Faith of a mustard seed meaning

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Here is a detailed explanation to the statement, Faith of a mustard seed

Faith is so essential to the life of a Christian that the Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to be pleasing to God.  Yet faith is a great gift from God.
 Christ was telling his disciples that if they had even a little faith, the size of a mustard seed, they could move mountains. So what does it mean to have “faith like a mustard seed”?

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The phrase “faith as a mustard seed” occurs twice in the Bible. First, in Matthew 17: 14–20, we see Christ’s followers unable to cast out a demon from a young boy, even though Jesus had previously given them the authority to do so.

When they asked Jesus why they had failed to cast out the demon, the Master replied, “Because you have little faith. Really, I assure you, if you had any faith, even if it was no bigger than a mustard seed, you could command this mountain: ‘Move from here to there, and she would. Nothing would be impossible for you. ”
Then, in Luke 17: 6, Jesus said to his disciples: “If you really had faith, even as small as a mustard seed, you could command that mulberry tree: ‘Pull up your roots from the ground and go and plant yourself in it.
the sea, ‘and he would obey you. In the Tiny Mustard Seed example, Jesus uses a metaphor to describe the tremendous power of God being released into the lives of those who truly have faith.

We know that this sentence, which talks about moving mountains and uprooting trees, should not be taken literally. The key to understanding these passages is found in the nature of faith, which is a gift from God. The power of faith is a reflection of the omnipotent nature of God who grants faith to His children. The mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds that can be found in the Middle East, so one can logically conclude that the measure of faith needed to achieve great things is very small. As in the parable of the mustard seed, Jesus uses the rhetorical process of hyperbole to argue that a little is a lot when it comes to God.
In the parable, the mustard seed grew into a tree, which symbolizes the humble beginnings of Christianity, when the first disciples began to proclaim and teach the gospel.
In the centuries that followed, the kingdom grew to reach considerable proportions and eventually spread over the whole earth.

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The potential of a seed

Unfortunately, most modern translations of the gospel translate this passage as “of faith no bigger, or as small, as a mustard seed”, but in fact, the Bible says that the kingdom of God and faith are “like a mustard seed”.

The small size of a mustard seed is just one characteristic, and not necessarily the most important.

Mustard is a fast-growing annual plant that can reach several feet in height in just a few months. It was the smallest seed that the Jews planted in their garden; that is why it was called the smallest seed. But once it grew, it became the tallest plant in their garden.

The mustard seed is the perfect illustration of the tremendous potential of a seed.
At first, it is a tiny, insignificant little thing, but very soon the seed grows into something beneficial to others.


Now let’s take a look at some characteristics of the seeds, besides the fact that they are very small. A seed is useless until it is planted. Jesus seemed to say that it is by speaking that we plant our faith: “If you had faith like a mustard seed, you would say…. “. So, to have faith like a mustard seed, you have to speak words. Our best option is to say what God has said in his Word.


A seed is even able to move rocks or other obstacles, but this is not an instant process. A seed does not move obstacles by an explosion, but by a continual expansion of its growth which causes it to exert constant outward and upward pressure. As the seed turns into a plant, it draws its nourishment from its source and thus continues to grow and strengthen itself, pushing obstacles out of its way.


No seed is ever affected by the action of other seeds. Even if other seeds die, she tirelessly continues her work. The seeds are persistent, they never give up. Only death can stop their growth and fruit production. This is arguably the most important characteristic of a mustard seed – it never gives up! – An excerpt from

Spiritual Meaning of Prayer

How to have faith like a mustard seed

Jesus takes the example of a mustard seed to illustrate the kind of faith we should have, for the little mustard seed grows into something much larger than its original size. In other words, our faith is destined to grow… tremendously.

Initially, our introduction to the concept of faith is small. It is a faith that is born and developed by hearing and believing the Word of God. But then the only way for our faith to grow is to use it. …. A faith like a mustard seed which does not just stay small, but which buries itself in the soil of the Word of God to take root there and which does not stop growing, again and again


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A mustard seed that moves mountains

The Bible is full of examples of the importance of little things. A small stone made a giant fall; a small haircut almost caused the loss of the kingdom; a small meal cost the life of a prophet; a small manger changed the destiny of all mankind; a small arrangement caused the death of the Savior so that a tiny mustard seed could move mountains! I wonder how many mountains have not been moved for lack of having this little seed of faith!


The Bible tells us to “not despise the day of small beginnings. “ even a single talent; five loaves of bread and two small poisons; a bad decision in the Garden of Eden; a small boat in a planetary deluge; a small tower of Babel, which has caused worldwide confusion to this day and countless wars between the nations of the earth; a little promise made to Abraham, which brought blessings to the whole world: a little man on a mountain, who transmitted the moral laws of God to all the earth; a little boy in a sheepfold, who became king and helped to change the course of history; a small measure of flour and a few drops of oil, mixed with obedience, which enabled the prophet of God, his hostess, and his son to survive three years of famine.


History abounds with examples of the importance of little things, both good and bad. They are innumerable. Small drops of water and small grains of sand make a huge ocean and magnificent land.

And even a little faith, no bigger than a mustard seed, can move mountains. Do not think that because there is so much darkness, there is no point in having even a little bit of light! When it is very dark, you can see the glow of a small candle over a mile away. – David Brandt Berg