5 Spiritual Benefits of fasting

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Fasting is a voluntary act of sacrifice in which we surrender and submit our flesh before God to submit to his will; with a prayer of supplication and petitions, we surrender to Him so that His power and glory may be manifested in our lives.

When we are in communion with God, part of his power is reflected in us; because we are in his presence in the same feeling and in the same spirit; This generates that the anointing of God spills into the life of those who seek it and in this way, they will be able to achieve everything that has been proposed.

5 Spiritual Benefits of fasting

Many biblical characters were clear about the benefit of spiritual fasting; because through this, they could achieve victory over what was affecting them.

Below are some of the benefits of fasting as a Christian.

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1. We can find Grace. 

Queen Esther found grace in the eyes of King Azuero; because she fasted to God with all his people to intercede for the Jews and for Mordecai; in prayer and request of her she was able to present herself before him even lying down with her own life, but God gave her victory and the king extended her scepter before her and listened to the requests that she raised

Likewise, we can achieve grace before those who oppress us and take away our inner peace. God releases our burdens and makes our ailments more bearable through a total and true surrender.

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2. Spirit Stronghold. 

Many fasted to the Lord in the midst of anguish and pain; they covered their heads with sackcloth and poured out their hearts before God so that he might restore his affliction.

It is good to understand that in moments of anguish the Lord must be our prompt help; in tribulation, he will give us the peace we need to move forward and he will anoint our heads with oils because it is God who loves us.

So we fasted and prayed to our God asking for his protection, and he heard us”

Ezra 8:23


3. Spiritual Liberation. 

An effect of spiritual fasting is that we can free ourselves from certain kinds of demons that come to torment us; oppress and manipulate us.

“But this kind does not come out except with prayer and fasting”

Matthew 17:21

The enemy wants to destroy us and will send his minions to oppress us; we must be alert and prepared to win these battles because God has given us the victory and we will achieve it through fasting and prayer.


4. Winning Battles. 

We must keep in mind that we will win our battles by seeking mainly God. He has given us the tools to defeat our enemies. Through fasting and prayer we will unleash the power of God over our lives; In addition, he will give us the strength that our soul needs to be firm and confident.

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We are children of God we have to take hold of his power and glory; carrying in our hearts the sacrifice that the Lord Jesus made for us and firmly declaring to the enemy that he has no power in any area of ​​our life.

The Effect of Spiritual Fasting in our lives will make us be recognized as children anointed by the Power of GodIn the face of difficulty, we will find the strength to move forward and bring the good news to those most in need.


5. Find the face of God. 

Prayerfasting, and reading the Word allow us to know God; be close to him, and know his aims and purposes from him. For this we have been called, to align ourselves with his will and to be witnesses of the power and love that he has given us.

“And I turned my face to the Lord God, seeking him in prayer and supplication, fasting, sackcloth and ashes” Daniel 9:3

 The Lord has revealed himself to our lives and it is we who have distanced ourselves because our hearts are troubled by difficulties but let us not lose confidence.

God is our Father and he is in control of everything. We just have to present ourselves before his feet to rest and he will take our burdens making them lighter to carry.

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Other Benefits of Fasting. 

  1. It should also be noted that among the effects of spiritual fasting is being able to take on difficulties more calmly because we are confident that God is with us.
  2. Metabolically favours our body.
  3. Heals spiritual wounds.
  4. Bring peace and God’s answers to our lives.
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