Slow to speak quick to listen meaning kjv

How to overcome discouragement in the Bible
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Slow to speak quick to listen meaning KJV

“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: James 1:19, KJV.

James’ opening verse instructed believers to trust God even in difficult times.

Believers should consider hardships as “joy” since God uses them to strengthen our faith. This begs the question: What does it mean to trust God even when life throws us curve balls?

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One, those who trust God will continue to obey Him. James starts in verse 19 to describe the nature of obedience.
People who obey God and trust Him learn to adapt their listening speed and speak at a faster pace.
If God truly is in control, then we can afford to spend the time to understand.

Instead of shooting from the hip, we can respond in a helpful way. Doubting God’s control slows down our minds and speeds up our mouths.
We shouldn’t be obsessed with making sure we are heard and understood as believers in order to achieve what we desire.
We feel out of control when we react to our immediate needs and reactions.
We will become angry if we feel we are losing control.

This is not an order to avoid anger. Anger is a normal human emotion. It can be justified. James’ instructions here make it clear that anger can be controlled or at least slowed down. In fact, to refuse to let anger control us is itself an act of faith.

It is a choice to believe that the Father is in control, that He loves us, and that He is good.
This verse explains why it is so important to learn how to control anger.

Bible Verses

Slow to speak quick to listen bible verses

These 5 scripture Verses talks  about Being Slow To Anger

James 1:19
This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger;

Proverbs 15:18
A hot-tempered man stirs up strife, But the slow to anger calms a dispute.

Proverbs 16:32
He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.

Proverbs 19:11
A man’s discretion makes him slow to anger, And it is his glory to overlook a transgression.

Titus 1:7
For the overseer must be above reproach as God’s steward, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine, not pugnacious, not fond of sordid gain,

Slow to speak quick to listen meaning

11 Ways to Slowly Speak and quick to listen

1. Slow speaking means that we allow the other person to express themselves

We don’t interrupt. We listen to our thoughts and allow them to finish.

This means that we wait for the other person to have had enough time to express their opinions or thoughts before sharing our thoughts. This should be common sense, I’m honest.

We must always allow people to express themselves fully if we are going to understand and respect them.
When we don’t, we can’t even respond properly.

2. We thank the other person for being willing to talk with us.

It can be difficult for some people to agree with, disagree with or share a different view with others.

Sometimes, it is their personality. They may have suffered from spiritual abuse. They might be shy by nature.

Many people have told me over the years that they are afraid to talk to me because of my status as a pastor.

So I tried to do all I could to make it as easy as possible for people to bring their items to me, even if they were something that needed to be addressed.

3. Quick and polite listening means that we don’t get offended when someone corrects or disagrees with us.

This is a difficult one, especially when you have to be quick to listen and slow in speaking. It’s easy to take things personally. Our personal defense lawyer shouts “Objection!” whenever someone disagrees. This is often due to pride.

It is important to “step back” and realize that disagreements or corrections are not necessarily an attack against us as individuals. This isn’t a sign that someone is being unfaithful to us.

4. It is easy to dismiss someone who comes to you in anger or frustration and to not listen to their words.

In such situations, it is important to pray for the fruitfulness of the Spirit, for patience, love, grace, and not to respond in kind.
We need the help of the Holy Spirit to be slow to speak and quick to listen.

5. To be quick to hear means to be slow to make excuses and defend ourselves, slow in contradicting others, slow in giving our opinion.

Because we are proud of who we are, it is important to defend ourselves. We don’t like being told we are weak. We don’t like when other people see our weaknesses. But listen. But listen.

If you don’t acknowledge that you need to grow and change, you won’t be able to see the things that you might not have yet.


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6. To be quick to listen means we try to be humble

A humble person doesn’t believe he can solve every problem. A humble person can learn from everyone.

When we are humble, we can see that God has given each person unique gifts and insights. They are also a temple for the Holy Spirit and are guided and led by God.

To grow in our relationship with God, we must be able to take advantage of those insights and gifts.

7. To be quick to hear means that we are genuinely interested in understanding what the other person has to say

This means that we want to really try to view the issue from their point of view. Only God can see all issues from God’s perspective.

Only God can fully understand every situation. Only God knows the motives and hearts of men. Only God can understand his Word perfectly.

While our perspective might be correct, it may also be incorrect or imperfect. We may be able to benefit from the perspective of hearing the other person. They may be right, even though we don’t know it yet.

8. We realize that even if we disagree there are things we can learn by listening to them

Even if it is just that we learn about others’ perspectives on the problem. Even if it means that we see how others deal with an issue we don’t have to. Even if we learn how we might help someone.

Slower speech allows us to better understand others. To understand more about what it means to be Christian.

9. To be quick to listen means we remember that we have blind spots

All of us have blind spots, areas that we need to improve in, and things about ourselves that we don’t know. Remember David’s request to God for brothers to correct him? David considered this a blessing.

Let me be struck by a righteous man–it’s a kindness; let him reprove me–it’s oil for my head; my head should not reject it. Psalm 141,5

10. When we share our thoughts, we share them with gentleness and without anger

We tend to believe that it is better than if.
If we speak with force or anger, they will change their perspective. It is important to remember that James states that anger doesn’t bring about the kind of life God desires.

We can speak with gentleness when we believe only God can see our perspective. If God truly wants someone to see something, he can make it come true.

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11. To be quick to listen means we trust God’s timing

We don’t need to win the argument right now.

We can share our perspective, then leave it up to the Lord to show them our side. This might not be possible during the current discussion. Both of us may need to take some time to understand each other’s perspectives.