Let the Dead Bury the Dead: Luke 16:20 Meaning

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Let the dead bury the dead is an expression Jesus quotes in the Bible. This expression carries a strong message: God comes first, and everything else comes second. This principle applies to the spiritual duties of a disciple as well. He must perform his duties in the spiritual realm before the physical life is over. Jesus is saying that it is not good to look back on the past. He is telling the disciple that the dead must be buried.


Jesus said let the dead bury their own dead

In Luke 16:20, Jesus tells his disciple to “go bury his father.” But what does this actually mean? In fact, it means to preach about God’s kingdom. Jesus’ teaching on death is not necessarily an example of this, but an illustration of why the dead should be buried in their own graves. The dead are not merely our family, they are also the people of God.

The disciples have been asking for a long time to be excused from their spiritual obligations in order to help bury their aging father. They have been citing numerous reasons for not doing so, including health reasons and financial concerns. But they are neglecting their spiritual duties. If Jesus really meant to say “let the dead bury their own dead” then he would not have said that he intended for them to be buried.

Apparently, this man wanted to wait until his father died before following Jesus. He didn’t want to risk poverty by offending his father or being cut out from his family. He also didn’t want to risk his future by offending his family. But by following Jesus, he was saved and found a life in the process. However, the man didn’t realize that his decision had a significant impact on his life.

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The idiom “let the dead bury their own dead” is not the only biblical adage to encourage a proper burial. It is the biblical adage “God helps those who help themselves.” Cleanliness is next to godliness. So, if the dead are to be buried in their own graves, the dead should be buried with dignity and respect.



The phrase “Let the dead bury the dead” has two meanings. It can mean “let the dead rest” or “let the dead bury themselves.” The phrase should be interpreted according to its context. It may mean that God and spiritual responsibilities are to be placed before human responsibilities. Biblical scholars have different interpretations of this phrase. While the literal meaning is not relevant to the issue at hand, there are many figurative interpretations that have to do with a person’s beliefs.

“Let the dead bury themselves” is a biblical phrase that Jesus used to address the issue of necrolatry. The Bible says that Jesus meant the phrase as “let the dead bury themselves.” When He said this, he was addressing the disciples, who were his followers. He said that, in this age, “letting the dead bury themselves” meant staying with the father until the end.

Moreover, the place of burial does not change the eternal destination of our loved ones. According to Hebrew 9:27, men die once and will be judged at the judgment of God. While the conveyance of corpses to the place of birth has been a custom in most tribes, it is still a sinful act. According to Matthew 15:3, every tradition of men has a demon.

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The term “necrolatry” has several definitions. The dictionary defines burying as “the putting into the earth or covering” or “the process of burying someone in a tomb.”


Pride of life

A spiritually dead person is always more likely to bury their loved ones in a manner indicating pride of life. This pride is not of god, but rather of the world. By contrast, a dead person’s buried remains are an austere sign of death. The pride of life that the living demonstrate toward their dead loved ones should be rebuked. In a manner that expresses a lack of humility, it exemplifies a spirit of pride.


Spiritual death of worldly people

The spiritual death of worldly people is the separation of soul from body. Adam sinned and he died spiritually – the wages of sin is death on earth. Physical death does not immediately occur, but it will follow for all those who die in sin. Adam’s separation from God began when he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve had become different beings from God, and because they had not responded to God’s life, they were spiritually dead.

The physical body is an arrangement of matter in which the soul dwells for a period of time. It is prone to damage and decay, and eventually it may even be burnt to ashes. It is an empty shell that cannot sustain the soul, but the real you is eternal and sustained by God’s power. That’s why it is necessary to understand the separation between the soul and the body. The separation between soul and body is not only spiritual, but physical death is also the result of sin.

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The devil is a spirit of disobedience, as Paul says. According to Paul, death is the punishment for sin, and it cannot be a just desert. It can only be a punishment for sin, but it cannot be the just desert that everyone deserves. It’s just as absurd to say that you can live forever with no regrets, even if you didn’t live a perfect life.

Spiritually dead people don’t love God and are unrepentant about what they don’t know. They do good things, but they do them because they want to please themselves. They may appear good on the outside, but they are not motivated by a desire to honor God. Even though they may be very beautiful on the outside, they are still filled with death. The Bible teaches that there is no need to feel sorry for someone who is spiritually dead.

The word world is used 186 times in the Greek New Testament. It carries a negative connotation, and it is closely connected with the word “age.” The word translated “world” refers to the evil age we are living in today. People without Christ are captives to the social and value system of this age, and they are willing slaves to post-Christian values and pop culture. They are spiritually dead, as they are slaves to man-centered religious fads.