Meaning of Decree and Declare and how to do it

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What Is A Biblical Decree and how can one go about it? Find out more details in this article.

From the religious point of view, a biblical decree is a resolution or purpose established according to the wisdom of God, in which, given all his power, knowledge and love to his creations, he establishes something as certain, executing it in such a way.

Currently, many people have acquired the habit of decreeing things in the name of God, to give greater strength to their requests and that the Father listen to their pleas and intercede for them to satisfy all their ambitions or needs, trying to overcome this over the will of God in a vain way.

In this sense, it is important to identify in the gospel of God what a biblical decree is and how to do it according to the ordinances taught by Jesus, if you correctly raise your pleas or desires, you could have God’s support and an answer according to your needs.


Decree biblical meaning

The decrees according to the biblical meaning, are all those dispositions that God has given us based on his knowledge, in this way, a decree is a resolution given by the Lord analyzing its consequences, its purposes, scope and ways of executing, interceding in this way. a way for an event to occur.

In this way, it can be affirmed that everything that happens in the environment is the work and creation of Almighty God, who has decreed these actions with a given purpose. However, despite that, the Father cannot be blamed for the sins committed by man, even though he knew they were going to happen, he agreed with a given purpose, be it man’s learning or the result of actions. God knows everything that will happen to his creations.


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6 Characteristics of a biblical decree

According to the biblical studies of the gospel, the qualities possessed by God’s decrees can be known according to the word of Jesus, his son.

  1. God’s decrees are correct

For God, all actions decreed by are carefully planned and studied, avoiding any possibility of error or accident in decision making. Everything that happens on earth is marked by the perfection of God and has a well-founded purpose, whether it is to reward or reprimand the actions of his creations.

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God has the ability to devise wise and perfect decisions, his perfection should never be questioned, and he would not make wrong decisions.

  1. God’s Decrees Reflect His Will

For God there are no limits that restrict his actions, he is the Lord and creator of everything that exists and has the power to execute his word according to his will and wisdom. There is nothing that God cannot do, nor anyone that can contain his decisions, he is almighty.

  1. Everything that exists has been decreed according to the will of God

God, in his capacity as the creator of man and everything related to them, has decreed from his wisdom everything conceived, either directly or allowing the interception of other factors that can cause an action, be it a blessing or a misfortune.

God has determined all the things that happen on earth, be it the birth of a person or his death, as well as diseases and phenomena that may threaten his creations, everything that exists occurs according to God’s purposes.

  1. The author of sins is not God, man is responsible for his actions

Although many men tend to relate the decrees of God with their sinful actions, God is not the author of the faults committed by man, although he organizes everything that happens around his creations, they will act under their own temptation.

“When man is tempted to sin, he should not think that he is being tempted by the hand of God, because God is not tempted to sin nor does he need to tempt man. He is tempted by his evil thoughts that lure him away and entice him to sin” (James 1:13-14).

  1. Although everything is decreed, preaching is still necessary

Despite many mistakenly believing that since everything is already decreed, it is not necessary to preach, this is so. God’s decrees do not subtract meaning from prayer, he knows what your actions will be when making his decisions, if you pray with your heart he will help you with your pleas. If you ask with faith, sooner or later God will give you what you want – if it’s really convenient for you – just don’t stop believing in him.

  1. The decrees of God are unalterable

God, at the moment of carrying out his decrees, analyzed and planned them according to his wisdom and power, his will being unalterable. He has already foreseen all the actions of men and, accordingly, has developed his plans according to his commandments.

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You must not blame the Father or the Son for things that may happen to you that, from your point of view, are not favourable. All God’s decisions are unalterable and have a purpose and support.

I declare and decree is biblical

biblical decree

Declaring, from the biblical point of view, consists of exposing or making known a fact or event, including the Word of God, without manipulating its content for personal purposes. Declaring is correct when the commandments or ordinances of God are not affected, that is, the information that is sought to be explained is not altered, avoiding personal comments that could change its meaning.

In this way, by making comments such as “God says”, “Jesus expresses”, “the Bible points out”, and “according to the gospel”, you will be making statements that, if not manipulated, will have the approval of God.

On the other hand, although many men consider that decreeing is wrong or not, personal decrees have no support in the Bible, which uses these definitions to refer only to the mandates of God, the Roman emperor in relation to the sentences on Jerusalem and the enactments of the Jews.

For the Holy Bible, the word decree refers mainly to the “Commandments of God”, without reflecting any sustenance or power over their use for personal purposes. For this reason, it is considered inappropriate to make decrees under personal judgment because everything has already been decreed by God – including spiritual and material orders – since any human ordinance cannot violate the decrees established by God.

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The biblical example of decree

Although decreeing in a personal way is not entirely biblical, this can be done to support the word of God as long as it is not altered or contradicts his wishes defined in his commandments and plans for his creations.

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God has previously decreed everything that has happened or will happen around his creations, among these decrees are the creation of the universe and all forms of life (Genesis 1-2), the seasons of the year (Genesis 8:22), the demarcations of the regions and the areas of residence of man (Acts 17.26), the time of life of man (Job 14:5) and the rulers of the nations (Romans 13:1; Daniel 4_34-35).

On the other hand, declaring can help reinforce the word of God, as long as this action is based on his words and principles. Do not declare something that goes against the will of God or reflects negative feelings.

Examples of substantiated statements include:

  • According to John 17:20-21, Jesus says, “I ask not only for them, but for all those who have faith in me when they hear the message. I ask you all to be united, as God is united to me and to you, they must unite with us so that the world can see that you sent me».
  • According to Genesis 21:22 “God is with you in everything you do.”

In this way, the word of God and its ordinances are declared, without manipulating or altering the information supported in the Holy Bible.

Examples of unsubstantiated statements include:

  • I declare that God will free me from my economic problems and I will soon find a stable job.
  • I decree this day full of happiness, health, prosperity and harmony.

These types of statements are not recommended because God has not sent us to proclaim personal desires, but to bear witness to his word. If he deems it necessary to fulfil those wishes, he will decree it.

Many of the mistakes that man makes when declaring or decreeing something in his prayers or pleas are due to personal desires that manipulate information seeking to satisfy individual desires and in some cases violate the will of God. If he is going to decree or declare something, he does not manipulate the information and only reliably testifies to the gospel and the word of God.