Jesus Restores Broken Hearts Meaning and Explanation

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A Detailed bible study on how Jesus Restores Broken Hearts

God does not collect our broken pieces to throw them away, but to repair us! that is why there is this famous phrase: ” Jesus restores broken hearts ”

In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 4, verse 18, Jesus tells us that: ” God the Father sent him to heal the brokenhearted .” In fact, his will is to repair our lives, to rebuild us, to build something new on our own ruins, because he loves us and cannot bear to see us desolate.

Sin has demolished everything in us, it has broken us, but now God is fixing us and it is a wonderful grace that we can experience right now by coming to him as we are.

  • “The sacrifices that please God are a broken spirit; Oh God! You do not despise a contrite and humbled heart. »Psalm 51.19

Here we will show you in the light of the bible what the phrase means: ” Jesus restores broken hearts ”

How Jesus restores broken hearts

The good news of the gospel is that the Lord never rejects or despises or despises people with broken hearts, accepts them in his presence and hears them hear their cry, and responds to them. Comes to your aid immediately.

Why do I need the Holy Spirit

Today we can approach him with our burdens, worries, pains, and worries and ask for his help. He will act because he loves us as his children.

  • Psalm 121.1-2: “I lift up my eyes to the mountains. Where will my help come from? Help comes from the Lord … “

This is also true for us today.

  • Another encouraging text,  Psalm 34.19: “The Lord is near to the broken in heart, and saves the depressed in spirit.”

This verse reassures us about the closeness of the Lord to those who are in such suffering. It does not disappoint them, nor does it abandon them, as it saves them. It must be added that the Lord sees everything that concerns us and that does not leave him indifferent.

  • And then, here is  Psalm 147.3: “He heals the brokenhearted and heals their wounds.”

To heal wounds, time, and daily care is needed and this prompts me to say that God’s work is done day after day in our lives, in our hearts, and in the depths.

The Lord cleanses wounds, and heals them, yes, He takes time for us. Let us know that you are listening to us because you are a faithful and loving friend who takes time for our deep inner needs.

  • Finally,  Isaiah 57.15: “For thus says the Most High, whose dwelling place is eternal, and whose name is Holy: I dwell in high places and in holiness; but I am with the contrite and humbled, to rekindle humiliated spirits, to rekindle contrite hearts ”.

Jesus restores broken hearts by allowing him to enter our lives

Despite his greatness and holiness, God condescends to approach the little, the wretched, the wounded, the contrite, the broken. Today it takes us time if we suffer deeply. Therefore, the promise of the Lord is to be with the man who suffers. I also underline the verb ” revive ” which is very strong. It re-encourages, restores life, strength, courage. He gets people back on their feet.

  • It is good to review these things in our hearts now, to live them, and experience them concretely.

Jesus invites those who are tired and burdened to come closer to him, to put their burden at his feet, to truly rest and receive liberation, liberation, inner healing, amen.

You can come to the feet of Jesus now, to meet him, tell him what is wrong, experience his love and receive peace of heart, amen!

know if you are born again

Jesus restores broken and broken hearts. You want to heal yours …

As a man, we have our own problems and our own mountains to climb. We have to face our own failures and their consequences. Things are even more difficult when you are a pastor.

The problems of others can easily become embedded in the fabric of your life because you love people and want to see them live a full life according to God.

  • “The Spirit of the Lord is on me. Yes, he chose me to bring the Good News to the poor. He sent me to announce to the prisoners: They are free! and to the blind: they will see clearly again! He sent me to free those who cannot defend themselves, to announce: This is the year you will see the goodness of the Lord! ”. ( Luke 4.18-19 PDV )

Every day that God does it, you must trust this passage … even though sometimes I can’t do it at all.

I hear God say to me: “I am sending you to heal the broken heart!”

That is why even when we have to think that we are not wrong, we do everything possible to make peace with the people we have hurt (and this will, unfortunately, happen again …) and we have to make sure we correct what we do.

Sometimes people refuse, but often they see that love is the only true way. Good to see relationships restored!


There is no sin too great that God cannot forgive us


True love only exists after an injury.

Forgiveness gives weight and a certain legitimacy to the love we say we have for others. This is the way Jesus restores broken hearts.

Right now, we must think of all the broken families. All those who have been devastated by a tragedy, the loss of a loved one, or a divorce …

  • Divorce is capable of afflicting a pain of extreme violence and this, for years.

In life, many of us have often met children of divorced couples. We have met divorced people and their life is not really easy. Let’s see an example:

A boy when he was young, his parents almost got divorced more than once. And his friends made him think it wasn’t too bad. But after doing some research, they admitted they all had it! “You have to deal with it,” they told him! and they said, “it is during the holidays that it is more difficult, especially at Christmas.”

For the past several years, the young man came up at Christmas praying especially for people from broken homes and dealing with the heartbreak that is divorce. Sometimes divorce is the least worst solution, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that a divorce is still very painful.

Scriptures about praying for others

How Jesus restores broken hearts in divorce

God is FOR marriage more than he is against divorce. The issue here is not whether it is right or wrong, but to accept that Jesus Christ knows that divorce hurts and that He is ALWAYS there to help … Jesus restores broken hearts!

  • In Luke 4:18, Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because I have anointed myself to preach the gospel to the poor; He sent me to heal broken hearts … “

The expression ” broken heart ” comes from the Greek word tethrasamenous. It is the perfect passive participle of thrauo. This word describes a person who has been broken or fractured by life.

It is the image of those whose lives have been continually divided and fragmented. If you also come from a divided family, this word could describe you and the broken emotions you may have as a result of the broken relationships you have experienced.

If you are going through a divorce, you probably feel fragmented. Divorce is a breakup … and according to everyone who has recounted their divorce wounds, they count it as a feeling of amputation.

But Jesus said He came to ” heal ” a broken heart! The word ” heal ” is the Greek word aphiesi, which means freedom from the damaging effects of a broken life.

  • In Spanish it is translated as ” relieve “, but in Greek, we understand the idea of ​​” a liberation from the destructive effects of breaking “.

In other words, while you may have every reason to experience and feel a break, the anointing on Jesus is more than enough to free you from its damaging effects. Even if you have already been broken by life, the anointing of the Holy Spirit has the power to RESTORE you and FREE you from all pain.

You do not have to accept becoming a slave to the past or remain in emotional chaos.

Certainly, all healing is gradual, BUT Jesus Christ wants and can act so that your heart and your life are not fragmented. Yes! It is a miracle and his grace. Even if relationships are not completely repaired, God can make them peaceful.

God’s presence in our hearts allows us to forgive and adopt an attitude that does everything possible to build and rebuild on ruins.

Let us insist:
we want to encourage you and tell you with all our heart that the anointing of Jesus is enough to free you from the suffering of this experience. You can’t happen overnight, but with God’s grace working in you, and cooperating with His grace, He can restore what the enemy wanted to destroy.

Today I encourage you to open your arms and receive God’s strengthening and restoring grace. We encourage you to forgive and not close the door of your heart. Do not give up! Do not isolate yourself … but accept the help of friends or girlfriends who love you and who will protect you, especially if they are Christians.

There is always a future in Christ. ALWAYS. There are always abundant joys in his presence. The Holy Spirit can and will heal your broken heart. Let him do it, Jesus restores broken hearts, he’s an expert.


Jesus restores broken hearts – another perspective

  • The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; for the LORD has anointed me to preach the gospel to the afflicted. He sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom to captives, and to prisoners the opening of the prison Isaiah 61: 1

What wonderful news it is to know that the Messiah, Yeshua, was sent for them, afflicted, for the broken-hearted, and for the prisoners.

Many people are under the yoke of grief, heartbreak, suffering, etc. To be convinced, just look around us: how many people need healing? How many people have been frustrated? How many people live difficult situations in their relationship, in their family? We are in a society where there is nothing but bad news.

In the face of all this, well, Jesus tells you that he is anointed to give you good news. It is true that there is only bad news, but Jesus came to share the good news. Jesus tells you that He came to heal your broken heart, He came to get you out of prison and to proclaim your freedom.

So the questions are:

  1. What prison are you in?
  2. Is it the fault?
  3. Lack of forgiveness?
  4. Jealousy?
  5. Hate?
  6. Is it a sin that you feel you can’t get rid of?
  7. What is this prison called?

The anointing of Jesus is available to bring you out of this prison and make you a free man/woman. Nothing is difficult for God. Our God has all the keys to open any type of prison!

Jesus restores broken and broken hearts

Our hearts are very fragile and many have deep wounds in their hearts. What wounds does your heart suffer? Have you been abused? Have you had a sentimental disappointment? Remember, an injured person will always tend to hurt others. And that is also why we need to be healed of all these wounds.

Let Jesus heal your heart deeply because He is the specialist in broken hearts. Tell him everything and tell him about the state of your heart. Better than anyone, only Jesus can intervene in your life and totally heal your heart. In the book of Jeremiah 8: 21-22 we are told:

  • I am broken by the pain of the daughter of my people, I am sad, terror seizes me. Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no doctor? So why is the healing of the daughter of my people not taking place?

Jesus restores broken hearts – the balm of Gilead

The balm of Gilead was a true healing plant found in Gilead, an Egyptian city. So at that time there must have been doctors in the country who were experts in preparing and applying the remedy.

In fact, Gilead’s balm treated respiratory problems! Jesus possesses the true balm of Gilead which is the symbol of his Spirit, his anointing. Get close to Him and He will apply the balm to your heart and you will be healed.

Don’t be fooled, the doctor and his depressing report can never change your heart, your parents, your spouse, your pastor, your money. No one can change your heart as Jesus does. No one can free you from this prison-like Jesus does. Cry out to Him and His anointing will heal you, Cry out to Him and He will deliver you!

Things to Be Grateful For Every Day

Final Words:

As you can see, Jesus restores hearts broken for any reason, the process will depend on you and how you let Jesus Christ act. We want to end this study with a sample sentence that we would like you to repeat.

Prayer: Father, I praise you for making me such a wonderful creature. Thank you because you came so that I have life and that I have it in abundance. I pray that your anointing descends on me and breaks all the chains that prevent me from living your freedom. Come also I beg you and heal deeply all the wounds of my heart. I believe in your power. Amen!