5 Powerful Fertility prayers to get pregnant

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As many woman of the modern world find themselves struggling with infertility, the idea of prayer may seem like a very strange practice. However, whether you believe in God or not, prayer is still an incredibly powerful tool to help with fertility. Read on to find out how praying can help you conceive a baby with these 5 Powerful Fertility prayers to get pregnant below.


What is Fertility?

Fertility is the ability of an individual to produce offspring. It is a complex process that requires both physical and emotional health. Factors that can affect fertility include age, lifestyle choices, medications, genetics, and environmental factors. Prayer can be a powerful tool for increasing fertility.

Prayer can help increase awareness of one’s body and mind, which can help improve overall health and fertility. It can also provide guidance on healthy lifestyle choices and help connect with divine energy. Prayer can also be used to ask for forgiveness if there are any underlying issues that may be impacting fertility.

There are many different types of prayers recommended for increasing fertility, including prayers for conception, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, baby naming, post-partum care, healing during pregnancy and delivery as well as protection from potential harmful events such as miscarriage or stillbirths. Whatever your specific needs may be, finding a prayer or meditation specifically tailored to you is an excellent way to support your fertility journey.

5 Powerful prayers to get pregnant

Bringing a child into the world is a pleasant blessing for many parents who seek to express all their love to their descendants. However, this task is sometimes not easy, so it is necessary to ask God for help. Through these prayers, you will be able to express all your wishes to the Holy Father so that he allows you to conceive the fruit of love as a couple.

prayers to get pregnant

prayer to get pregnant

If what you want most is to get pregnant quickly, we advise you to pray this prayer together with your partner. Remember that words are powerful and as Jesus Christ said, we must have a lot of faith and our purposes will be fulfilled.

God the Father Almighty.

Your blessings are always present in my life,

Your great love is unconditional for me and mine.

I appreciate all the good you grant me daily,

But I need to ask you for a great miracle in my life.

I implore you to help me get pregnant quickly,

Despite all medical efforts, I was unable to bring a child into the world.

My greatest wish is to become a mother, I know I have the best to give,

My intentions are pure, my heart is very noble.

Don’t leave me alone right now, Heavenly Father.

I beg you on my knees to grant me this grace,

Let me be a mother, let me harbor a life in my womb.

Do not abandon me, beloved Father.

In You I trust completely.



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Prayer to get pregnant with a girl

Regardless of gender, a child is always a true blessing for many parents. However, you can ask the Lord if you long to have a little girl whom you want to pamper and pamper a lot. If you pray with great faith, the Father will grant you that favour you yearn for so much and allow you to have a small version of yourself.

Oh Mighty Father who art in Heaven.

Today I come to your Holy presence to ask you for a favor.

I want you to allow me to bring a girl into the world,

Grant me this grace to be able to give you the best of me as a mother,

As well as an unconditional friend who will always support her in everything.

Who will guide her on the path of good, to glorify and praise you always.

Beloved Father, for a long time I have wanted to bring a baby into the world.

It would be very pleasant for me and my partner if it were a girl,

I know this is not my choice, but I humbly ask for your sacred intervention.

Hear my prayer, O Merciful Lord, do not neglect my call.

Allow me to bring the apple of my eye to your wonderful creation.


Prayer to get pregnant with twins

Many couples yearn with all their hearts to expand their family because they know that they will be excellent parents. So if you and your partner are planning a pregnancy and want to have twins, this prayer is ideal. Also, women who want to go through childbirth only once but with a double blessing can resort to this prayer to get pregnant with twins.

Dear Heavenly Father, You always hear my pleas.

You have never abandoned me in difficulties,

That is why I want to request your divine help on this day.

Today more than ever, my heart desires with all its might to have twins.

Being a mother is my great dream, I was born to give unconditional love to everyone who needs it.

I ask you with great humility that you allow me to conceive two children,

To whom I will give the best possible conditions and quality of life.

I truly wish to have two babies in my arms to love them forever.

Childbirth is complicated, that’s why I want to go through this only once.

My soul yearns with all its strength to be able to bring two children into the world,

Do not ignore my plea, Beloved Father.

Help me and pour all your blessings on me and my family.



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Prayer to get pregnant with a boy

The choice of the sex of the baby is completely out of our hands, but if you really want to have a boy, you can ask God. Remember that the Father always attends to those who seek him with faith and love in his hearts, so your wish will be fulfilled if you leave everything in his hands and trust fully in his great Power.

Merciful God, blessed and praised be for all eternity.

Today I want to offer you this prayer requesting your great help.

I want to get pregnant with all my might, this is the great desire of my soul.

But my partner and I long to bring into the world a healthy and strong child.

We want to instill in him your example of life so that he can be a good Christian.

May you follow each and every step that will lead you to eternal life.

I know this is not something that I can decide, but I want to ask you with all my heart.

Since this marriage union began, we always wanted to have a little boy.

Please, Holy Father, allow this to be possible.

I place all my hopes in your loving hands.



Prayer to Santa Rita to get pregnant

In these cases, Santa Rita has helped many people thanks to her divine interception with the Creator. If you want to get pregnant, do not hesitate to request her help with great faith so that your prayers are heard and the desire to be a mother is fulfilled.

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Oh Saint Rita,

Many women express their gratitude to you.

You have helped them become mothers despite the bad prognosis of the doctors.

You are very Powerful and you make the impossible happen.

That is why today I prostrate before You to implore your help,

Intercede for me before the Heavenly Father,

Have compassion and come to my aid, allow my wish to come true.

I want to be a mother with all the strength of my being, there is nothing I want more in life.

Let me bring a girl or a boy into this world, let it be healthy.

Let me guide you on the path of Almighty God,

To keep and fulfill all his commandments.



Prayers can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to getting pregnant. Whether you are just starting out or you’re a little further along, praying can help you connect with the Divine and bring your desire for a baby into manifestation. There is no wrong way to pray, so feel free to get creative and use any words that come to mind. Just remember to stay positive and focus on what you want in your life — a child of your own would be amazing!