What Does the Bible Say About Depression? See Everything you need to know!

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what does the bible say about depression and anxiety? discover more in this article.

Depressive symptoms will not appear in today’s generation, they have always affected people and stolen the lives of many others. But… are there any biblical passages that talk about depression?

Throughout this reflection and biblical study, we will explain everything that the Lord Jesus tells us and teaches us about this topic.

What Does the Bible Say About Depression?

God wants us to know that we are all subject to times of sadness, anguish, and affliction, but that we can also overcome these times and restore joy and happiness through faith!

We know that faith comes by hearing, the question that fits here is: Which people have you been listening to lately? What do you think about starting to break free from depression by correcting this detail?

My suggestion is simple, that you stop reading the newspaper and listening to the gossip and start listening and reading the Eternal’s teachings!

Meditate on Psalm 42 and beat Depression.

God is not pleased to see you like this: depressed and anxious!

At the moment I start this article, the Lord has just guided me to register a “biblical remedy” right away for you to free yourself from this evil…

Yes, I’m talking about Psalm number 42, contrary to what many think, this text not only brings the lament of a depressed person but also a reflection of someone who seeks the help of the Lord.

Psalm 42 is for all those who have lost their joy, but who still have hope that one day they will regain their will to live.

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But attention, like all medicine, biblical reading does heal us, but it is necessary that we have patience in studying it.

That is, perhaps a brief reading of the psalm that I indicated to you does not demonstrate an effect right away (in the first dose). So, try to take the medicine daily, by that, I have no doubt that you will be freed from depression.

Anyway, now that I’ve prescribed you the initial medication, let’s continue with the consultation (ops – the Bible study lol). To better understand depression, keep reading this message!

What is Depression?

By definition, depression is about prolonged moments of sadness and discouragement, where there is a feeling that there is no more reason to be happy.

Everything seems to make no sense anymore and life and facts are seen in a negative way all the time…

It is necessary to emphasize that there are depressive symptoms and depression, and although they seem to be the same thing, they are not.

Depressive symptoms usually appear in the face of circumstances, but they soon go away, as depression is an already established disease.

Usually, depressive symptoms when not properly cared for evolve into established depression.

The causes can be varied and will depend on each individual, but the most common ones are usually: losses, disappointments, and guilt… It can be light or serious, it will depend on the stage that the person is in.

The fact is that this disease has been destroying more and more people and in addition to the psychological treatment that must be done, the bible and the word of the Lord also give us encouragement and relief in relation to this.

What Does the Bible Tell Us About Depression and How Can We Overcome It?

If we are subject to face an enemy, it is essential to study them and discover their weak points so that we can leave the battle victorious. This is exactly what we find in the bible!

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There are several biblical passages that relate and describe some moments of sadness and anguish of the human soul, and for that, there are several words of consolation made by the Lord to his servants.

Here are some passages that talk about this: depression ( Psalm 42: 5, 6 and 11, 44: 25 and 57: 6 ), affliction ( Psalm 38: 8 and 88: 15 ), anguish ( Isaiah 61.3 and John 12: 27 ), deep sadness ( Matthew 26: 38 ) among others…

Be sure to write it down because by reading and meditating on the teaching of these passages, it is possible to extract precious lessons about how to overcome these painful feelings.

According to the word of God, another solution for the evil of this century ( depression and anxiety ) is to watch beside who you walk with.

During his distress, Jesus chose some close friends to be with him, there is a passage that states that Jesus:

… And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sorrowful and very heavy.

Matthew 26:37

It was because of these negative feelings that Jesus sought help from the company of friends he trusted as a relief for that moment of anguish he was going through.

We emphasize this, as it is necessary to know who to trust, the people who are really capable of listening and advising us are few. To avoid further trouble, you need to be careful!

How should we deal with the Suffering caused by Depression?

Suffering is complex, and in the depression of the soul there is a lot of individuality, however, we cannot forget that communion and faith in the Lord are divine instruments for every heart that is hurt.

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When we are in these moments of great pain and suffering, it is necessary to seek the Eternal so that he guides us, leads us, and makes us see the best way out.

Our Father is powerful and wants our good instead of suffering, it is enough that we seek him and manage to make room for him to act in our lives!

 How to help yourself and others in times of depression?

In the midst of depression, the downfall of the soul is something very painful and profound, whether in ourselves or in someone we know, it is necessary to know what to do and what to say before offering help.

One of the biggest difficulties is that sometimes, those who are going through these moments have some level of blockage in talking.

However, if you are going through this or know someone who is, look for someone reliable to share.

Remember that you can and should talk to God in prayer and ask for His help and guidance.

If possible, in conjunction with all this, seek professional help…

But notice that Jesus sought help (and so must we) first to the Lord God to be with Him!

Finally, in the face of depressive moments and feelings, seek Divine help, do not let yourself be carried away by deceitful senses, because the Lord loves you.

Know that feeling these things (negative/depressive feelings) is part of life, what we really should do is not let go of God’s hand.

God is with us always!