Does God love some people more than others?

Does God love some people more than others
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Does God love some people more than others? if not Why does God treat some people better than others? find out more on this article.

The Bible says that God does not show favoritism. The Word of God is the truth, and it does not lie. Yet it can be hard to believe that God loves everyone equally, especially when you look around and compare yourself to others! 

The others seem to have beauty, intelligence, and success. They always bear witness to the miracles of God in their lives. They have extraordinary experiences with the Lord, while you, despite all your efforts (fasting, prayers), nothing changes in your life.

You feel like God has forgotten you. So, did God choose some people to shine and others to remain in the shadow of the first?


Does God love some people more than others?

Scriptures on Agape Love

1. God has a plan of love for the whole world.

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 

God extends His hand of love to all His creatures. Whoever accepts His hand automatically becomes a “dear” and privileged child of God, as it is written in John 1: 12-13

“But to all who received it, to those who believed in His name, it gave power to become children of God, which were born not of blood, nor of the will of man, but of God. 

If you have already taken this step and accepted to be loved by God (yes, it is a choice), you have no reason to feel less loved by God, no matter what. You are going through!

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2. God’s plan or call for each of His children.

In Malachi 1:2 (KJV), God says this, “I loved Jacob and I hated Esau.” 

 In other words, we will say that God chose Jacob and left Esau. But why did God choose Jacob? To constitute and perpetuate the people of Israel. Does this mean that Esau was useless? No ! God had chosen him for a mission, which was different from that of Jacob. Here is the whole crux of the matter: God does not hate any of His children rather, He has different plans and callings for each of them.

If you don’t want to be frustrated with being “forsaken” by God, seek to know His calling for you and why He sent you to earth. Esther was beautiful, and God used her beauty to seat her on the throne and save His people. God gives talents and graces for a specific purpose.

 Does God want you as a housewife? Does He want you to take care of the upkeep of the church? Where did He have you given you a talent for helping others? To be in the place where God wants us to be is free from frustration and comparisons. That’s why you have to find out what God wants for you. For that, you have to question Him, and He will answer you one way or another. Whatever God chooses for us is for our happiness and necessarily brings peace.


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3. God’s time for everyone.

If things still seem difficult, it may be because God’s timing has not yet arrived for you. It’s not because He doesn’t love you. Only God knows when we are ready to receive a blessing or to fulfill any mission. He takes the time to prepare us, to shape us. Do you know that blessings can be a danger to yourself if you are not ready to receive them? We often don’t know the story of those we envy. We don’t know what they went through or how long it took them to get where they are. So be patient. Your time will come!

To recap, I will say: yes, God loves us and loves us equally. We have the choice to accept or refuse His love. Suppose we have responded to His love by accepting Jesus as our Savior. In that case, we should no longer consider ourselves last in His heart, regardless of our calling or our current situation.

My God profoundly loves me, even though I have never heard (   audibly) His voice! You, too, be reassured of His love for you! The assurance of God’s love liberates, soothes, gives wings!

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