Prayer to thank God for the gift of life

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If you are looking for prayer to thank God for the gift of life, especially when waking up in the morning, you are on the right place.

One of the best ways to establish a beautiful communication with God is through prayer. Which has a lot of power when done correctly, with humility and from the heart. That is why, every morning, when opening our eyes, it is important to be thankful for all the blessings that the Lord grants to our lives.


The most beautiful prayers to thank God for the gift of life

Today, we have brought two beautiful prayers to thank God for all the good things he gives to our lives. More than asking, it is vitally important to be humble and grateful. It does not matter how little we have, as long as everything has been earned honestly and from the hand of our Creator. So, we recommend that you do them every morning before leaving home so that God’s guidance will be always present in each of your steps.

Prayers to ask God for forgiveness

1. Prayer of gratitude to God

Oh Merciful God, today is a beautiful day to thank you greatly for being able to wake up and open my eyes. I am lucky because I have health, work, bread on my table and a loving family, as well as good economic stability to get ahead and that my loved ones do not lack their daily bread.

Despite my failures and mistakes, You are always by my side, supporting me and protecting me from the enemy and the evil that lurks in the streets. You are my shield and the protection that is always present in my day to day, for that and many other things I am faithfully grateful to you. You never judge me, despite all the sins I have committed and you always grant forgiveness to those of us who repent with our hearts.

Thank you for your infinite love for me and for taking care of me while I was sleeping. Thank you for this new and wonderful dawn that you give me the opportunity to witness. Thank you for the health I have; allow me to remain safe and sound to continue helping my family and those around me. Also, I ask you to help people who are going through difficult times and who need your support and divine guidance, especially people who suffer from health problems.

Always have Mercy on all of us so that one day, we can enter and open the doors of the promised Paradise. I want and desire to praise and adore You always, every day I want to be a better person and a better Christian to please You, my Lord. Thank you for all the favors and requests granted and for the successes achieved along the way. There have been difficult times but your protection has never abandoned me, because you are great and good my God.

On this occasion, I consecrate myself totally to you, Beloved Father, and I beg you to send your Holy Spirit to always help me to be wiser and more intelligent. In this way, I will be able to make the best decisions on my path, which will lead me to Eternal Life. In your hands I always commend my soul and my whole Being because I fully trust in your Power and in the purposes that you have destined for my life; I love you and bless you always, God Heavenly Father. I hope that your Divine Presence never fails me and that your consolation is always there in the moments of anxiety and depression that may arise in my life. Amen.


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2. Prayer to thank God for his blessings

God the Father who art in Heaven, yours is the Power, the Honor and the Glory. On this beautiful day, I sanctify You and cry Your name and Your beautiful presence in my life. In this new awakening, I thank you enormously for another new day of existence. I want to ask you with great humility, to always keep and take care of my relatives and to pour out your great blessings on all of us.

I consecrate my entire life to you so that your protection and your sacred guidance will never fail me on this path that I still have to travel. Take possession of my whole being and infuse it with your Holy Spirit to help me be wiser and nobler in my actions . Help me to offer a helping hand to my neighbor and make my thoughts always be good and pure, and that my spirit always serve You.

I wish that your divine Presence is always wherever I go and that you help me to have a more loving and charitable heart. Allow me to face in the best way those adverse situations from which we are not exempt. Because they are part of our spiritual growth here on earth and we must know how to handle them correctly, under your guidance and protection.

My God, I will never get tired of thanking you for always being there for me , for comforting and consoling me in moments of dejection. Thank you for infusing me with your divine breath on those occasions when I thought of giving up. You always gave me Your support and covered me with your sacred mantle so that I would not decline and move forward. I will always be in your debt and that is why I want to praise you and bless you infinitely.

Make me an instrument of your peace, that I can spread your word of life and comfort to my fellow men. Let me be a better Christian and glorify you for the rest of my existence on this earth plane. Deliver me from evil and all sins, I want to be pure and entrust my soul and spirit to You, Heavenly Father. Please help those who most need your guidance and who are lost along the way, never abandon them, I ask all this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Final words:
We hope that these beautiful prayers have been very useful to you and that you begin to make them from today. Remember to issue each word with all faith and hope placed in the hands of God. So that in this way, blessings are never lacking in your life, since being thankful for everything you have is very pleasing to the Lord.