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How To Locate Your Birth Place For Greatness

What are the step to greatness, are you destined for greatness?Every child of God is destined for greatness. Although We are born for greatness, every great act starts with an idea and ideas are generated through thoughts.greatnessHow does one locate the birth place for greatness? According to Ronald Holland,

Top 3 Ultimate Keys To Greatness In Life

It take commitment to God and his kingdom the ultimate key to greatness in lifekeys to greatnessThe kingdom of God deserve the highest level of commitment on earth.As a Christian, your commitment to God should be greater than your commitment to your official work or anything else. This is because

Engaging The Wisdom To Reign In Life

It takes wisdom as a weapon to subdue every threat of life.Wisdom is the principal thing in the life of man, the advantages are endless.Wisdom is one of the weapons that God equips His people with, to enable them to subdue the earth and have dominion over it; just the

Unveiling The Pregnant Faith

Do not let anyone use your appearance to judge your future because your future is not written on your face.The mustard seed is a very small seed of about one millimeter in diameter.There are mustard seeds that are said to be barely visible to the physical eye.Another parable put he