Jesus Wept: Seek God’s Comfort in Times of Troubles

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And Jesus wept.
Sometimes it can be depressing to watch or read the news. We try to follow the biblical mandate to seek and think about actual, respectable, just, pure, kind, worthy of admiration and praise (
Philippians 4: 8 ). However, the stories that predominate in the media often make us feel sad, frustrated, and irritated.

In addition, we go through personal difficulties at home and work, with spending, relationships, illness, and many other things.

We turn to our faith for answers, but they are not easy to find. For the most part, we run into questions. What are people of faith supposed to do amid overwhelming tragedy and conflict?


Jesus wept Meaning and bible verse

The shortest verse in the Bible, at least in the New International Version, has only two words: “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). Although it is only 11 characters long, too short even for a tweet, that verse is enormously important, especially when it is difficult for us to find hope.

Jesus weeps when he comforts his friends Mary (and Martha), who are grieving the loss of their brother Lazarus. Yes, that Lazarus. The one who is famous for being resurrected by Jesus.

Jesus is out of town when he learns of Lazarus’ illness. Instead of changing his plans to visit his dear friend (John 11: 3), Jesus decides to stay where he is for a couple more days. He informs his disciples that Lazarus’s illness will somehow be to God’s glory and that the Son Of God will be praised for it (John 11: 4).

By the time Jesus arrives, Lazarus is four days dead. Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, are understandably upset by the lack of interest shown by Jesus. Each in their way, they express their frustration. 

They knew that their brother would not have died if Jesus had come when called (John 11:21, 32).

At that moment, while observing the pain of this family and community, Jesus begins to cry. There is a debate about the reason for her crying. Juan does not tell us, but I am convinced that it is out of empathy for the pain of those he loves. At that moment, Jesus felt the sorrow of Mary and Martha, their sense of helplessness, their pain, and their loss. So cry.

jesus wpt

Seeking for Comfort in Trouble Times

It comforts us to know that we do not worship a God who is insensitive in the face of misfortune. Jesus Christ, the God we know, feels our pain and understands our loss. We are here for you.

We also worship a God who can bear our frustration. María and Marta unburden themselves, and we can do it too. In any healthy relationship, we need to be open and honest with our loved ones, even when upset. If anyone can take it, it is Jesus.

It is also a comforting reminder that although we are suffering pain and it seems that Jesus is far from us, it is not because he does not love us. The Bible tells us that he loved Lazarus, even though he did not free him from his illness.

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For A new life

Lazarus story does not end with his death. At the foot of his tomb, Jesus calls him by name, and the crowd watches in disbelief as Lazarus gets up alive. Although Mary and Martha believed that Jesus was too late to help, we learn that there is no “too late” for God.

Our situation may seem hopeless. We may not see any solutions. Maybe we have no idea how to get out of the mess we find ourselves. However, there is always hope in Jesus. 

The possibility of a new and better life is always possible, not only in the distant future but right now. It is the purpose of Jesus’ resurrection. A new life now and future life.

After I’ve finished reading the story about Jesus raising Lazarus from his grave, I have my doubts. What was the point of Lazarus having to endure all this? Jesus arrived too late to save his life. Why did Marta and Maria have to take such pain?

I have doubts about the tragedies I see and live through. Is it because some people feel desperate to commit suicide? Why are people of faith given devastating medical diagnoses when they have no faith? Why aren’t doctors and hospitals doing so much good? Are they not supernaturally protected against disease? Why is unemployment so devastating for families and natural disasters such as a loss of life? We suffer.


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