22 )

The power of praise precedes victory

The surest way to ensure victory in battle is through the praise and worship of God. To praise simply means to thank God for all that he has done, for all that he can do, and all that he will do while worshiping is to worship God for who He is in the beauty of His Holiness.

King Jehoshaphat led his people in battle against their enemies. God commanded him to appoint singers to praise the Lord during the battle. These singers preceded the army, praising God and saying:

  • “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever!” When the singing and praise began, the Lord laid an ambush for the children of Ammon and Moab and those from Mount Seir, who had come against Judah. And they were flogged” ( 2 Chronicles 20:21,22 ).

Imagine an army preceded by a choir! The human mind would find this way of going to war very strange.

  • “But the weapons with which we fight are not carnal; but they are mighty, by virtue of God, to pull down strongholds” ( 2 Corinthians 10:4 ).

When we meet the enemy, we must realize again the power of praise and go to the battle song with the great praises of God in our mouths. Then we can expect to see salvation from him.

Praise begets the power of protection

In Psalm 84, David writes:

  • “Happy are those who live in your house! They can still celebrate you…Blessed are those who support you…their strength increases during the walk…” ( Verses 5-8 ).

The Lord establishes those who praise him. This man knows the joy of the Lord through praise, and the joy of the Lord is his strength ( Ne. 8:10 ).

we get what we want

Many people say, ‘If only God would give me what my heart desires! He would give Him so many compliments! The divine order works in reverse: we praise God and make him the delight of our hearts; then he gives us what our heart desires. God puts holy desires in the heart that praises him; so we have the right desires. God grants the wishes of those who delight in him.

  • “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you what your heart desires ( 37:4 ).

God sits in the midst of praise

 God dwells or lives in the praises of his people, which means that when we praise and glorify God, God descends and manifests himself in our situation. If our heart is full of praise, it is also full of the presence of God because he sits in the midst of our praises.

  • “You sit in the midst of the praises of Israel” ( 22:4 ).

The same goes for our homes and churches. If we fill them with praise, they will be filled with the presence of God. We can surround ourselves with the presence of God by cultivating an attitude of praise. We will be more aware of his presence than of problems, difficulties, and adverse circumstances.

When should we praise the Lord?

  • From morning to night: May the name of the Lord be known from sunrise to sunset! (PS.113:3)
  • Throughout the day: May my mouth is filled with your praise, may I glorify you every day! (Ps. 71: 8)
  • As long as we live: I will praise the Lord as long as I live (Ps.146: 2)
  • At all times: I will bless the Eternal at all times; his praise will always be in my mouth (Ps. 34:1)
  • In times of depression: Why do you punish yourself, my soul, and groan within me? Wait on God, because I will praise him again; he is my salvation and my God (Ps. 42:12)
  • For all things: Let us continually give thanks to God the Father for all things, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:20).
    • The example of King David: This famous king of Israel was a great composer, singer, and dancer before the LORD.
    • Could:
      • Dance with all your might before the LORD, as 2 Samuel 6:14 attests.
      • Get up in the night to sing the praises of the LIVING GOD, Ps. 42:9, 119:62.
      • Wake the dawn with your lute and harp, says Psalm 57:9.
      • In the morning, celebrate the goodness of Your GOD, says Psalm 59:17.

May he who loves the LORD THE LIVING GOD, ONLY THE TRUE GOD, follow the example of David, His Servant!

Should praise and worship be an ongoing lifestyle for us before God?

Praise and worship are a power that the Lord has placed at our disposal to reverse all situations in our lives! If we want to return to our destiny, we must experience the Power of praise and worship on a daily basis, we must make it our lifestyle because that is why we were created and it regenerates us spiritually.

We must not only wait for the days of worship or the hours of meetings or the propitious moments to praise and adore God but at all times and in all situations to have the answer.

We have billions of reasons to praise and worship our God with hymns and with our lifestyle, for everything He does for us and for who He is. Let’s start each day with praise. Throughout the day, sing hymns to him and proclaim his goodness.

Thus, we will experience the life of victory that He has reserved for us. It is for this purpose that the hymn repertoire has been designed to serve us and help us to have this personal life of praise and worship at all times and in all places.

What should we do with the power of praise?

  • We have to do it constantly because it is the channel that God uses to transmit his presence.
  • Praise and worship, spiritually eliminate and cast out evil thoughts and evil spirits (1 Sam 16 v14-21).
  • Praise and worship please the heart of God and draw his favor upon us (Ne 8v10).
  • Praise and worship maintain our spiritual life through fasting, prayer, and meditation (col 3 v16-17).
  • Praise and worship bring joy and peace to the heart of the praiser. (Jack 5v13)

Praise and worship allow us to forget our suffering so that we can focus on God, even when the enemy is around us when our smile is gone, when our hearts are heavy, this is where he is.

It becomes a sacrifice of praise that God receives. “Seek first the kingdom and justice of God, And all these things that are above will be given to you.” Matthew 6:33

Where to put into practice the power of praise

Praise and worship should be an ongoing lifestyle for us before God. Our life must be a sacrifice of praise where we no longer live for ourselves, but for God.

Everything we do that pleases God is an act of worship:

  • Trust him,
  • Love him obey the Word of God
  • Do His will, praise Him
  • Use our talents for his glory
  • Develop an intimate relationship with Him…

Every part of the church service is an act of worship:

  • Prayer
  • Fellowship
  • Word Reading
  • Singing
  • Witness the blessings of God in our lives
  • Thanksgiving
  • listen to the preaching
  • Take notes
  • Give your tithe and your offering
  • Baptism
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Attending Bible studies.

Praise and worship should be an ongoing lifestyle for us before God. The secret to a worshipful lifestyle: do everything as if it were for Jesus.

Any activity can be an act of worship when we do it for the praise, glory, and pleasure of God when we dedicate it to God and perform it with an awareness of His presence. “So whether you eat, drink or do anything else, do it all for the glory of God. ” 1 Corinthians 10:31 “

Whatever you do, do it with a good heart, as for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23 We must live in such a way that “In all things, God may be glorified through Jesus Christ” ( 1 Peter 4:11 )

Benefits of the power of praise

Praise and worship must be a continuous lifestyle for us before God because praise is an act of faith, it is blind to circumstances. Praise delivers, calms, comforts, opens doors, enlightens, blesses, leads to victory, rejoices, brings healing, liberation, solution, stillness, and many good things from our God…

It manifests the power of God in the life of those who constantly practice that. ( Jeremiah 20:13 “Sing to the Lord, praise the Lord, for he delivers the soul of the poor from the hand of the wicked.” There are many benefits to praise and worship.

Let us learn to praise God when we are in trouble when we wait for an answer and we can see his hand break down the walls of the enemy in our lives, shake the foundations of the devil’s claws and open the doors of blessing for us.

Let’s practice this, at all times, in all places, in all circumstances, and for all reasons, in joy, in pain, in suffering, in anguish, in joy, in problems…

The power of praise as a lifestyle

The power of praise and worship should be an ongoing lifestyle for us before God. Like prayer and fasting, praise and worship is a very powerful weapons in spiritual warfare. When we make the decision to praise God, despite our bad circumstances, we give him access to our lives so that he can act powerfully.

Praise invites God’s presence and therefore rejects satan’s. David said: “I write to myself: Praise the Lord! and I am delivered from my enemies” ( 2 Samuel 22:4 ).

God’s presence will scare the enemy. He will cause the opponent to fall. The enemy cannot be in the presence of God, that’s why when we praise God, the devil will flee from our life, from your house, and from our generation. Praise precedes victory!

  • It was through praise that King Jehoshaphat ( 2 Chronicles 20 ) and his army won a crushing victory over the enemy. Free the Hand of God to act in our favor The presence of the Lord frees the captives. Any link that makes an individual a prisoner…

God has the power to break it. There is power in praise and worship! Let us praise the Lord continually because he is worthy of it and by doing so we invite him to stand up, to intervene in our struggles. When God rises up, his enemies scatter and his adversaries flee before his face. Therefore, let us release the power of God by praising Him at all times and in all circumstances. He praises and worships the Lord.

The presence of the Lord sets the captives free

Any bond that makes an individual a prisoner… God has the power to break it. There is power in praise and worship! Let us praise the Lord continually because he is worthy of it and by doing so we invite him to stand up, to intervene in our struggles.

When God arises, his enemies are scattered and his adversaries flee before his face. Therefore, let us release the power of God by praising Him at all times and in all circumstances. He praises and worships the Lord.

The presence of the Lord sets the captives free. Any bond that makes an individual a prisoner… God has the power to break it. There is power in praise and worship!

Let us praise the Lord continually because he is worthy of it and by doing so we invite him to stand up, to intervene in our struggles. When God rises up, his enemies scatter and his adversaries flee before his face.

Therefore, let us release the power of God by praising Him at all times and in all circumstances. He praises and worships the Lord, and his adversaries flee from his face. Therefore, let us release the power of God by praising Him at all times and in all circumstances. Praise and worship the Lord. and his adversaries flee from his face. Therefore, let us release the power of God by praising Him at all times and in all circumstances. Praise and worship the Lord.

Let’s use the power of praise

If we want to take a step towards our destiny and see the glory of God in our life, in our business, in our family, etc., let us experience the power of praise every day, at any time of the day!

Let’s use this hymn book, one of many, the more we grow in praise, the more we will grow in the knowledge of the Person of God because praise has power in the lives of those who practice praise.

Get into the habit of talking about the Lord, praising Him, worshiping Him, praising Him by speaking and singing, raising your hands to Him, shouting for joy, dancing, clapping your hands, etc. Let us exalt his wonderful works. Praise be to the God of heaven, for His mercy endures forever! Psalm 136:26.

The call to the life of praise and worship.

If this message has awakened you and you want to live a life of praise and worship, say this prayer with us: I decide today, and all the days of my life, to look towards you in all circumstances and to serve the praises of your glory. I want to praise, adore and honor You because only You are worthy to receive all the glory, praise, and adoration.

I recognize Lord that I need Your grace to be a faithful worshiper because many times my reactions to trial have dishonored You and I ask Your forgiveness. Help me through your Holy Spirit to be the worshiper you seek. I recognize that you are great and that you reign over all things.

And even when I go through the valley of trial, I continually want to praise You and bless Your name, because You are the one who will always have the last word no matter what. May all the glory be yours! In the name of Jesus. Amen