5 Reasons to avoid judging others as a Christian

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Judging others is not the will of God the father.

The bible advice us to love one another the same way God loves that he gave hiss only begothen son just for our sake.

We are quick to judge our fellow human beings, to point out their failings and sins as if we were better than them, perfect beings who never make mistakes. And yet we all sin. Besides, the sins we commit are often worse than those of the people we index. And that judgment draws condemnation into our lives. This is why the Bible invites you not to judge your neighbour.


5 reasons to avoid judging others

In this article, you will find five reasons why we must avoid judging others and therefore remain in God’s blessing.

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1. To judge is to condemn oneself.

Romans 2:1: O man, whoever you are, you who judge, you are therefore inexcusable; for, in judging others, you condemn yourself, since you who judge, you do the same things.

As the saying goes, no horse is so good that it doesn’t flinch. In other words, we all flinch, including the most spiritual among us. All of us stumble in one way or another. We have weaknesses. You, too, make mistakes. So, where do you get the right to judge someone else? When you judge your brother/sister while you yourself act like him, the Bible says that you are condemning yourself. It is not because you have never committed adultery that you have the right to judge and despise this brother who is adulterous. What are you better at if you are not an adulterer but you delight in lying? You judge the idolater, and yet you commit sacrilege! God’s will for you is not that you live in condemnation.

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James 2:11: For he who said, Thou shalt not commit adultery, also said, Thou shalt not kill. Now, if you do not commit adultery but commit murder, you become a transgressor of the law.

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2. To judge is to incur the judgment of God.

Matthew 7:1-2: Judge no one, lest God judges you either. For God will judge you as you judge others; He will measure you with the measure you use for them.

God is so just. He will treat you as you treat your neighbour. If you act with love and patience towards him, the Lord will also show you His infinite love and patience. Likewise, if you judge others, God’s judgment will weigh on you. The Lord does not lie, and He said He would measure you with the measure you use for others. Therefore, my friend, do not be in haste to judge and say bad things about your brother, lest you yourself be judged. And whoever is judged by God is bound to be condemned. For who can argue with the Lord, who can be right before Him?


3. You are strong to support the weak.

Romans 14:1,4: Welcome the one who is weak in faith without criticizing his opinions (…) Who are you to judge another’s servant? Whether he remains firm in his service or whether he falls is up to his master. And he will stand firm, for the Lord has power to sustain him. 

In our assemblies, there are some who are strong and others who are weak. Some are able to eat solid food, while others drink milk. Therefore, what the Lord expects of us is that the strong do not judge the weak. Unfortunately, it is so common to see the strong, proud judging those who are weaker than him. Only if God gives you to be strong, it is so that you can support the weak. Thus, if the weak fall, rather than judging and criticizing him, help him to get up.

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4. Your duty is to love.

Nowhere in the Bible did it say that if your brother/sister sins, you have the right to judge them. However, you have not only the right but also the duty to love your brother and to show him this love even when he is in error. Certainly, it is a mark of love to correct and advise those who sin in order to bring them back on the right track and thus save them from death. However, if it is not done in true love with a virtuous motivation, this correction can very quickly turn to judgment and criticism and become a transgression of the law.

Romans 13:8: Owe no one anything except to love one another; for he who loves others has fulfilled the law.

5. You must pray and not judge.

Certainly, it is easier to judge. But can our judgment change anything in the actions of the one we judge? Of course not. If you notice that your sibling isn’t walking in the truth, don’t start judging them right away. Instead, kneel down and pray. Indeed, the Lord asks us to pray for each other. Yes, prayer can make the difference; prayer and not judgment. Instead of judging the one who has sinned, implore God’s mercy for him, ask the Lord to change his heart, to help him overcome this sin. This is your duty as a brother/sister.

In short, to judge others is to transgress the law of the Lord because, as the Bible says, He alone is Judge. Moreover, only He is really Just, so you don’t have the right to judge others; you weren’t commissioned for that. Furthermore, the judgment by which you judge others brings God’s condemnation and judgment upon your life.