John 10:10 Meaning of Be Strong And Courageous

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 John 10:10, Be Strong And Courageous … The Main Requirement Of Conquest

As Christians, it is not uncommon for us to often wonder. What is the key to living a life of blessing and victory, beyond having accepted Jesus? … And the truth is that there are many that we must change; if we really aspire to the abundant life that Jesus conquered and that the Bible promises and narrates in John 10:10 … ” Be strong and courageous” was the main instruction and command that God gave to Joshua in ancient times. And what would we do well to meditate to know its implications and impact in depth.

The Bible narrates in the book of Joshua, that Moses had already died. He had led and led the people of Israel forty years on a hard pilgrimage in the desert; And now Josué was his successor, a considerably younger man; although also quite experienced in leadership matters from having served Moses diligently for so many years.

Many who had left Egypt had died on that journey; since not few times the town had revolted and obstinate during that way. They had murmured about God and Moses many times and with this, a large part of them had sealed their fate … Those who were now willing to conquer were the offspring of those who died as a result of their stubbornness and rebellion as God had determined by his bad heart … see Numbers 14: 28-35.

be strong and brave
John 10:10

Now Joshua is about to cross the Jordan in the direction of the promised land. He finds himself waiting for instructions from God regarding what he would have to do to enter that place … surely with the same mixture of uncertainty and expectation that often seizes us when we are faced with a true challenge of Faith … something that we know that in our natural strength we will not be able to solve.

It is then that the mandate of God comes so essential and firm; 2 indispensable conditions that Josué should fulfill throughout his life to achieve the conquest of the promised land … Be strong and brave, says God.

Why does God allow me to suffer: it is one of the facets of life.

Be strong and brave and you will see the hand of God …

Part of what God instructs Joshua directly according to the sacred scriptures says textually as follows:

“Be strong and courageous; for you will divide to this people as an inheritance the land of which I swore to their fathers that I would give it to them.

Just be strong and be very brave, to take care to do according to all the law that my servant Moses commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may be successful in all that you undertake. This book of the law will never leave your mouth, but you will meditate on it day and night, so that you may keep and do according to all that is written in it; because then you will prosper your way, and everything will turn out well for you.

Look, I command you to make an effort and be brave; do not be afraid or be dismayed, for Jehovah your God will be with you wherever you go. “Joshua 1: 6-9

Perhaps, one of the main teachings that the book of Joshua surely leaves us; is the need for real effort when we strive to achieve what God has promised. Yes, blessings have a cost, although God is almighty there is a part of the plan that depends on us.

Josué was talented and experienced, and he was also the chosen one of God for the task of conquering the promised land, however, all these realities would not make things easier for him or for the people who now followed him … The conquest that God had promised depended to a great extent on great and constant effort and great courage.

Wisdom of God

God always does his part …

Regarding God’s dealings with humanity, looking back at what happened in antiquity is usually very useful, God always supports his word; its essence and character never change. The book of Joshua is the book of the conquest, a book that tells us how God performed prominent miracles and wonders through the people of Israel under Joshua’s leadership; but it also shows us a Joshua determined to fight hand in hand with his God and to obtain his promised blessing, the conquest of the land of Canaan.

Let’s analyze two situations that the book narrates, which serve as an example of courage and effort on the part of Josué and the people.

Effort and courage when crossing the Jordan.

In chapters 3 and 4 of Joshua, we see how the indescribable power of the true God stops the very strong and overflowing Jordan River for the people to cross dry. “But” this did not happen without the priests of God carrying the ark of the covenant on their shoulders “doing their part” and preparing to cross the river in a determined and courageous act of faith under the orders of God and Joshua. ..

They had to take a step towards the waters when they still did not stop … They had to obey God when it represented an imminent risk to their lives, this was the act that demonstrated their trust and absolute faith in Almighty God; (Joshua 3: 13-18) Faced with such an event, God’s part was to perform the promised miracle and stop the waters of the Jordan …

The people also had to strive and prepare to cross the Jordan, they had to be brave not to stop or retreat from the stopped waters of that rushing river while the priests remained there, standing in the middle of the river.

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Effort and courage in taking Jericho.

The Bible also tells us how God worked wonders in the miraculous taking of Jericho (Joshua chapter 6). Jericho was a fortified city, which as recorded by Joshua 6: 1 “was closed, tightly closed because of the children of Israel.” A city whose enormous walls seemed impossible to cross; Before which all that the Israelites could do to bring them down in the natural would surely prove useless; however, it would not be so if they used a God-given strategy.

In summary Under the direction of God and Joshua, the people marched for a week around that city, taking care to do all the things as God had ordered them, and what was the result? The imposing wall fell just as God predicted, and after that, they had to bravely climb (Joshua 6: 5) to conquer that city.

Could God have killed all the inhabitants of Jericho before the city walls fell? Yes … God could also knock down the walls without the need for them to be surrounded for seven days; However, it was not like that … An act of obedience was required to see the miracle that God wanted to do, the effort to march around the city was decisive and the act of courage to go up to fight when the walls fell was essential to conquer it.

Keys to Enjoying the Grace of God

We must do our part …

God always does his part when it comes to blessing us with great conquests, but we must understand that as in the case of Josué we must do ours … It is not just about praying and waiting, you have to be brave and strive, go out and conquer. Disheartened efforts must be put aside; to give rise to a true passion for what God puts in front of us; for what we must conquer.

God is almighty to do things without us. He can as the Bible sometimes records and points out; fight a war alone, and destroy an entire army without any human intervention. (2 Kings 19:35, Isaiah 37:36, 2 Chronicles 20: 17-24).

However, he wants to share with us his work. He “predestined good works” for us to walk in them (Ephesians 2:10); He wants and wants us to execute them. The effort is inevitable, courage is indispensable; If we want to conquer all that God has for our lives, those are two of the main ingredients.

Rest assured that God will do his part. Just try your best and be very brave to serve and honor Him and you will see the hand of God honor you