Trusting God For a Job: See Verses to Get a Job

the shortest verse in the Bible
the shortest verse in the Bible
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Are you trusting God for a job and in need of verses to get a job, or miracle prayer to get a job? then worry no more. Put together is a selection of bible verses for those trusting God for a job.

On many occasions, we are discouraged by our personal economic situation because we feel that our income is not enough, and we begin to ask ourselves if we should be entrepreneurs and restart some activity that generates income for us.

If this is your situation, join us to go through some Verses to Get a Job and beyond that discover what is the correct way to get it and keep it.

what about bible verses for job interviews, continue reading as this article has solutions to your queries.

Meaning of Amen in the Bible

Why do we go through times of financial need?

Many people wonder how it is that the children of God go through times of economic difficulties, being the children of God, the owner of gold and silver.

But the truth is that we have gotten used to thinking that because we are children of God we have open doors to everything, forgetting that Jesus himself said that in the world we would have affliction but that He would have overcome the world, to give us life and life. galore.


Learning to be content whatever our situation. 

The apostle Paul wrote about economic difficulties:

 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.  I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.  (Philippians 4:11-12. KJV)

This means that we should also have the right attitude whatever our situation.

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But, what is that correct attitude? What does the Apostle Paul mean by being content? It really is difficult to think of being content when debts drown you or you need medicine and you can’t afford it.

Even when you have a job that absorbs you and doesn’t give you space for social or family life and apart from everything you don’t have enough to cover expenses.

The truth is, this contentment comes from faith, and from the right personal attitude.

What the Apostle Paul affirms is that he decided to have faith and be content with God despite his circumstances. This does not mean that he stopped working, striving, praying, and crying out to God hoping that He would change his situation, but he also decided not to complain, not to doubt that God would solve his situation and provide, he decided to have joy despite the storms.


Verses to get a job. 

Beyond reciting the Bible in search of verses to get a job, we want to offer you How to find a job accurately knowing that it is God’s will for our lives that we lack something.


You have to seek the face of God and not his hands.

 The first thing you should do is seek the face of God when we are in difficulties, whether financial or of any other kind.

Generally, we go to the presence of God troubled to seek that He solve our problem, it is not to meet our father, adore him and praise him because He is God of the circumstances, but rather we go to seek to move his hand.

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That is why the first thing you should do is seek Him with all your heart, knowing that whoever seeks the kingdom of God and his justice, everything else will be added to him as the Word says, in addition, in the Psalms it appears: “Delight in Two and he will grant your requests”, so delight in him no matter what your circumstances.


You have to go out and find a job. 

The Bible points out that faith without works is dead, this means that you can seek God, and have the certainty that He will solve your situation, but if you do not take steps of faith, you will not achieve anything.


Miracle prayer to get a job

Honestly earning the livelihood we bring home is a blessing, having a job that supports us to meet all our needs is a divine gift, so asking God for his help to get a job is something we can do when we need it. , nothing more valuable than a powerful prayer made with faith and love.

It is important that the work we do, we do it with honesty, responsibility, justice, and gratitude, we must not forget that all work we do with love and commitment, will always be a worthy job well done.

Famous Prayers

Powerful Prayer to get an urgent job

Oh beloved and benefactor Lord!

In this moment of my life when I go through a thousand difficulties,

When I’ve knocked on many doors looking for a job and I can’t find it,

When my family expects me to bring the daily bread home,

I prostrate before your feet and with my eyes looking at you in the Blessed Sacrament,

I beg and beg you to open the doors that have been closed to me,

Touch the heart of the one who has denied me a job,

Clean the path that has been paved so that I do not circulate in it,

And help me get the job I urgently need,

For the love of your mother who cried for you on the cross,

By the promise of the Father that by your side I wait for you,

For the fervent prayer of your people that acclaims you today,

I come to ask you at your feet,

Help me a worthy and good job.

I ask you for every drop of blood that you shed on the cross,

For all your torturous and horrible pains that you suffered for our sins,

Repentant for all offenses and with a clean heart,

I come before you sir.

Give me a job that I can do with love,

May I earn my keep honestly,

I beg you from my heart,


We pray a Creed with the firm conviction that our prayer reaches God and will help us get the job we so badly need.

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So go out and search, because the one who seeks finds as the Bible also points out. Once you give God first place in your life, everything else begins to flow. Get up with faith and you will see that as you love God, everything will serve you well.