Importance of unity in the church

unity in the church
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In religion, the unity of the followers is a matter of great importance, since internal divisions, beyond diverting the objectives of the church, generate discomfort in God, who wants his people to be united in all aspects. possible, both in their church and in their daily activities.

The Church has the main objective, to promote those necessary changes in society to save innocent or repentant souls from perdition, however, if there is no unity among its members, said purposes will be difficult.

In this sense, the importance of unity in the church to unify efforts becomes evident, only by working as a single body will it be possible to fight against those pernicious paths that seek to drag a man into the sinful world.

Corinthians 8:6 states that, although the human body is one, it has many members (organs), which, thanks to their joint operation, allow the man to live. The church works in the same way, only by working together can God’s commandments be fulfilled.

Principles for Maintaining Unity in the Church

In the church, it is important to maintain unity among the members, because, from this, God’s wishes will be fulfilled. Internal divisions tend to destroy the church and all the members related to it, until there is no true union, none will be able to receive communion.

In this sense, the members that make up the church should seek unification, avoiding personal problems and ensuring compliance with the following principles:

  • It must be ensured that all members of the Bible study preach and teach the same beliefs, unity will not be achieved if each member acts differently, reflecting incorrect ideals.
  • The members of the Bible study must be prevented from deviating from God’s path, only by working as a team and striving together will they be able to avoid falling into the temptation of pernicious paths, ensuring communion.
  • The differences between biblical studies and opinions or personal matters must be recognized, keeping these aspects separate will avoid many problems that often affect churches and the interpersonal relationships of their members.
  • They must strive to be an exemplary assembly (or church) in the eyes of God, avoiding internal differences or enmities that could fracture relationships and group continuity.
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In general, incorrect attitudes such as ego, pride, envy or false doctrines that may affect the unity of the church should be avoided. Only by preserving the unification of the Spirit can the bond of peace be maintained (Ephesians 4:3).


Subjection and obedience

One of the problems that most often affects relationships in fellowship is the resistance offered by its members to subjection or obedience to the leaders, who are appointed by God to guide men along the right paths or free them from sins.

In this way, God establishes the importance of subjection to the institutions created by him, such as the church and marriage, as well as in the battles to avoid falling into temptation or disobeying the principles made known by his son.

Peter 2:13 points out in this regard that man must submit to every institution for God’s sake, as long as its principles are not violated or man is forced to sin.


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Youth Fellowship

Introducing young people to fellowship at an early age will allow them to create a spiritual base for their future, in addition to adapting in an ideal way to religious groups and bringing their souls closer to God, avoiding falling into temptations that tend to present themselves more frequently in youth.

On the other hand, young people tend to integrate more quickly into groups, developing their creativity to establish dynamics that can favour the integration of all members of the fellowship. Developing effective strategies can achieve the unification of the spirit of the church or temple.

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The Importance of Honoring Differences for Unity in Churchimportance of unity

God made each man different and with abilities and skills characteristic of each one, in this sense, the unity in the biblical study will be based on the glorification of all those variants to work together and unify forces (Romans 12:4; 1 Corinthians 12:12-17).

Unity is not based on the homogeneity of people, but on the ability to work as a team, love others and respect all those differences that may exist. Men must put aside those prejudices or evil thoughts that affect the unity that God commands in the church.

All men have an established purpose in life, which is unique to God, the important thing is to appreciate how satisfying it is to live in harmony and support each other to follow the right path (Psalm 133:1).

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