How To Locate Your Birth Place For Greatness

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What are the step to greatness, are you destined for greatness?

Every child of God is destined for greatness. Although We are born for greatness, every great act starts with an idea and ideas are generated through thoughts.

How To Locate Your Birth Place For Greatness

How does one locate the birth place for greatness?
According to Ronald Holland, a yatch designer, solitude is the nurse of wisdom.
If you want to enhance the quality of your thoughts, you must have a vibrant thought life; if you want to have a vibrant thought life, you must learn to lead a quiet life. Your thoughts are the engines for great ideas. Many great inventions were birthed in quietness and solitude.
We live in an era of social hype and connections and if care is not taken, some people will drown their creativity and ingenuity in the sea of business activities. You were created as an original and you have something to deliver to the world; don’t t kill your genius with distractions.

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Silence, stillness and solitude are tools used by God to birth wisdom. There are moments when I am alone and at such times of peace, I receive instructions. A lot of the instructions I have received from God have come, when I am alone and away from distractions. In the Bible , the first man to be created ( Adam ) spent time with God in the cool of the day ( when activities are winding down). God values quiet.

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You are meant for greatness but learn to quiet and concentrate, Isaiah 30:15 says, “in quietness and confidence shall be your strength” One of the best ways to build your mental capacity is to create your moments of solitude. Have moments of solitude, when you step back from your daily activities and stay quiet – brooding, thinking, and evaluating yourself. Moments like these encourage the birth of greatness. Enriching ideas will begin to flow. Some people have such moments at set times during the day.
Melinda Gates ( wife of Bill Gates and cofounder – Bill and Melinda Gates foundation) said this about silence “I try to take time in silence every day normally early in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up, I often will do a journal and then sit in silence or prayer”

When you cultivate the habit of silence , you pave the way for ideas and strategies to flow from the throne of God towards you. Suddenly, you will know the next step to take, where to go, what not to do, etc. Learn to be quiet and do your business and you will see that the quality of your ministry, career and business will be enhanced.

Greatness doesn’t just land on persons with out focus, Jesus had moments, when He separated Himself and went to stay on a hill or mountain just to get away from the multitude. Multitude here may represent the many things that clamour for your attention daily.
I am not advocating that you run away from them, only find moments when you can shut out the “multitude” and commit quality time to thinking and praying. As you do so, you will discover that you will begin to generate the ideas you need to move your life to the next level. Such thoughts will drive a new energy in you and propel you forward. I pray that as you find your moments of solitude, God will open up to you ideas that will move your life forward. When those ideas do com, be sure to get up and act fast.
With that said, every one is ordained for greatness but know that it takes Silence, stillness and solitude to locate the birth place for greatness.

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