5 Best miracle prayers to restore marriage in crisis

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Praying for marriage challenge can be incredibly difficult, but you find these miracle prayers to restore marriage in crisis helpful.

There is no family life without conflict. If you have hurt each other, it is important that you apologize to each other and truly forgive from the bottom of your hearts. The special thing about a Christian marriage is not having conflicts, but dealing with the conflicts of a couple relationship. 

If your marriage is in crisis or has lost its way, in this article we share the best and most beautiful Christian prayers to restore marriages. Do it with faith for several days to have positive results.

prayer for a troubled marriage

You value the relationship you have with your husband or wife, and you honour and respect the vows you made in front of God and witnesses. Despite the best of intentions, there are times when even the most perfect relationship runs into trouble. It is common for one member of the relationship to run away from these problems, or refuse to face them by trying to leave the relationship and the home they have created together. Do not despair, there is hope, you just have to find faith and encouragement. The prayers that we share in this article will surely help you.

Prayer 1

Powerful creator of universal love,
I beg you to pour out
your blessing on our partner, the bearer of tenderness, harmony, respect and loyalty.
Accompany our home with joy and happiness.
Help us to radiate around us a perfect love,
in the image of who is in your divine messenger.
Deliver us from the tests we have to overcome
and protect us in all circumstances.
So strong as your divine presence
that our home will always be the recipient of your intense love.

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Prayer 2

I reject adultery and infidelity that are a disgrace to my God and my family.
I reject these two things that break up homes and cause separation and divorce.
I reject those things that hurt everyone and create problems in families.
My God, save us from these plagues, I beg you, I beg you.
Restore my marriage and rebuild love where it has been lost.
OMG; heal our relationship, heal our marriage, heal our partner,
heal our children, restore the union, restore the family unit,
I beg you, I beg you.
I trust you.



prayer fro good luck

Beautiful prayer to restore separated marriages

Lord, I come before you today with a heavy heart; my marriage is in serious trouble, and I need your help and your closeness. Please make changes in my spouse’s heart. Make us compatible again and bring us closer than we were before. Fill us with your love and give us the strength to love each other again, care for each other and fulfil your wishes for life. Show us the damage caused by carelessness, misplaced words, and the pain caused by emotional distance. Heal the divide between the two of us. Make us one again. In your precious name, I pray, amen.

Prayer to Saint Anthony for a troubled marriage

Glorious Saint Anthony, you exercised divine power to find what was lost. Help me to find the Grace of God received in the sacrament of marriage.

May my spouse and I feel strength, courage, hope and faith again. One day we had all this, but the wrong decisions we made in life weakened us.

Help us find useful love in which we give everything to make the other person happy again. May this charity burn again like an inextinguishable flame, so that there may again be joy in the hearts of both.

That we can find moments to give each other in the intimacy of our relationship, and that we can make the other person feel how much we appreciate their presence and the time we spend together.

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Oh Saint Anthony, help us find again the desire to love each other without measure. May we find forgiveness for the painful situations we have experienced. May we heal all the wounds we have caused ourselves in moments of immaturity and indifference.

Come and strengthen our spirit, so that we can love God more than anything else, spend our time with him and find ways to reconcile with him.

Oh dear Saint Anthony, bless and protect our family; keep it united in love, that love that sustains us in the needs of each day, and keep it free from evil.

Bless my spouse (  say his name ) and me. Help us to live the fruits of our work with dignity, so that we can have the opportunity to grow and educate the children that the Lord has given us and those that He will give us if it is in His wishes.

Bless our children, so that they may remain healthy and with kindness in their hearts. Help them never lose their way; but if this happens, help them and find the path of love again. Also help them focus on their studies and prepare for the future. Do not let them lose faith and purity, whenever evil tries to compromise their spiritual and personal growth.

Help us to understand our children and guide them, through our words and our example, so that they can always aspire to the noblest ideals and be able to put their human and Christian vocation into practice.


prayers for separated marriages

Prayer 1

Heavenly Father,
may peace reign again in my home and my family.
We love each other ardently, with a strong love, with the love of God.
Love will be reborn as God commands and wants.
In the name of Jesus, I reject contempt in my family, I reject fights,
I reject disputes, I reject division.
Love will reign in my marriage.

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Prayer 2

Dear Heavenly Father,
we come to you through your Son Jesus Christ
and we bow down to you.
We have not lived our marriage according to your instructions,
we have not listened to you and we have suffered so much damage.

We have recognized this and
therefore want to turn our backs on our wrong path.
We lament our wrong path, our guilt, and our
lack of understanding. Our hearts have become hard as stones,
And we build walls around our hearts.
Melt the cold in our hearts and help us break down the walls that hinder us.

Come to us, touch us, forgive us,
come in the name of Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit
and break every yoke.
We decided again to go your good way.
We want to do your will. Please help us with this.
We decided again to go for our marriage.
We forgive our guilt.
We want a new beginning.
We want to conduct a marriage according to biblical standards.
Father, in the name of Jesus, help us.
Give us a new blessing.