7 secrets to growing in the anointing

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What is the anointing, and what is the secret to growing in the anointing, discover the secrets to growing in the anointing on this article.

It is very rare to be in a Christian environment and not hear these kinds of sentences: “I felt the anointing, I was anointed, he preached with anointing, there was a strong anointing in worship, this man has the anointing….” Well! Before we think about increasing the anointing, let’s first understand what the anointing is.

The term anointing can be defined or understood in different forms:

  • Anointing is the power given by the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8),
  • Anointing is the endowment of power for spiritual work (God always gives anointing for work – Luke 4:18),
  • The anointing is a spiritual investment or ability that God gives to a man to accomplish his mission (Judges 11:6; 14:6; 6:34).

It is important to remember that every Christian receives a basic anointing when he receives Christ as Lord and Saviour, and it is this anointing that allows us to carry out what Mark 16:17-18 explains to us. So from our new birth, the Holy Spirit empowers us to enable us to do several things. But the Christian life is not static, and you have to grow and growing involves facing other realities of this life. Since the greatness of the mission is proportional to that of the anointing, it is, therefore, essential to also grow in the anointing. Indeed, you cannot be called to face the giants and come to the battlefield with anointing the size of a spiritual baby, and you will lose the battle.


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7 secrets to growing in the anointing

The Holy Spirit indeed anoints, but there are such things that we must do that we may be found worthy to receive more of His ability. So among the things to do, we have:

1. Have a life of sanctification and constant prayer.

It is very difficult to do exploits for God when you have a life of prayers up and down. Through prayer, we agree with God that His will be done as it is done in heaven, and a man without a constant prayer life will not live God’s will to see us go from glory to glory. And above all, you must also have the habit of praying in tongues because it is a means of self-edification. One can also add fasting, which allows one to control the flesh and let the spirit always be willing.

Speaking of sanctification, remember that God is more interested in character than the manifestation of His power. In other words, there is no point in wanting to manifest the power of God if you do not have His nature. God is very fond of investing in those ready to manifest His nature before His power.

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2. Longing for it every day.

Speaking of sighing, the psalmist compares this to how the deer sighs for streams of water when she is thirsty and advises us to do the same when it comes to growing in the anointing (Psalms 42:2). Whatever level we operate at, may the thirst not diminish. It is precisely when we think we are full that we begin to fall. We must always say, “Holy Spirit, I want more! “. Moreover, it is written in His word that if we ask Him for His Spirit, He will not refuse it to us (Luke 11:13).

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3. Clinging more to the Holy Spirit than to the anointing.

One of the big mistakes we often make when empowered is clinging to the anointing more than to the anointing One, which is God. It is very important to favour communion intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Because neglecting intimacy with the Holy Spirit is like a tree that wants to produce many fruit while disconnected from its roots. This is downright impossible (John 15:5).

4. Serve God.

Service for God allows us first to do nothing for the devil because doing nothing for God implies doing something for the devil. Only when we serve God can He further increase in us the capacity to do better, all that He gives us as a task.

5. Loving the presence of God and fellowship.

Psalms 84:11 KJV “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. 

This Psalm teaches us how the presence of God is the best place to be constantly. Why that? Because there are things that God releases only if we are in His presence but also if He sees the unity between us, a little like it was the case on the day of Pentecost. One of the elements that favoured the descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was also the unity in which they were in the upper room.

The psalmist David also reinforces this in Psalms 133:1-3. Increasing the anointing where there are division risks causes people to use that power for settling scores instead of serving the causes of the Kingdom of God. God will never give certain things to those who are divided because it risks dividing them further.

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6. Be humble.

Humility puts us in a position where we recognize that we are merely instruments in the service of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we must always give Him the glory and not want to be the star, do a “one man show”. About humility, God is very clear about what He does; He likes to invest more in humble people than in those who are proud.

1 Peter 5:5c KJV “For God resists the proud but is gracious to the humble.

I Have Loved You With an Everlasting Love

7. Have good company.

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:33 that bad company corrupts good morals, and Proverbs 27:17 talks about iron that sharpens iron. This is to say that when we are around anointed people, it can also boost us to desire more of God. For if bad companies corrupt good morals, good companies make good morals grow.

Indeed, all that has just been said may not be enough nor the only things to do to grow in the anointing; surely there are other things one can discover as one walks with God, for revelation is progressive. But in the end, I would say that to grow in the anointing, and you must above all believe that you are anointed because you only grow what you believe you have.