8 Powerful Prayers to Start the Week

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Prayers to Start the Week

If you require a prayer to bless your week and start it with the best of vibes, I recommend each of these invocations, which will help you to be able to raise a thank you for the blessings of previous days and the new ones.

 Start your week with the best attitude and wake up feeling at all times the presence of the eternal father.

 Below are potent prayers to kick start your new week swiftly in God’s hands.

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prayer to start the week with God

Give thanks for the beginning of the new week, and ask for each of your tasks so that you can find a quick, practical solution that responds to the requests of your heart.


Virgin of grace,
You who lived difficult moments,
Full of difficulty,
Of pain and despair,
And still, you stood firm,
With your love and faith towards the father,
Let my heart remain like this,
May this beginning of the more fantastic week,
Purify my soul,
And may my love always be yours,
And I am worthy of your blessings,
Which I beg you always to multiply,
With burning love,
I beg you, mother,


Prayer to start the workweek

Before starting your workweek, spend a few minutes in the creator’s spirit and dedicate this new day that is about to begin so that it is full of the best blessings for you.


Holy Spirit,
Before starting my workday,
May the week consume me,
Between my job and my family,
I dedicate this time to you,
To your infinite love,
Understanding and greatness,
To continue in the constant struggle,
In love On,
And be part of the blessings of the Lord
May each workday be of happiness,
Of prosperity and opportunities,
To ascend,
And always live in your love,


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Prayer to start the week of classes

On Monday, pray these lines before you leave your house; add an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a salve so that your week begins with the best of spirits and is perfect.


Guardian Angel,
A company by day and night,
May this week begin,
Be successful and have good grades,
May I learn each class and subject,
May they teach me, May I
achieve each of my goals,
And get ahead,
Give me your friendly hand,
Heed my call and that this week,
Be worthy of your presence,
And of your infinite help,
At all times,
May I need you,


Miraculous prayer to start the week off right

Before starting your week, the most important thing is that you remember to give the corresponding thanks, for your life, for the air you breathe, for having a new opportunity to live.


Magnificent Mary,
That for your great virtues,
You deserved that God chose you,
To be the mother of his son,
And of all faith,
With these words of love,
I invoke your presence and company,
So that this week begins properly,
That each experience is for good,
For growth,
And for learning,
May your grace guide me always,
And though you be worthy of,
Love of the creator,




Prayer to start a new week

Show our Lord how much love you have for him and how at all times you want his presence to guide your path and each of your decisions, always enlightening you.


Blessed purity,
From Christ our Lord,
Father’s love,
Son’s sacrifice,
In this new week, I call you,
And I ask for your company every day,
From sunrise to sunset,
From Monday to Sunday,
May my day,
Without your presence, nor your blessing,
Without dedicating a few minutes,
So that you wrap me in your mantle,
And I can feel your protection,
I ask God of mercy,


Prayer to start the week with God

When there is faith and certainty in each recited word, there should be no room for doubt about it. I recommend that you pray these invocations to have the best results on your way to God.


Blessed souls,
Who always listen,
And are a source of advice and help,
I invoke you today in my prayer,
In each of my words,
Asking for your extraordinary,
Mercy and strength,
So that they flood me with it,
And allow that This week I started it,
With the best of motivations,
In God our Lord,
There is the salvation of the world,
And of hearts,
Of all those who seek him,


Prayer to start the week on the right foot

Do not keep waiting. The first step is in front of you, with the tool it represents, continuous prayer, full of love, faith, and trust in everything you want in your heart.


Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
Angel of the word,
Of communication,
You who are the link,
Between the faithful and the heavenly father,
I ask you for this week to start,
To start it with courage,
With the right foot,
With the best of Blessings,
Because all will come from the creator,
Through you,
From your love, from your protection,
And from your angelic greatness,
I beg you to go to my call,


Prayer to start the catholic week

Catholic prayers are the best incentive for the heart; it manages to reach the almighty through his saints, such as Saint Benedict, who is an instrument of faith and devotion that will bring you closer to Christ.


Saint Benedict,
Blessed, great and gracious,
I invoke you,
I ask you in your greatness,
That you fill every day of my week with success,
That it may be of growth,
Eager to continue, to fight,
To believe in the savior,
So that they can achieve the glory of the father,
And be part of his redemption,
Just as you were,
As a fervent servant of the Lord,
And ward of his word,
I beg you Saint Benedict of love,


Do not keep waiting any longer for a solution that suddenly arises before you, be part of that change by making each of these prayers so that you have the opportunity to start your week with the best company.

 And with the full assurance that you will be heard, the power of a short prayer, when declaimed with hope, is unmatched.