Tithes and Offerings: Everything you need to know about Tithing and Offering

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Tithes and offerings are an important part of our intimacy with God and have been practiced for a long time by the Lord’s servants…

 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7 )

Don’t tell me that tithing and offering are principles of the law because even before the existence of the Jewish law, men of God already adhered to this spiritual practice of honor and love, such as Abraham who gave his tithes to Melchizedek ( Genesis 14: 17- 20 ).

Many Christians do not understand the importance of their financial contribution to the Kingdom of God. 

Therefore, in this Bible study, we will see what is the importance of tithing and giving according to the Bible. I assure you that when you finish reading it, you will completely change your view about tithes and offerings.

Verses About Tithing

How to explain what it means to Tithe and Offering in the Bible?

After all, what is tithing? What are Offerings? What is the biblical meaning that underpins such practices that still tells us today? Let’s see below:

What is the true meaning of tithing?

Tithe is a form of worship to God, through it we recognize that everything we have and are is by the Grace and Mercy of the Lord. 

By practicing the principle of joyfully tithing, we recognize Jesus’ sovereignty over all areas of our lives, even finances.

In the tithe, we return the amount of 10% (ten percent) of everything that the Lord God provides in our lives. 

That is if you believe that God is your Lord, maintainer, guarantor, the guarantor of your jobs and finances you need to demonstrate this through tithes.

And our Lord tremendously rewards and abounds those who put their faith into practice in this way (this is completely biblical).

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That’s why we must tithe with faith, let’s practice this principle, whether it’s a week, a fortnight, or a month.!

He who works on his own account must write down everything he spends for his work, everything he receives, and tithes of the profit he has made. Husband and wife must add up their income, divide it, and tithe half each. 

Parents must give to children and young people (while they have no salary) offerings to give to the Lord so that they learn and form in them the biblical character. 

God gave the world to men and asked for only 10% (like a tax) of everything they produced. Thus, the tithe belongs to the Lord!

What are Offerings according to the Bible?

Offerings must be made from the 90% you have left (out of the tithe amount), an offering to the Lord is nothing more than an act of love. 

When we give, we prove to our deceitful flesh that our trust is in God, not money!

There are some types and models of offers, there are many, but I will explain the 2 main ones in this study, they are the authorized offerings and voluntary offerings.

In a simplified way, we can say that an offering is that offer or extra effort, for a momentary need, in addition to tithes and voluntary offerings, for example:

The Lord’s need in purchasing land to establish a new Church, or perhaps building a house of prayer or renovating an existing one, etc… 

The voluntary or gratitude offering is that offering ‘out of the blue’ that we deliver with the purpose of pleasing God

What else does the Bible say about Tithes and Offerings?

Tithing and offering with joy, in addition to being in business with God, and contributing to his kingdom, you will no longer be a hostage to money and make it your hostage! You don’t live for money, but it is for you… You detach yourself from the world and can see and feel God’s grace more closely.

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The bible leaves us many more principles regarding tithes and offerings, and below I want to study some more of them with you. For this, I have separated some of the most frequent doubts and questions regarding tithing and offering, read below:

Should Everyone Tithe and Offer? 

Simple, all the children of God who have faith that their payment comes from the Lord Father and want to demonstrate this to Him must tithe and offer!

Understand what I’m saying, each person must understand the meaning of tithing and offering, even because doing it for the sake of doing it won’t help anything, you’re just giving your money without receiving anything in return.

Remember that we want our sacrifice to be received by God, not just by the pastor of the church.

Are tithes and offerings bargains with God? 

No, the simple fact that you understand and practice the biblical meaning of these words, leads you to understand that you recognize God’s sovereignty in all areas of your life: professional, personal and spiritual. 

The Bible is clear in stating that God has rewarded and rebuked the devourer in the lives of those who understand this principle.

Why is little taught about Tithes and Offerings?

Unfortunately, this subject is still a big taboo nowadays, due to the great exposure in the media of cases of great scandals and embezzlement.

Is this just a church problem? No, this is a social problem in our country, all sectors of the economy, public and private institutions live under the shadow of corruption.

So why does tithe and offering cause so much revolt in non-Christians and cause repudiation in a large part of society? 

Due to the fact that we have an invisible war in the spiritual world, where satan uses his weapons to raise accusations against this practice and Christian principle.

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Tithes and offerings are used to keep church doors open, maintain ministries that help couples with marital problems, people with addictions of all kinds, missionaries sent around the world to help people in need and preach the gospel, etc.

In most Christian churches, this is taken very seriously, as the responsibility of those who take care of finances is very great, above all, they must maintain fidelity and fear and tremble, God, they cannot shame the Name of Our Heavenly Father.

Due to the number of cases of deviations and the greater exposure in the media these days, everyone who acts correctly is demoralized because of the wrong attitudes of others.

How to pay tithe and offering correctly?

To tithe and give correctly is very easy, but the people that perish for lack of knowledge …

This answer is personal, to answer it yourself it is worth analyzing: what is the motivation that has led you to practice the principle of tithes and offerings?

Everything in the bible is driven by purpose, so I want to invite you to find out if your purpose in tithing and offering is aligned with the divine purpose in this act.

For this, you need to go to the secret place, close your bedroom door and pray… How about doing this now? Don’t leave it for later… God is waiting for you!

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