The first practical steps with Jesus

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Here are the first practical steps with Jesus after being born again

Giving your life to Jesus is a great start. Making the decision to walk hand in hand with Him is the beginning of our new life.
Now we need to learn to behave according to the Bible. There are a few easy but very important small practical steps that will enable us to initiate good and healthy spiritual growth.



1. Find a good church and go there as often as possible.

Prayers to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory

Jeremiah 3:15 I will give you shepherds according to My heart, and they will feed you with understanding and with wisdom.

It all starts here. Some of us think  “I don’t have to go to church. God is everywhere, I can pray to Him at home and read my Bible ». God is everywhere yes. We can pray at home in agreement. You don’t have to come to church to read your Bible, right. But let us keep in mind that the role of the church is, first of all, to teach me and instruct me.

We do not come to church just to pray, but also for spiritually mature people to teach us the Word of God. When we are new to a field, it is necessary that someone with more experience, here, in this case, a pastor, helps us to understand, to decipher what we could not grasp on our own just by opening the pages of the Bible.
We also come to church to learn how to serve God in His home, share moments of fellowship with brothers and sisters, pray together and pray for one another. We still come to church to be corrected. 

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It is in the church that God will use the established authorities to put our life in order, to drive out all kinds of bad attitudes and behaviors harmful to our growth and our development. Finally, it is in the church that God will allow us to form solid friendships which will have Jesus Christ as a foundation, relationships through which He will bless us and propel us into our future.

2. Read the Bible and pray every day.

Spiritual Meaning of Prayer

Psalms 27: 8 I reflect on what you said, “Turn to Me. Now, Lord, I turn to You and seek Your face.

How do we claim to be a Christian, that is, to live like Christ, to be His disciple, if we do not know what style of life He led and wants us to lead today? Hence the importance of reading and knowing the Word of God.
The Bible says in Psalm 119: 105 that
the Word is a light on our path, that is to say, that it is in the pages of the Bible that we will know which path to take, we will be able to discern what is the will of God for every area of ​​our life. It is through the Bible that God will teach us how to deal with people on a daily basis and correct our bad thoughts.
In addition to reading our Bibles we must also pray, that is, spend time with God. 


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The Bible teaches us about God, what He likes and dislikes, what He wants and does not want, but praying allows us to spend time in His presence. It’s like a famous personality, take for example the President of the United States Barack Obama: you have followed his two presidential campaigns, listened to all his speeches, read all the articles about him and all his interviews in the press. 

You know his opinions on all socio-economic subjects. You can talk about him for hours because you know a lot about him. But you don’t know him and will never know him as his wife Michelle because she lives with him, spends time with him, and talks with him. There is a big difference between hearing about someone and knowing them personally. It’s the same connection there is between going to church, reading your Bible, and spending time with God. Through prayer, we will not just know what God says, but we will know Him.

3. Have a good mentor.

know if you are born again


A mentor, by definition, is someone more capable or more mature than us in an area. A mentor helps us grow by bringing us their experience and knowledge. He also saves us time by avoiding making the same mistakes he made. Its role is to pass on its know-how, skills, and knowledge to us. For some, this mentor will directly be the pastor of the church. 

But sometimes the pastor cannot take care of each member of the congregation on a daily basis. It is therefore important to ask God to put us in contact with a person who will be our mentor. 

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A member of the church who will spend time with us very often, who will advise us according to the Word of God, who will take the time to answer all our questions and clarify the gray areas. A mentor is a process accelerator. To broaden the point, no matter what field it is, to make sure we make quick progress, we always need a good mentor.



God wants to build a solid foundation in us so that we can later build a stable and prosperous life. Many give their lives to Jesus and have a strong desire to move forward with Him but are often stuck at some stage of their growth. Become a member of a church, spend time in the presence of God, get to know His ways through His Word, and find an exemplary Christian who is willing to invest in your life by becoming your mentor. So every day you will make progress which very soon will become evident to everyone.