Meaning of Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Holy Scripture

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The spirit of wisdom and revelation is the symbol that represents the kingdom of God, thus allowing the man to access the inheritance and riches that God has offered to everyone who fully believes in his word and actions.

This spirit shows the believing man the way to the glory of God, based on his hope, full faith in him and all his promises for his children. In this way, wisdom not only reflects the study of the Holy Scriptures, but also the illusion of knowing paradise and enjoying all God’s offerings for his faithful children.

Christians are representatives of the revelation of God, illuminating the soul of the people around them through the example of faith and the teaching of the Holy Scriptures, symbols of wisdom and revelation of the Lord.

“May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation” (Ephesians 1:17).

Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the Holy Scriptures

As Christians, we must live always seeking the revelation of God in the soul, allowing man to differentiate good things from bad and always follow God’s path, thus changing the lives of believers thanks to their faith.

In this sense, the Holy Scriptures point out in Ephesians the pleas that the Apostle Paul makes to the Lord to give men his spirit of wisdom and revelation, allowing the light of knowledge to illuminate the soul of all faithful believers.

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The apostle Paul asks the Lord that all his children can expand their vision and have a different perspective of their surroundings thanks to this spirit. Wisdom and revelation allow Christians to open their eyes and see things in a different way, free from ignorance and lack of knowledge of God since his spirit takes over them and their soul.

In the sacred scriptures, various miracles are shown that occur to men on earth, which through the revelation of God and all his wisdom obtained changes in their condition as believers, their understanding of the environment and their lifestyle, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the favours of the Father, his promised kingdom and that he himself would govern them under his wisdom through his revelation.


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How is the spirit of wisdom and revelation manifested?

God manifests himself in the life of man in different ways, be it in his word or in miracles on earth. However, when he converses with the Father and prays, he allows his children to open their eyes to the world and his mind is filled with wisdom, thus understanding his environment.

In this sense, the Father gives man his Spirit that focuses his eyes in the direction of God’s wisdom and revelation, allowing believers to prosper and obtain the favours promised by the Lord.

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The spirit of wisdom is revealed in men, illuminating their souls with divine and human understanding, allowing a man to observe what until the moment of God’s revelation was hidden in his soul.

Relevant aspects of the spirit of wisdom and revelation

Wisdom and revelation allow the opportunity to know and appreciate an aspect that God wants in your life to transform it and improve your relationship with him, without this spirit you could not have an intimate relationship with the Lord or really know his purposes and objectives.

All your environment is full of wisdom and relevant information that can allow you to prosper and obtain God’s grace, but only he can give you that opportunity to have that knowledge thanks to the spirit of revelation, everything will depend on your faith and obedience.

In this way, ask God to enlighten you with his spirit of wisdom and revelation, manifesting himself on you in a divine way to open your eyes and see everything from another perspective, understanding your environment and giving course to your existence. With the wisdom and revelation of God, you will see that your life can be completely transformed.