Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks Meaning

What does "Guard your heart" mean according to the Bible?
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The words we speak come from our hearts. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” The words we speak today will be judged by the Lord one day. They will either justify us or condemn us. So how do we choose to speak our hearts”? Here are some guidelines.

Don’t let your words be filled with evil thoughts. Do you think you’re speaking evil thoughts?


Evil thoughts

The Bible teaches that our mouths speak evil thoughts. These thoughts can be anything from murder to sexual immorality. Some of the worst types of thoughts are those that lead to immoral actions, such as stealing or lying. In addition to these types of thoughts, we can think of things that are contrary to the will of God, such as blasphemy.

These bad thoughts can also lead us to do things like slander others, and even commit blasphemy.

When we speak, we are speaking what is in our hearts. Good people bring good things from their hearts. However, people with evil hearts will speak evil thoughts. They may pretend to be good for a time, but it will eventually come to light.

The abundance of evil thoughts in the heart will show through their words, deeds, and behavior. Jesus taught us that our words will justify us or condemn us on judgment day.


Baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire

This Scripture says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, men will commit murder.” We know this verse to be true, because it is the same as a bridle that restrains anger or checks it. The bridle holds back the head and chin, and a horse can’t do these things out of its mouth. In the same way, a person’s heart produces good and evil. Good people do good, and evil people do evil.

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The Bible describes adultery as a sin which robs another of love and affection. It leads to a divorce and robs a child of family love and affection. Studies show that children who experience adult divorce are more likely to develop problems at school, have problems with drugs, and engage in delinquent behavior. They also tend to have lower educational attainment and income. Furthermore, they have a poorer sense of well-being.

Adultery is a form of betrayal and separates what was meant to be one. According to Mark 10:6-9, God made male and female and subsequently united them as one flesh. Men who commit adultery must die, both in their physical bodies and in their spiritual ones. But even if a person dies for this sin, God will forgive them if they repent and seek forgiveness.

Jesus teaches us that our words are the expression of our innermost thoughts. The words we use to express our emotions are often the ones that will judge us. When we use words carelessly, we are speaking without understanding the consequences. Ultimately, our words will either justify or condemn us.

We must be mindful of our words, so we must choose carefully what we say and who we speak them to. When we choose the words we use, we must make sure they reflect God’s word.


False witness

The words we speak have a powerful effect on us. Jesus said that “out of the abundance of the heart comes evil.” Our words can either justify us or condemn us, and we will give an account on the day of judgment. We must never speak without thought. This includes a false witness! If we want to avoid being guilty of this sin, we need to take responsibility for our actions and take time to reflect on them.

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The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:19) say that we should not lie. Although this commandment may seem straightforward, its meaning goes well beyond telling the truth. It implies that the person who bears false witness is speaking deliberately and for selfish gain. So, when we sin, we are breaking one of the Ten Commandments. But we can avoid false witness by examining our motives.



Jesus uses the term “perisseuma” in Matthew chapter 12 to describe the vile nature of blasphemy. It means “overflow” or “superabundance.” It implies an excess, a spillover. The mouth is the outlet of such evil. Thus, it is a sin to use God’s name in anger or to speak wickedly of him.

Often, Bible expositors have linked blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to a denial of grace. Ultimately, blasphemy against God’s spirit results from an evil heart toward God. Rather than blaming Christ, we are simply blaming the Holy Spirit. This passage is an important reminder of the importance of avoiding such words.

The mouth reflects what is in the heart. It produces the things we think about and feel. We should use our mouths to express our true feelings, not lustful, vile thoughts. Even the thoughts that are evil start in the mind and work their way through the mouth. Whatever is in the heart will manifest itself in our words. This principle applies to the use of words as well.


Blasphemies against the Holy Ghost

According to Scripture, blasphemies against the Holy Spirit are unpardonable sins committed by those who reject the work of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus says that all sins will be forgiven in His kingdom, blasphemy against the Spirit is unforgivable. It is an ongoing hardening of the heart toward God. Such a hardened heart is unloving and has no desire to see God or experience His holiness. Therefore, blasphemy against the Spirit is not a one-time occurrence.

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Jesus’ words are a reminder that our inner selves are of the utmost importance. Instead of focusing on our external piety, we should focus on the inner person. This is reflected in his challenge to the Pharisees in Matthew 12:33-37. These religious leaders accused Jesus of casting out demons through Beelzebub, and Jesus replied by stating that “out of the abundance of the heart comes the mouth.” In other words, our words will justify or condemn us.

Many people have committed blasphemies against the Holy Spirit, but most of them have no idea that they have done so. They are deceived by the devil. Scripture warns us against false paths to salvation. Such paths lead to death, false love for God’s Word, and power from the devil. If you want to avoid being punished for blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, please be sure to read the Bible.

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