Why does God allow me to suffer

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Why does God allow me to suffer: it is one of the facets of life.
None of us want to suffer. Suffering is a word that scares us and we try to run away from it at all costs. Yet we see it in our lives and the lives of others that pain is inevitable. We will all have our share of challenges, disappointments, and pain on earth. But why did God make the world like this? Why live if it is to suffer? First answer: suffering is simply one of the facets of life.
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10 Ways to Pray for A Pregnant Mother

It is an exquisite moment when a woman finds out that she is pregnant. Everyone is going about their personal prognosis, it’s a girl! No, a boy! Relatives give us gifts. The family is growing, we have new projects with the baby. In short, expecting a child is a wonderful time. However, during her pregnancy, the woman can very quickly become disillusioned: vomiting, nausea, pain of all kinds, sleepless nights, etc. The worst is yet to come… childbirth! This is the peak of pain. And yet at the end, when the baby is there, once in her arms, she forgets all the suffering of these last months.

We come into the world through the suffering of a mother. And our birth already teaches us that suffering gives life. Many of our dreams will arise from our pains. A traumatic event will prompt you to make a radical decision. You are made redundant and decide to change professional management or to create your own company. A failed romantic relationship will give you the rage to live, to take charge, to start new projects.

We will never understand the mathematics of God, but suffering is a breeding ground for life to germinate. After our darkest times, there are our biggest breakthroughs.


arm wrestling-god-devil-suffering-evil-trials

1 John 5:19

We know it, we belong to God, but the whole world is under the power of evil. (Word of life)

We are the children of God if we have given our life to Christ. But the Bible tells us that however, we live in a world that is controlled by evil. The sin of mankind gave the authority to the devil to act on the earth. As Christians living on this planet, we will also be the target of the enemy. The evil that the devil is trying to do us, God will not allow us to be affected, because we are under His protection, unlike those who do not follow Jesus. 

Difficulties will come but we will emerge victoriously. The devil will send thoughts of depression and suicide to us, but God will make us strong and unwavering. The devil will sow discord and the desire to divorce in our couple but God will ensure that peace and indestructible love are born. The devil is working against us but God is working for us. That is why we do not have to fear difficulties. Great as they are, God is much greater. He will let certain trials put us to the ground but they can never crush us or kill us.



2 Corinthians 12: 8-12

About this ordeal, I prayed three times to the Lord to keep it away from me, but He answered me: “My grace is sufficient for you, it is in weakness that My power is fully manifested. Therefore, I will brag about my weaknesses instead, so that the power of Christ may rest on me. I thus find my joy in the weakness, the insults, the distress, the persecutions, and the anguish which I endure for Christ. Because it is when I am weak that I am really strong. (Sower)

We need to change our thinking about the idea of ​​suffering. The apostle Paul asked God several times to bring him out of his trial but He refused. On the contrary, God told him that it is in his suffering that He can manifest Himself as the strong God.

How can God be Yahweh Jireh, the God of provision, if we never have any need, no lack?

How can God be Yahweh Raphe, the God of healing if we never have any sickness?

How can God be Yahweh Nissi, the God who protects us if we are never attacked?

How can God be Yahweh Shalom, the God who gives peace if we are never troubled?

It is in our suffering that God manifests Himself as the great, Almighty God, more than sufficient. Until we are in a weak position, He cannot manifest His greatness in our lives.


God is good

God has a plan behind every difficulty and none of our tears will be wasted. Do not think that your pain is in vain. Even though the world is under the power of the devil and tries to break us down through suffering, God will use that same suffering to bless and strengthen us. Let’s no longer be afraid of hurting. Of course, it will be painful, sometimes very painful; but let us keep in our hearts the assurance that once the time for tears has passed, the time for rejoicing will emerge.