8 Ways to overcome sin and drive the devil away from you

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How to overcome sin and drive the devil away from you, on this post are the powerful steps.

A life of regular prayer. 

A Christian who does not pray is vulnerable to the world of darkness. Prayer is the fuel of the Christian. I would say an offensive and defensive weapon. If you think you can afford to pray just five minutes a day, or go to work or school without praying, the devil is going to slaughter you!

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Come out of ignorance! 

It is not just a matter of reading the Bible daily, because you can read it without understanding it. Lately, I was reading the testimony of a sister who said that she read the Bible every day, and that she prayed daily; she went to church every Sunday, but her life didn’t change. She still had the same problems and sentimentally her life was a disaster. You need a rhema, which is the revelation behind the Word. It is not reading the Bible that will change your life, but having the rhema.

This word that you will have meditated on and understood, you will then be able to practice. Because if you don’t understand the Word, you can’t obey. One of the worst thing is spiritual blindness. Sin and pride are sources of spiritual blindness. That is why you must seek to be delivered from it.

Often Christians accuse the devil of being responsible for some of their recurring sin issues; but in reality the devil has nothing to do with it. It’s because of your ignorance! The devil only intervenes afterwards to better chain you. He’s just using what was already there to bind you.

John 8:32,  You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. “

Do not seek to be delivered from demons; seek to be delivered from sin and demons will go away.

Nowadays, there are many Christians in the churches who are chasing deliverance but they do not want to come out of sin.
If you want to drive flies out of your house, remove what attracts them and they will go away. Because sin is the gateway for demons. There is no point in being delivered so that you fall back into the same sin (See Luke 11: 24-26).

How to overcome sin and drive the devil away from you

Wisdom of God

Fill your house!

Demons desire to return to a body they once possessed. This is why you must seek to fill your house, that is to say the temple that you are. How? ‘Or’ What ? By practicing the Word, obedience, your time of consecration, etc. In this way, the demons will not be able to return to their old home, because it will already be occupied by the Holy Spirit.

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By faith .

When you face a temptation, you must use the Word of God to confuse Satan, as Jesus did in the wilderness. You must find a word on which to lean in order to counter the onslaught of the enemy. You must believe in this word; make one with this word, in order to come out victorious from temptation (See 1 John 5: 4). Know that this word which you will be imbued with, will always be stronger than the assaults of the enemy (See 1 John 4: 4).

So if you rarely meditate on the Word or once in a while, when a trial falls on you and you fall, avoid accusing God!

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By will. 

Indeed, if you have made a firm decision to renounce this sin, the Holy Spirit will help you. If you love this sin and don’t want to get out of it, who is going to force you to? God is not going to deliver you from what you love. God in His love, will call you to repentance, for He does not want His child to perish. But by dint of resistance from you, He will eventually shut up and withdraw. The life of sin is the only thing that can separate you from God for eternity.

The power of the Spirit and the importance of regeneration. 

You need the power of the Holy Spirit to counter the power of sin in your life. Indeed, without Him we can do nothing (See John 15: 5). You cannot lead a life of sanctification without His help. If you want to end the reign of sin in your life, ask the Holy Spirit for His power.

Second, I will talk about the importance of the baptism of regeneration. In short, I would say that regeneration will allow you to no longer think and act like a pagan, but to function as a child of God from now on. For this, you need to be renewed in your thoughts, as Romans 12: 2 tells us. If you are young in the faith, make sure you have passed this stage.


The influence of a Christocentric life .

Christ must become your main passion. May there be nothing more important to you than being in the presence of God. Jesus must be more important to you than your desire to get married, for example, or your job, etc. If this is not your case yet, draw near to the Lord and seek to know Him.

The devastating effects of sin on your whole being .

To finish, I will speak about the devastating effects of the sin in particular that of the fornication, since it defiles the whole being. The apostle Paul advises us to flee from him (see 1 Corinthians 6:18). I will speak more specifically of pornography. Unfortunately, this is something that we find everywhere: on TV, internet, newspapers and even billboards.

What you need to know about this soul destroying sin is that in addition to destroying your soul, it also destroys your brain. Indeed, scientists have discovered, after several tests, that pornography deteriorates and shrinks the right lobe of the brain. It creates a real rewiring of the brain. A bit like when you make an indelible furrow in wood. In other words, pornography changes your thoughts to fix them only on sex.

The devil knew what he was doing when he made it. It is not for nothing that he is called the Evil One. There are also some verses in the Bible that prove what I am saying (See Jeremiah 17: 1, Jeremiah 6:29).

But by cutting through this practice, the pathways that have been traced in your brain will eventually disappear. But it can take a long time, even several years.

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I explain in another article, how to overcome these bad thoughts . Other sins such as adultery, homosexuality and prostitution are not without consequences on the body.

Maybe when you read me, you say to yourself: If only I had known. Yes, but now it’s too late! Fortunately Christ died on the cross. Know that the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to make all sinful practices disappear from your life.

Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. 

Conclusion prayer: 
Father, I recognize my sin and I ask for your forgiveness. I ask You to take anything out of my life that doesn’t glorify You. To help me restore my soul and my body destroyed by sin. Amen .