Samson and Delilah: 3 lessons to learn from this tragic story

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Samson could have had a righteous and successful life as a leader of God’s people but he allow emotion to take over him. In this article are 3 lessons to learn from the story of Samson and Delilah.

Charming, seductive, and so manipulative that she manages to lead an anointed man of God to his doom. You probably know the story of Samson and Delilah, a story that occurred millennia ago, but is still relevant today.

The story of these two characters from the Bible is rich in lessons and everyone should be able to learn from this story.

Samson and Delilah appear in chapter 16 of the book of Judges. Samson, a man anointed by God and known for his supernatural strength, was charmed by this woman who came from the valley of Sorek. The Bible provides no physical description of it, but one thing is certain: its beauty made Samson’s heart capsize, as did his destiny.

The Philistines, enemies of Israel, offered Delilah to discover the secret of Samson’s strength, in exchange for a large sum of money. She tried three times to get this secret out of her, but each time Samson lied to her. But when she asked him for the fourth time to share his secret with her, Samson gave in by revealing to her that his strength came from his hair.

Delilah betrays him by selling his secret to the Philistines and then one evening cuts his braids. Samson lost his strength. The Philistines were able to take him, put out his eyes and throw him in prison.

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3 lessons to learn from this tragic story

Here are 3 lessons to be learned from this tragic story:

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1) The enemy can use our associations to bring us down!

Just as God can put people in our path to bless and uplift us, the devil can also cause us to meet people destined to bring us down. Samson, blinded by the beauty of Delilah, did not use discernment.

She used her charm to extract his secret from him, and he fell into her trap. This unfortunate encounter caused Samson to lose the anointing that God had placed in his hair! Some people are destiny destroyers, that’s why we should be careful about the people we associate with because, despite appearances, many are waiting for one thing: our downfall.

This story also teaches us the importance of not confiding your secrets to everyone!

2) Our actions should not be driven by our emotions.

To achieve her ends, Delilah did not hesitate to manipulate Samson emotionally. Judges 16:15 indeed recounts how she played with Samson’s heart:

“She said to him: How can you say: I love you! since your heart is not with me? You’ve played me three times now, and you haven’t told me where your great strength comes from.  As she was daily tormenting him and importuning him with her entreaties, his soul grew impatient with death,  he opened his whole heart to her […]. Judges 16:15

Samson was strong, but he lacked wisdom in his decisions. He was a very impulsive, unthinking man who often let his feelings lead him. Delilah understood this and used this Achilles’ heel to achieve her goals. Yes, Delilah had Samson through feelings.

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He fell madly in love with a woman who only wanted one thing, her downfall, and unfortunately, his plan was a success. Unlike Samson, we should never let our emotions or our state of mind guide our actions. Our feelings can mislead us, especially when they are guided by the desires of the flesh!


3) Do not resist sin, run away from it!

Samson’s mistake will have been to consider himself wiser and stronger than he was. Samson underestimated Delilah’s influence. He thought he was invincible, but nevertheless, let himself be caught in his nets!

The latter boasted of his strength to her and continued to believe that he would be able to defeat any challenge or enemy that came his way. Samson should have fled this woman who was a real stumbling block for him.

This story highlights the importance of not underestimating your weaknesses.
In Matthew 26:41, Jesus states that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, regardless of our spiritual level. Samson was anointed by God, but that didn’t stop him from being deceived by the enemy!

The Word of God declares that the devil is dreadful to anyone who is not vigilant! Samson let his guard down, which caused him to lose all his strength.

The story of Samsom and Delilah teaches us the importance of paying attention to our associations, which can be real opportunities for failure in our journey. God’s gaze on our lives does not prevent the enemy from trying to bring us down.

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This is why we must each day remain in communion with the Spirit of God and remain vigilant so as not to let ourselves be tempted by the devil and seduced by speeches that want to divert us from our destiny!