Powerful Tuesday blessings and prayers

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On the second day of the week, you need a lot of strength and wisdom to take on everything that comes. With this Tuesday blessings and prayers, you can achieve it.

The beginning of a new week for many can be a source of boredom, but some others know how to appreciate it as a new opportunity to succeed and carry out everything they want and that will lead them to success. 

If you are part of the first group of people and you let Monday go by as a lost day, don’t worry, you still have time to remedy it, and if you are part of those who enjoy the beginning of the week, continue like this and take advantage of this second day of the week to double your efforts and increase your motivation.

Nothing better than starting this second day of the week by putting your problems and concerns in the hands of the Lord, and thus being able to have a wonderful morning with enthusiasm for the challenges that destiny has prepared for you.

Now we leave you with the prayer for Tuesday morning to pray


Tuesday Brief morning prayer to start the day

Small and beautiful prayer to make requests to the Lord on this second day of the week.

Oh blessed and merciful Lord,
help me to feel good on this beautiful Day.

In order to be able to fulfill everything that my work demands, I ask you, Lord.

Moreover, that you take control of my life, work, home and family this day and those that follow.



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Tuesday Morning Prayer to Pray

Remember that prayer has power, that’s why for this Tuesday morning I leave you this prayer and always remember to pray with faith but above all with love.

O lord my Father,
I am grateful for this Tuesday that you give me, to make my life your holy will. Make my life your designs.
Lord, you know me, you know how I am, what I think, what I want, what I aspire to, what worries me, what my dreams are, my desires, my everything.
I ask you from my heart to protect me, shelter me in your Holy Mantle, give me strength, strength and energy to get ahead and face the challenges of this and every day.

Today I need you my Lord, as you have always done
Please accompany me and protect me, my family and children from the enemies who are waiting for a moment of weakness so that I fall into temptations and doubt my faith, separating me from you, making me think that you left me alone to take advantage.

Lord I am not afraid because your words of love strengthen me and give me courage to continue forward.

Thank you for so much love, faith, strength and energy that you provide me daily.


prayers for a friend in hard time

catholic prayer for Tuesday

O Great and Mighty Lord crowned with majesty.

First of all, I am praying to you in this new dawn of Tuesday to thank you and ask you to continue giving me your many blessings.

Also, I beg you to keep my family from any evil and danger that comes to ambush them. Please take care of them and protect them. You know that they are everything to me
Do not allow any threat from the enemy to break in and be your lord dwelling in my home.

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Give me the strength I need to overcome each of the obstacles that may come my way on this wonderful day.

Finally, I please ask that this new dawn be full of surprises and blessings and that your holy protection never be lacking.



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Prayer to pray on Tuesday when waking up

Take your doubts and commend yourself to the Lord, before starting your daily workday.

Bless me Lord on this Tuesday , and may I see your glory manifested in my life and in the lives of the people I care about.

I believe in you, I believe in your word and I believe in your promises. And I know that I will not need anything, because you are a living God and will send the necessary provisions that I need today.

I declare that your miracles are activated, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you Lord, to you be all the glory, for all the honor, forever and ever.