How To Tear Down The Wall Of Sin

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As a Christian, it is very possible to tear down the wall of sin, the post will give you the necessary steps you need to overcome any type of sin.

An undeniable truth is that we all make mistakes and we have all committed sin; sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Sometimes we believe that because no one saw us, no one is going to find out and we may think that there will be no consequences, but is this really the case?

Find out what you need to know to tear down the wall of sin.


How To Tear Down The Wall Of Sin

Repent and you will break down any barrier

Have you spoken badly or done something behind the back of a loved one? How did you feel the next time you were with him? Although he did not know what you did, you likely began to distance yourself a little because of your mistake. Perhaps you felt ashamed of what you did and as time went on it became more difficult to find a way to approach the person you hurt. The feeling of guilt did not go away.
Even when you didn’t avoid that person publicly, you did with your eyes and your heart.

You have likely shared a lot of time and experiences with that person. Now that confidence that made you feel “at home” when you were with him is gone. Perhaps they do not understand why their relationship has deteriorated, and the love they had for each other is disappearing. This is because your mistake created a barrier and you have not regretted it. The only way to recover that relationship and prevent the distance from increasing further is through heartfelt repentance.

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Be honest with God

The foundations of a human relationship are openness and honesty, and so should our relationship with God. When we sin against Him, we create a barrier between us and heaven. We may begin to stop seeking God because what we have done makes us feel unworthy. We begin to distance ourselves and become more superficial.

The barriers that we have created between God and us, keep us captive in our sins. Regularly these barriers become fortresses in which sin grows and it is very difficult to get out. Our faults keep us oppressed. Little by little, these barriers will distance us from his presence, trapping our souls in darkness.

Even so, God’s love is enough, not only to free us from our sins, but also from the negative effects that these have brought on our relationship with God. In the Bible we can see God’s promise: “Never again will I remember their sins and their transgressions” (Heb. 10:17).
Every time we ask for forgiveness from the heart, our relationship with God is restored and free again.

God offers such a broad and complete forgiveness in which he promises not to remember what we did wrong. He has put the payment for every sin when we ask for forgiveness with a repentant heart. God’s love for us is very great. As he continues to work on us and our attitudes, he gives us a way to keep our relationship with him genuine and without barriers.


You just need to pay the price

“god is so rich in grace and goodness that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his son and forgave our sins. he poured out his goodness on us along with all wisdom and understanding” (Eph. 1:7-8).

None of us was free. There were accounts against us because of sin. But Jesus made the payment of our debts with His death on the cross. The Bible says: “You were dead because of your sins and because your sinful nature had not yet been removed. Then God made them alive with Christ by forgiving all our sins. He annulled the record with the charges that were against us and removed it by nailing it to the cross.” (Col. 2:13-14)

God pays for all those things we did wrong, every bad thought, every angry word, and every bad act. All he asks of us is heartfelt repentance for our sins and a relationship with him based on honesty and openness. Jesus paid for all our sins with His blood. He set us free! He paid the price, not just for the sins we’ve committed before, but for every present sin. All your sins are forever forgiven and forgotten.

“for by that one offering he perfected forever those whom he is making holy” (Heb 10:14).

The Bible tells us: “For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ, and through him, God reconciled all things to himself. He made peace with all that exists in heaven and on earth, through the blood of Christ on the cross. That includes you, who were previously far from God. 

They were his enemies, separated from him by their evil thoughts and actions; but now he reconciled them to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and now you are holy, blameless, and can stand before him faultlessly” (Col. 1:19-22).

We were made righteous in the sight of God through faith, and we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: “But God showed great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners” (Rom. 5:8). In God’s eyes and from his perspective, we are already free from sin.
In our lives, sin now only has a temporary power. Once God begins his work in our lives, he continues it day by day, removing all the barriers that our sins have raised between him and us.

Just because God forgives our sins doesn’t mean he accepts them. He expects us to be holy. He knows that as long as there is fear to approach us, we will not be able to reach holiness because only He is Holy!  Consequently, he has forgiven us and reconciled us to himself through Jesus Christ. The sacrificial blood of Christ has paid the dues for every soul who, through repentance and faith in Jesus, sincerely seeks fellowship with God.

grace of God

Don’t forget, the Lord said, “I will not remember.”

It is difficult to understand that we have been forgiven indefinitely. You may be wondering how many times will God forgive me? The answer is as many times as you ask, as long as you have decided to follow him from the heart. But will he forgive you for the worst sin you can think of? Yes! Although you will have to live with the consequences of your mistake. But the power of God’s forgiveness is so great that He sees more things of value in your life than He claims. As for sin, if you repent deeply and sincerely, He will not only forgive you, but He will erase it from His memory.

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God is faithful

God is and has been faithful to His promise: “I will not remember their sins”. We must believe in God’s forgiveness, even though we find it hard to believe that he will. It says in the Bible “He has borne our sins as far from us as the east is from the west” (Ps. 103:12).

When we do not accept the total and perfect forgiveness of God, we will be carrying guilt and limitations that will keep us imprisoned and will gradually distance us from God. In the Bible it says: “I, I am the one who blots out your rebellions for my own sake, and I will remember your sins no more” (Is. 43:25). God is so great and his love is so wonderful towards us that he paid through his only son for our sins. God is our savior!

Do not let another day go by, forgive those who have offended you, seek God’s forgiveness wholeheartedly and with genuine repentance for each of your sins. He will forgive each of your debts and will remember them no more.
He has already set the way for us to approach Him, living in Holiness you will achieve a free relationship with the grace of God.