Trusting God in Difficult Times

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God has loved us greatly. He has always shown his love for his children. But what happens when circumstances make us question his power.

In life, we will have adversities and there will be situations that hit us, it is precisely where we must trust God in difficult times.

If we love God, we are clear that this turbulence in our lives will strengthen our ties with the Lord. Because deep down we are certain that God takes control of everything and in the face of this fact there should be no fear or insecurities.

How do difficult times affect us?

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

According to our purpose, God tests us. It is not that he will allow misfortune to rain down on us to test our fidelity; if not that in the midst of despair and anguish he will be our help and comfort.


No way to resent God

Sometimes we question God for the difficult times we go through; we blame him for the misfortunes as if he will orchestrate each situation to harm us.

When in reality, he is there to support us, to make this moment less difficult; to take our burdens and tell us that we are not alone.

Life can be cruel, difficult, and painful trusting God in difficult moments is to open our hearts, confused and wounded to allow the teacher to repair those cracks, and later we can rise like eagles, strong and rejuvenated. Without allowing the enemy to separate us from his love and his infinite mercy

Difficult moments that hit our lives

obstacles to an effective prayer life

Being far from God:

  •  Being far from God in times of tribulation will make our hearts harden and we will not see the way out in the midst of the trial.
  •  It will make us weaker spiritually and our souls will be filled with bitterness due to a lack of divine understanding.
  •  God calls you, to put yourself to account, to look for him. He is there waiting.


  • Without a doubt, grief is one of the most difficult feelings we can face.

  • The loss of a loved one; Whether by death or breakup of a relationship, it causes a wound that is difficult to heal.

  • God tells us that he will heal our wounds and that he will remove the mourning from our hearts and invites us to rest in his lap. It will fill the void that was left and comfort our souls.
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  • Diseases hurt our bodies and make us vulnerable as we face fears, pains, discomforts, and weaknesses.

  • People with a terminal illness are scared, they fear the unknown; on a journey of no return.

  • This is where we must trust God in difficult times, he takes control of our illness, he is a doctor par excellence and he will heal.

  • For those who are facing death; it is trusting fully in God that everything will be fine; both those who stay, and he who leaves. Rest assured that he is going to a better place and will rest from the sorrow of it. It is a total step of faith. But in God everything is possible.


Economic situation:

  • Currently, it is one of the difficulties that most affect; the high cost of living; lack of income. All this has weakened the faith of many.

  • God does not say that we do not worry and do not have anxiety regarding this.

  • He cares for us and he will provide. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it will be given to us. But with faith, without a doubt.

What will separate us from God?

“Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Tribulation, or anguish, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Romans 8:35 

Trusting in God in difficult times is having the absolute security, firmness, and hope that God will do and that everything will be fine despite adversity.

It is to declare I am firm because my God is with me, he will not leave me, nor will he faint. If we have this certainty; Because I must knock myself down in the face of problems.

With every burden that comes into our lives, God offers the way out; his yoke is easy and his burden is light. This affirmation reveals to us that we can overcome everything because he goes ahead opening paths so that we can emerge victorious from every circumstance we face.

Trusting God in all circumstances

Trusting in God is easy when we see that everything is going well, but how difficult it is to do it when we feel that the world is falling apart around us.

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If you, or a loved one, are going through difficult times, we bring you this short message on How to trust God in the midst of Trials, and in this way cement it even more in The Lord who has the power to bring you out of any situation as a blessing.

Why do trials come into our lives?

 Life itself puts us to the test every day, perhaps we have the wrong perception that since we are in God nothing can happen to us, and the truth is that, since we are in God, no matter what happens, God will manifest Himself with power in us. our lives.

Jesus himself said that in the world we would have affliction, and since sin entered the world, tribulations began for humanity.

That is why we must base our faith on the only eternal rock that is God and trust that no matter what happens, He will be with us.

Making the right decision bible verses

How to trust God in the midst of Trials?

Maintaining trust in God is not easy, however, we bring you four ways to maintain trust in God in the midst of trials.


1. Stay in prayer. 

“If my people, who bear my name, humble themselves and pray,
And seek me and abandon their evil conduct, I will hear from
Heaven, forgive their sin and restore their land”
2 Chronicles 7.14 

If you are going through times of trial, the best option is to pray to God. You will say it is very easy to say it, however, we can guarantee that it is the safest way to receive directly from God the strength to overcome any type of adversity.

-“To him who can do much more than everything we can
imagine or ask, by the power that works effectively in us”
Ephesians 3:20 meaning

If we review the book of Psalms, we can see how the Psalmist poured out his contrite and humiliated heart before God who freed him from all his trials and afflictions.
“Don’t worry about anything;
Rather, on every occasion, with prayer and supplication,
Present your petitions to God and give Him
Philippians 4.6


2. Meditate on the Word of God. 

“Search the Scriptures; because it seems to you that in them you have eternal life; and they are the ones that testify about me.”
Saint John 5.39

The Bible is the word of God, it is the way God speaks to our lives. Every believer must be fully aware that it is impossible to connect with God if he does not study, meditate and declare his word. That is why at all times, and when we are in even more trials, we must yearn for the word of God.

“This book of the law shall never depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it; because then you will make your way prosperous, and everything will turn out well for you.”
Joshua 1.8


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3. Declare only good things in your life. 


The Bible establishes that there is power in our words, so if you want to trust God in the midst of trials you must start declaring the positive in your life.

“Because with the heart one believes to be justified
, but with the mouth one confesses to be saved.”
Romans 10.10. NIV

Declare in faith, because faith is precisely that, even if I see myself in difficulties, even if I feel that nothing has a solution, I can declare that my God is faith, and he will rise up and do a marvelous work, he still removes stones, even divides the seas for us to pass through dry land, He is the same yesterday today and forever.


4. Rest in God. 

“Even if I go through dark valleys,
I do not fear any danger
Because you are by my side;
Your shepherd’s rod comforts me.”
psalm 23.4

We must learn to rest in God, even if we feel that the world is falling apart, or as the psalmist says, even if you feel “your heart melt like wax inside your chest”, you must rest in God, rest in his promises and calm your mind, your spirit and your body.

For God, even in death, which is the most painful, there he glorifies himself, because from there he arose, and he will rise in your life until he fulfills the purpose for which you have been destined in his eternal love and goodness.




Let’s pray to God

Blessed God of glory.
Eternal and wonderful God.
Thank you for your infinite mercies.
Because your eyes have seen my affliction.
Your presence – is like ointment poured on my wounds.
In you trust my soul.
I want to rest under the cover of your wings.
Bless me, Lord.