Things You need to know about the Bible

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There are many frequently asked questions about the Bible and God’s message. This is because its interpretation is a bit complicated for some. Who is God? Why is Jesus God? What is the message of the bible? Who are the prophets? How is the paradise that everyone mentions? This and many other doubts will be clarified here.

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The central aspect of this prevailing concept of God, which I want to focus on, is a divine activity in the course of nature and human life. God can and does work miracles, in the sense of making things happen that otherwise would not have happened, and preventing events from happening that would otherwise have arisen.

But above all, God is love. This truth is made clear throughout the Bible by God’s actions, including sending Jesus, God’s only son, to earth to live and die, opening the door for us to reconcile with Him.

The Bible is full of God’s promises to people, to the ancient nation of Israel, and to us. Many times the Old Testament tells of how God’s people turned away and sought other gods or desires. Despite everything, the Creator remained faithful, leading them out of their worship of false gods and reminding them of his love and faithfulness.

The Bible is the story of the God who created the universe, who made everything in it, and declared that it was good. It is the story of a God who wants to have a deep relationship with us. It is the story of a God who has been changing and guiding people’s lives for thousands of years.

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What does it mean that the Bible is a book inspired by God?

It means that God guided the writing of the Scriptures, through the inner work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people he chose for this purpose. This ensured that the end result was exactly what He intended. Therefore, the Bible is the Word of God written for mankind, and when it was originally written, it was without error.

The Spirit of God guaranteed the accuracy of everything that was written. This process lasted until the moment when the document was drafted in its final form. The divine author of the Scriptures is God. How this process worked is a mystery. The Scriptures state that this happened without any explanation.

How many types of Bibles are there?

When you go to a bookstore and look at the Bible section, you find a lot of different types and translations to choose from. Although all Bibles tell the same stories, some include more books than others. Here we mention the main types of Bible:

1. Protestant Bible

This Bible is widely distributed and is the best known, due to the popularity of Protestantism in the world. It includes an Old Testament with 17 historical books, five poetry books, and 17 prophecy books. His New Testament includes the four gospels, Acts, the 21 letters, and the book of Revelation. The Protestant Bible has a total of 66 books.

2. Catholic Bible

The Catholic Bible includes 73 books, seven more than the Protestant Bible. It also has Greek additions to the books of Daniel and Esther. Additional books approved by the Council of Trent include Tobias, Judith, Baruch, Sirach, Solomon, and 1st and 2nd Maccabee.

3. Jewish Bible

This is also known as the Torah. Included here are the five (5) books of Moses, 8 of prophecy. We can also find 11 writing books, which include poetry books, among which are; psalms, proverbs, among others.

4. Anglican Bible

This Bible accepts the New Testament along with the Old Testament books of the Jewish Bible. It excludes the additional 15 Old Testament books found in the Protestant Bible.

5. Greek Orthodox Bible

This Bible is the largest of any Bible in print today, including most of the books of scripture. In addition to the Catholic Bible, Orthodox Christians read First Esdras, the Prayer of Manasseh, Third and Fourth Maccabees, and Psalm 151.

Bible versions

When we talk about the types of the bible, we can also refer to the versions. These are the most used:

  • King James Version
  • New King James Version
  • New American Standard Bible
  • American standard version
  • Revised standard version
  • King James II Bible
  • The modern Holy Bible
  • Young’s literal translation
  • Jewish Publication Society
  • Jewish new testament
  • Translation of Knox
  • English version of today
  • the new bible
  • The Bible, a new translation (Moffatt)
  • NIV – New International Version
  • standard version
  • new Jerusalem bible
  • Contemporary English Version
  • Good News Bible
  • living bible
  • The Amplified Bible
  • Translation Philips
  • The message

What are the first books of the Bible?

When we talk about the first books of the Bible, we refer to the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). For the most part, both Jewish and Christian traditions credit Moses with primary authorship. These five books form the theological foundation of the Bible:

The Pentateuch contains God’s dealings with mankind from the creation of the world to the death of Moses. It combines poetry, prose, and law in a chronological drama that spans thousands of years. Here we show you what each of them is about:

1. Genesis

Genesis is the book of the beginning of everything. The word Genesis means origin, birth, generation, or beginning. This first book of the Bible narrates the creation of the world: the universe and the earth. It reveals the plan within God’s heart to have a people of His own, set apart to worship Him.

Redemption has its roots right here. The main message of Genesis for believers today is that salvation is essential. We cannot save ourselves from sin, so God had to act on our behalf.

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2. Exodus

In Exodus, God reveals Himself to the world by freeing his people from slavery in Egypt through a series of spectacular miracles. God made himself known through extraordinary revelations and through their leader, Moses. God also made an everlasting covenant with his people.

For believers today, the overriding theme of the Exodus is that deliverance is essential. Because of our bondage to sin, we need God’s intervention to set us free. Through the opening Passover, Exodus reveals a picture of Christ, the perfect and spotless Lamb of God.

3. Leviticus

Leviticus is God’s guide to teaching his people about holy living and worship. Everything from sexual conduct to food handling to instructions for worship and religious observances is covered in detail in this book.

The predominant theme of Leviticus for Christians today is that holiness is essential. The book highlights our need to be in a relationship with God through holy living and worship. Believers can draw closer to God because Jesus Christ, our Great High Priest, opened the way to the Father.

4. Numbers

Numbers records the experiences of Israel as they traveled through the wilderness. The disobedience and lack of faith of the people caused God to let them wander in the desert until that entire generation was dead, with a few important exceptions. Numbers would be a bleak account of Israel’s stubbornness were it not for God’s faithfulness and protection.

The predominant theme in Numbers for believers today is that perseverance is essential. Freedom in our walk with Christ requires daily discipline. God trains his people in times of wandering in the desert. Only Joshua and Caleb survived the ordeal in the desert, thus they were allowed to enter the Promised Land. We must persevere to finish the race.

5. Deuteronomy

Written as God’s people were about to enter the Promised Land, Deuteronomy offers a stark reminder that God is worthy of worship and obedience. It also recounts the covenant between God and his people Israel, presented in three speeches or sermons by Moses.

The predominant theme in Numbers for believers is that obedience is essential. The book focuses on our need to internalize God’s law so that it is written in our hearts. We do not obey God out of a legalistic form of obligation, but because we love him with all our heart, mind, soul, and will.

Why is it said that Jesus is God?

It is said that Jesus Christ is God because the scriptures say so in several of its passages. The bible is the word of God (“he who has seen me has seen the one he sent me”) and there is nothing written there that could be a lie. Furthermore, if Jesus were just a man or an angel (as some would have us believe) his sacrifice would not have been enough to save humanity.

God said in his word that he would come to this world made flesh, and he did so; Jesus is the incarnation of the Creator. Our Lord decided to come to earth being a man like us, to show us that it is possible to fight against sin and to teach us how to communicate with Him.

Why is it said that Jesus is the Son of God?

It is said that Jesus is the son of God because the holy scriptures affirm it; “God will send his only son so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may live forever.” This often brings confusion, because if Jesus Christ is God, how is it that he can be the son of God? The Holy Bible is very clear on this; in many fragments, it says that our Creator is Father (God), he is the son (Jesus Christ), and is also spirit (Holy Spirit).

There is no exact earthly explanation for this; simply God is Omnipotent and can be whatever he wants to be, whenever he wants. This is why it is so important that we follow him by faith. That is, we must have certainty of what we expect and conviction of what we do not see in order to please him and have a part in his kingdom.

What day was the death of Jesus?

According to the Hebrew calendar, Jesus died on Wednesday the 14th of Abib or Nisan, which was known at the time as Passover. Then he rose on the third day of the week, that is, on the evening of the Shabbat (Saturday).

What is the Messiah?

The word Messiah means anointed. It is a term used to describe the future savior, restorer, king, and son of God. Christians know him as the hope of humanity; that being that would come to end all the evil that was on the earth and represent a significant change for the world. According to the bible, the messiah is the promise of redemption for all men.

What did God create?

The answer to this question is very simple; God created everything we see and what we do not see. If we go to the book of genesis, we can know the true story of creation. In this book of the Pentateuch, it is possible to see those instants in which the Almighty gave rise to all things; man, animals, plants, flowers, seas, land, among many elements that are part of the world.

And if you ask yourself “If God created everything, then he also created evil?” Not directly; God created the angels and they were corrupted by the thirst for power (one of the greatest evils that still exists); God created man and he himself disobeyed, also because of the desire to be more than he was, and from there, evil was born.

What is original sin?

According to Catholics, original sin is the first transgression that took place in the Garden of Eden. It is about the one that emerged at the moment in which man disobeyed his creator by eating the only fruit that was forbidden. The Catholic religion claims that the only way to remove this sin is through baptism. For this reason, they perform this ritual (which for Protestants is anti-biblical) with each child that is born.

What is Paradise like according to the Bible?

Paradise, according to the Bible, is something impressive that can only be seen by people who are going to dwell with God. It is “The new Jerusalem” where we will be surrounded by many mansions and hills. In addition, we will witness streets of gold and a sea of ​​​​Crystal.

In this place, there will be no more sickness or suffering, because all those things will have disappeared. There will also be millions of angels and we will be in direct presence with the Creator. We can confirm this in the book of Revelation.

What is the true God?

The true God is YAHWEH, who created all things; the only omniscient and omnipotent being. Humanity has taken it upon itself to create false gods who are unable to see or hear, even though they have eyes and ears. Since ancient times, it has been shown that they cannot do anything for their followers, and in the same way, it has been proven that YAHWEH is the only one who has the power to save.

Who is the creator of God?

This is an empty question; God could not be created by anyone, because there are no elements of physics that apply to his essence, that is, he cannot be created because he is not from our earthly (physical) world. He is a spiritual being. On the other hand, He himself affirms in his word that he is the beginning of everything, that is, before his existence there was nothing.

Who is the Son of God according to the Bible?

The only begotten son of the Creator (YAHWEH) is Jesus Christ, who was conceived through the spirit. We too can be children of God through faith. Many people think that we are all his children, but it is not so; we are his creation. However, the fact of believing and accepting the sacrifice of Christ gives us the power and the authority to be his adopted children.

Why did Christ die on the cross?

Christ was sent to earth as a lamb for the forgiveness of sins. But “why the cross?” The cross was seen as the symbol of the curse; the place where the worst criminals of those times died. We were cursed for sin, however, Jesus became cursed in our place to pay for all the transgressions committed.

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How was God resurrected?

Jesus Christ was resurrected by the power of God because it was a promise for the salvation of humanity. The resurrection took place on the third day after his passing, and through this divine action, he proved that he had overcome death. This gave us the hope of passing from death to life.

There are people who insist on denying that there was a resurrection, however, there are many signs that prove this fact. One of these is that a giant stone was moved inexplicably, without anyone noticing. Furthermore, when his disciples saw him, he possessed all the marks that had been brought on him at his crucifixion.

What do they say about the creative action of God?

If you ask anyone what they think about the creative action of God, they will surely tell you about everything found in the first book of the Bible; Genesis. According to this fragment of the word of God; creation encompassed many things; the world and everything in it.

Atheists allege that there is no creator God and that all the elements of the planet and its neighbors are due to physical phenomena that represented the origin. However, all theories are empty and always lead to a new unanswered question.

Why was the world created?

In Isaiah 43:6 we can see how YAHWEH Himself clearly answers this question; he created the world to be glorified through it. The sacred writings are very clear in what they say; “God has made man after his own image”, and what is the purpose of an image? Show the original; our Creator wanted to show himself through us.

How many names does God have?

Since the beginning of time, different names have been used to refer to the God of heaven. But before exposing the point, it is important to note that the true name of God is only one: YAHWEH. However, below we mention the 29 names that believers often use frequently:

  1. ABBA: Dad.
  2. ADONAI: Lord
  3. EL SHADDAI: Almighty
  4. Creator: the one who created the world
  5. Liberator: who has given the freedom to the nations
  6. ELOHIM: refers to his triune nature
  7. THE ROI: the God who sees
  8. EL-OLAM: Eternal God
  9. Father: for his paternal love and protection
  10. Saint: due to its primordial attribute
  11. I AM: expresses the self-existence and immutability of God
  14. JEHOVAH-JIREH: Lord who will provide
  15. JEHOVAH-RAFA: Lord who heals
  16. JEHOVAH-NISSI: our banner
  17. JEHOVAH-M’KADDESH: Lord who sanctifies
  18. JEHOVAH-SHALOM: Lord who is our peace
  19. JEHOVAH-ELOHIM: Jehovah God
  20. JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU: Jehovah our righteousness
  21. Judge: giver of justice
  22. King: ruler of the world.
  23. Legislator: maker of law
  24. Light: our guide
  25. JEHOVAH-SABAOTH: Jehovah of hosts
  26. EL-ELYON: Most High
  27. Rock: firm, immovable and powerful.
  28. Redeemer: Savior
  29. Shepherd: Guide of his sheep (his chosen people).
  30. ALPHA: The beginning
  31. OMEGA: The end

Who is Jesus in the Bible?

Jesus is the son of God, the Messiah, the savior, and the incarnation of God himself. He was born by the work of the spirit but was raised and educated as a man. He had two earthly parents who (by YAHWEH’s choice) guided him with divine help towards the purpose for which he was destined before his birth.

According to the bible, Jesus is the way, he is the truth and also the life; the only way to reach the Father. From a very young age, he began to be interested in the places where the message of God was preached and showed knowledge that was strange in a child of his age. He was the greatest of preachers, so much so that he meant and still means the promise of salvation.

What does “I am who I am” mean in the Bible?

The phrase “I am that I am” comes from the Hebrew “ exist or be ”. By saying this, YAHWEH was declaring his eternal self-existence, self-sufficiency, and immutability. On the other hand, he was also affirming that He is present everywhere. The nature of God is different from that of humans, however, he will always be with his people.

Who is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit according to the Bible?

It is the same God represented in three persons. Catholics call this personification “The Holy Trinity.” For their part, Protestants say that the phrase itself is something that is far from biblical.

However, the two versions agree on what the characteristics are: God is the Father who guides, corrects, loves, protects, and waits for us on high; he is the Son, who became human to die for our sins; and he is also a consoling spirit, the one that we do not see but that enters our hearts to make us see what is wrong.

What does the Bible say about Joseph father of Jesus?

The Bible doesn’t say much about Joseph. According to Mateo13: 55 he was a carpenter in Nazareth (Luke 2: 4). Matthew 1:16 reflects that he was the earthly father of the son of God (Jesus). However, the Messiah was begotten through the spirit, before he himself came to his wife (Mary). This record of events demonstrates that Jesus properly has a divine Father and not an earthly one.

What are the names of the angels that appear in the Bible?

In the bible we can only see three names of archangels; Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. The last of these was the one who became Satan. On the other hand, there is the classification of angels; we can find the cherubim and the seraphim that are in the presence of God and have immense wings.

Twelve of these will be found guarding the 12 gates in the New Jerusalem. It is possible that there are many more races of angels in heaven because the Bible reflects that there are a large number of these. However, we will only discover this when we are in that place.

What is God as Creator Father?

God makes himself recognized as the father in the creation process because he gives rise to life. In addition, by creating, he also shows his omnipotence and his ability to protect us and keep us from all evil. A father who has created us with an incomparable love is capable of guiding, for which he has left an instruction manual; the Bible.

What does the word father mean in the Bible?

The word “Father” comes from a Hebrew root ʼmeaning daddy. This term is used to refer to our God as the creator of all things, that is, the one who gave rise to everything that exists. The name “Father” is also used as an expression of respect.

In ancient times, the word “Father” could not be used to name or invoke God; everyone who did so was taken as a heretic since no one was worthy of being called “Son of God”. This was the reason why Jesus was called a heretic, criticized and judged by all the people.

However, we are currently in the age of grace, so we are permitted to use the word in this sense. By calling our God “Father”, we are describing our enormous and intimate relationship with him, and furthermore, we are showing that he is our guide and protector.

What is a prophet and what is his role?

Due to the way “prophet” is commonly used, there is a misconception that its basic definition is “one who predicts the future”, but this definition is too narrow. The prophet is best defined as “one who speaks for another.” A true prophet, then, is a person who speaks for Goddelivering a message that He has commanded him to deliver.

In Exodus 7, God tells Moses that Aaron, his brother, would be his prophet. Due to Moses’ disbelief in God’s ability to speak through him, the Creator spoke to Moses, who told Aaron what he had to pass on to others; to Pharaoh in particular (verse 2). It is the function of speaking for another, rather than the miracles they performed or their prediction of what would happen in Egypt, that defined Moses and Aaron as prophets.

Often the words that a prophet spoke on behalf of God actually foretold what would happen next. However, the essential role of the prophet was to speak for God, regardless of whether he made any predictions of the future. A prophet expresses the will of God in words and sometimes uses signs to support what he says and to demonstrate the power of God behind it.

Similarly, a false prophet cannot be in the business of predicting the future either. A false prophet is simply someone who speaks on behalf of another but falsely. False prophets express something in the name of the wrong god or claim to have heard something from the true God, but they do not represent Him or His words. At the very least, they speak from their own human hearts, but more than likely the “god” they are speaking for is actually a demon.

It is true that if a prophet predicts something that will not come to pass, he is a false prophet ( Deuteronomy 18:20-22 ), but correctly predicting the future is not the determining factor when looking at false prophets. A prophet can accurately predict an event or demonstrate supernatural power, but if he is leading people away from the worship of the true God, he is a false prophet. When a real prophet speaks and gives messages, it is the Holy Spirit who speaks (God), not the prophet.

Who is the last prophet in the Bible?

The last Old Testament prophet was Malachi. In fact, there were 400 years of silence before the arrival of Christ on earth (prophesied by the only prophet of the New Testament: John the Baptist ) was raised. After John, there was no other. Currently, this profession does not exist, because the prophecy is already fully reflected in the bible.

Why are they called major prophets?

They are called major prophets because their books have more chapters than those of the other prophets. This is a canonical categorization that was established by Bible scholars for the purpose of making the divisions of the Bible.

Who is the first prophet in the Bible?

The first prophet in the bible was Noah, who prophesied that the world would be destroyed through a flood. In fact, for this prophecy, he was taken as crazy by the people. Then God ordered him to build the ark and when it was finished he would get into it with his wife. In addition, he demanded that he also introduce a couple of each animal so that the species would prevail.

What are the names of the major prophets?

The major prophets reflected in the holy scriptures are the ones shown below:

  • Isaiah
  • Jeremiah
  • Ezekiel
  • Nehemiah
  • Daniel

What does the word of God convey to us?

The word of God transmits its message to them. In ancient times, what was to come and what God wanted his people to do was delivered through the prophets because there was no written record that everyone could come into contact with. However, today we have the scriptures that reflect what happened (for us to take an example) and what will happen (so that we prepare and act according to God’s will).

Who is the main author of the Bible?

The main author of the bible, is, of course, God. We know that those who wrote the scriptures were chosen by the Creator. However, it was not exactly they who spoke through their writings, but God himself. For this reason, it is said that the Bible was made with divine inspiration.

How is the Holy Scripture transmitted?

The scriptures are transmitted by God to the elect through the Holy Spirit. These were the ones in charge of capturing what our Creator was saying. In these times, we can deliver God’s message in writing, speaking, or through our testimony. We are bearers of the word of the Almighty, therefore, we have the responsibility to spread it to all those who do not know it.

What do they teach you in the catechism?

According to Catholics, catechesis is the education that is given for the initiation of children and young people in Christian life. The fundamental teaching lies in the life and behavior of Christ. Basically, in catechesis knowledge related to:

  • Faith and its symbols (prayers) to introduce knowledge about the doctrine.
  • Those liturgical celebrations that are part of religion, encourage active participation in the Eucharist and the rest of the sacraments.
  • Moral conduct, in order to create a behavior that is consistent with that demonstrated by Jesus. The idea is to form moral people who respect the commandments and teachings of God.
  • Prayer and intimate relationship with God. With this, the constant dialogue with the Creator will be promoted.
  • Integrate Christians into communities so that they live in communion as brothers in faith.
  • Initiate the member of the apostolic community in missionary activity. This will cause the faith to be spread correctly.

What does God the Father develop in the Church?

What God the Father develops in the Christian is dependency. The Bible teaches us that we have to depend on Him as a father and provider. If an earthly father is able to give his children the best things, how much more is our heavenly father who loves us greatly. This dependency does not refer only to the economic part, but also to protection, care, guidance, comfort, and everything we need.

What does it mean that God is almighty?

The name “Almighty” means ” All can .” The fact that God is called this means that there is nothing (neither on earth nor outside of it) that our Creator is not capable of doing or achieving. For this reason, he is also said to be the “Doer of the Impossible”. We have limited power but the power of God is unlimited, infinite, and impossible to overshadow.

What do evangelical Christians believe?

Evangelical Christians believe that there is a supreme divine authority; YAHWEH (God) who has left a message of salvation. In addition, they have the belief that salvation comes through faith in the sacrifice of Christ, who came to earth to pay for everything that was due to us. On the other hand, they await a second coming of the savior to go to what they call “The New Jerusalem”; that place where we will dwell with God and get rid of all the evils that exist.

Believers of the Protestant or Evangelical religion do not believe in images, because they claim that it is something anti-biblical since the sacred word takes it as idolatry (one of the things that angered God in ancient times). It should be noted that the teaching of what idolatry means is also reflected in the Catholic Bible, only that it is ignored or often distorted by its preachers.

Where is Christianity located?

Christian belief arose from the arrival of Christ (the messiah) and his teachings. In Rome, thanks to the persecution, the followers of Jesus were called Christians or “little Christs” in a derogatory way. That’s where the term was born. After this, there was the separation between the Catholic Church and the Protestants by Constantine, who out of love for his mother (who was persecuted by the Romans) also became a believer and formed the Protestant Christian Church.

According to Christianity, Jesus was conceived through the grace of the Holy Spirit (the third person of God) in a young virgin (Mary). So, this belief is situated in ancient times. Currently, it has been spread all over the world. His main focus is “Christ as Savior”, as the bridge to life and the only way to reach the Almighty.

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We have answered many of the frequently asked questions about the Bible that have been asked of us. If you have any other, feel free to comment. We will be aware of you and the doubts you may have regarding God’s message. It is our duty to spread the truth and promote sound doctrine.