6 Morning prayers before going to work

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Are you looking for prayers for work? In this post, we give you 6 Morning prayers before going to work

Whenever you go out for your work day, it is very important that you say a prayer to bless the work.

The Bible says in Proverbs 16:3 Bible ” Put all your works in the hands of the Lord, and your projects will be fulfilled “, so you can be sure that if you ask God to bless you, he will comply.
Remember no matter how difficult your workday may become, you will see how the hand of God works in your favor and everything will be fine.



Prayer for work can encompass many aspects. Among them is the prayer to get a job and the prayer to prosper at work.

These prayers are generally made by those servants of God who expect a change in their work environment or wish to find employment with the help of the creator of all things.

Keep in mind that prayer is an effective tool for those who yearn for divine direction when making important decisions at work, and people who are looking for a job or need to solve some problem in the workplace.

If you think you feel unable to perform this prayer, do not worry, because we have come to help you. With our advice, we assure you that you will be able to find the sentence for the ideal job for you



    1. To start praying a prayer for work, you must take into account the most basic aspect of praying, which is to locate yourself in a quiet place.
    2. The next thing you should do is order your ideas, with the help of a pencil and a sheet of paper you can write the priority issues related to work. Remember that you must do this before you begin to pray.
    3. Another feasible option is to write your sentence. For this, always remember to thank and honor the name of God.
    4. Then you can proceed to read everything you wrote and share with the creator your concerns and work problems.
    5. Another idea is to write down this sentence and place it behind the door of your closet or room. That way you will always be able to remember it and it will work as a reminder.
    6. Everything is up to you. But always remember to thank, prioritize and give thanks. We assure you that with these three simple reminders you will pray an effective work prayer.
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6 Morning prayers before going to work

Closing Prayers for Meetings

1. Prayer before going to work

One of the best things we can do at the beginning of the day is, among others, to ask the Lord to bless our daily activities before going to work, to attract positive energy in our activities and thus have a prosperous day of work performance.

God the Father, You who are the king of kings, I want to thank you, For the work I have,

Because thanks to him, I have money for my expenses. Fill me with much wisdom, Allow my teamwork to improve,

So that I can get a job, Don’t let me lose my job Lord, Thanks to him, I can survive and pay for everything I need,

Help me to think things through before doing them, Help me replenish my energies every day, And be a better worker, today,



2. Prayer for a good day at work

Nothing better than starting the work day filled with positive energy and good vibes. Here we leave you a nice prayer before starting your work activities

Lord God, I know that I am not a perfect being, I know that I make mistakes, I know that without your help I am nothing, Father,

Therefore, on this new day, that you have given me life, I want to ask you, before going to work, that you fill me with knowledge and wisdom, so that my day is full of blessings,

Accompany me at all times Father, so that all the good vibes, always accompany me,

Fill me on this day with many blessings, Make it my best day, Help me to improve myself, to be a better person, Always by your side,



3. Prayer to bless work 

Take care, protect and bless your work with this small but powerful prayer 

Beloved God, today I raise this morning prayer to you to bless the work in which I first want to thank your kindness.

Thank you because once again I can wake up and enjoy a great job where I can earn my daily livelihood.

Thank you because even in the midst of difficulties, your hand has sustained me and has prevented me from leaving my job. That’s why today, just before starting a new day , I ask you to bless my hands and my whole being.

May it be you, oh God, who directs each of my actions to be able to do a clean and perfect job.

I ask you to give me patience in the face of difficult situations that may arise in my work day, and also that you give me love and meekness to face the adversities of the day.

Keep me from any danger that wants to threaten my life, free me from accidents or misunderstandings with my peers.

But above all things, I ask that Your will be fulfilled on this day because I know that your plans are perfect and everything that happens today will be for my good.

I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


4. Prayer for me to do well at work

Ask God every day when you wake up to give you the energy to give the best of yourself in your workplace, where both your boss and your colleagues feel proud, and honored with the contribution you give to the company where you work.

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This prayer is to ask God to help you every day so that your work goes well 😉 Read it here:

First of all, I thank you because I have been able to see the light of the sun rise.

Thank you because I am full of health and I have a job that, although sometimes it can be difficult, allows me to bring home bread every day.

That’s why today I ask you, before the day begins, that your blessing be upon me, oh God, so that everything I do on my day is exalted.

I ask that today I can see your glory and your power manifesting through my life. Giving me also, my God, the ability to perform my tasks correctly.

Do not allow there to be in my thing of which I can be criticized.

Cleanse my heart of evil and allow me to always be an example of your love and truth. I believe in you because up to this point you have helped me and I know that you will bless me today because you are a great and merciful God.

That is why today I come before You, before dawn breaks, to beg for your favor and blessing.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.



5. Prayer for the first day of work

Good morning, Powerful and Heavenly Father, On this beautiful day, I come before your divine presence, To be able to thank you,

For having allowed me to get a job, Only you and I know, All that it cost me to get it, Please, don’t let me lose it,

Instead, give me the necessary intelligence and strengths, To be able to face any situation, Do not let me give up,

Make me a better person, every day, Always light my way, To know what I should do and how to do it, Always be with me Father,



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6. Prayer to keep your job

We live in difficult times, we live in hard times, where today keeping a job is getting harder every day, that’s why if you have a job, then the best thing you can do is get up every morning and work as if there were no tomorrow, giving the 110% of you.

It is also good that in your free time you constantly train because we live in a time where constant training is more than an option, it is a necessity so as not to be replaced by others.

Read below this beautiful prayer to the Lord to keep the job 👈👈

Blessed King, You know my heart well and you know that there is no evil in it, that is why I ask for your favor and your grace so that I can remain in my work .

You know, oh God, that I cannot stop working and that all this time I have worked with joy and good disposition, even when in difficult moments I wanted to give up.

You lifted me up and strengthened me to continue. That’s why today I ask you to do me justice and I can keep my job .

But if it is not your will for me to stay there, then let me get a job before my contract is up, oh God. I pray to you, because you are Almighty and merciful, therefore, I know that you will fulfill my request and for that I thank you.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.