Daily midnight prayer point for Protection

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It’s very dangerous to sleep at night without having a word with the Maker. This brings us to daily midnight prayer point for protection. It’s only God who watches over us. Prayer grants us access to divine protection.

It’s God who watches over his children, he never sleeps nor slumbers.
Also, It is essential to begin your day with prayer, but it is equally important to end it with prayers.

A popular Christian song has a part that says, “Jesus began with prayer and ended in prayer. Prayer is its master key.” Jesus began and ended his days with prayer.

He prayed throughout his life, and he also encouraged his disciples to keep praying.
This article will cover several midnight prayers that provide protection.

God promises that He will answer our prayers when we call upon Him. We all depend on God to provide protection. Jesus Christ is our ultimate protector.


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He can protect us from the dangers of the fowlers and the pestilence, as He promised in Chapter 91 of the Book of Psalms.
It is God’s grace that protects us when we leave for work and return home. We don’t believe that it is our fault. We ask God for His protection when we ask.

The ultimate protection is God’s protection. It is more powerful and effective than any other form of human security.
God’s protection surpasses all technology, security personnel, and cameras gadgets.
These human interventions are limited in their ability to provide protection. We can ask God for protection. But, God will give us other-worldly protection.

If you’re looking for powerful night prayers to invoke God for protection, then you have come to the right place. We will share some great night prayers to pray for God’s protection in this article.

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12 Daily midnight prayer for divine protection

These prayer points can be used for yourself, your family, or friends. Let’s look at the daily midnight prayer points for protection.

12 Powerful Midnight Prayers for protection

1. Lord, as I prepare to fall asleep tonight, I pray for your divine protection. Protect my family and me tonight from all evil forces. Your shield will protect me fully now and forever. I beg you to stop the devil’s agents from causing harm to my loved ones or me. in Jesus name. Amen

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2. Lord, my God! You protected me throughout my journey to find my daily bread and my return home from work. My Everlasting Father, I pray for your protection all my days. in jesus name, Amen.

3. Heavenly Father, I ask that you keep protecting me. Never abandon me in the hands of Satan. Protect me, guide and shield me in difficult times. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

4. Lord, I make demands on Your preservation power upon my life and destiny. Help me to do all I must do as mentioned above to secure Divine protection on my life Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

5. Heavenly Father, I bless your name. Please hear my plea, O Lord. I turn to you tonight for divine protection. Protect my family and me wherever they are located in the world. Please guide us. Your power of protection may be upon our lives. Protect us from Satan’s evil schemes and keep us safe. Amen.

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6. Jesus Christ, I am grateful for all your protection in my life. Lord, I am thankful for the protection that you have provided me. This is my way to ask for more divine protection in my life. Your defense has been there in the past. Lord Jesus, please continue to protect me.

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7. Glorious God, Prince-of-Peace, the Ultimate Protector, I come to you to ask for your protection today. I’m on my knees, Lord, asking for divine protection. Protect my family and i against all evil pestilences and plans of Lucifer. It would be best to make the Lucifer devices ineffective when they try to harm me or my family members. in Jesus’ name, amen.

8. Be my shield and buckler tonight as I go to bed. God of unrivaled protection and divine protection, please send your divine protection umbrella to protect me now and every day after that. I do not want to become a victim of bad luck, accidents, or Satan’s evil schemes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

9. Father, in the name of Jesus, protect me from evil plots by Satan and his agents.
Jesus Christ, my Redeemer. You are the one who has stood by me through all my adversities. Please protect me, Lord Jesus. Your protection will always surround me and my family. Your protection is supreme and divine. It will make all evil people flee from me. O Lord, my father, grant me your divine protection. Amen.

10. Father, you are the strongest wing that shelters my family and me from storms. We feel secure because of your strength and protection. Your capable hands are my family and mine. Protect my spouse and my children from any storms that could threaten them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

11. Father, in the name of Jesus, protect me tonight, as I have finished today. Your angels of protection, please send their protection and grace over me. Protect me as I begin a new day tomorrow. Your goodness and mercy will follow me everywhere—your heavenly protection grant unto me and my family,

12. O God. Let us be strong through Your protection. Let us also find understanding in Your strength. Let us seek knowledge through Your wisdom. In Jesus’ name, may Your protection continue to protect my loved ones and me. Amen.

I believe in You, Lord. Jesus, keep my marriage safe from any storms the devil may throw at it. Give my spouse and me the strength and grace to continue being happy. Jesus Christ is our friend and our most fantastic comforter. Life can be scary at times, but God promises us through the Bible that He will be our strength and our shield under challenging times. We should therefore trust Him to keep His word and protect us.

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