7 Powerful prayer for future husband

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Prayer for future husbands is good to consider before coming into a dating relationship. there are ways to be a good spouse. Marriage is a beautiful gift from the Lord. It is one of the first gifts to man, as seen in the Garden of Eden when God makes a wife for Adam.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse is intercession and prayer over them, even before you know One another. For God knows the detailed specifics of his life, and when you lift him up in prayer, you are coming before the One Who has the actual ability and power to make a difference in his life.

7 Powerful prayer for a future husband

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Pray these specific and heartfelt prayers over your future husband today, and invite the Holy Spirit to prepare you to be a wife and your future husband to be the man he is called to be.

1. Prayers for His Walk with God

Father God,
     I come before you today to pray for my husband to be. Lord, may his walk with You be abundantly blessed. Father, I pray relationship with You is his top priority, and may his first love always be You. Lord, I pray that becoming closer to You is not a chore or something to check off a list, but a sincere joy in coming to intimately and personally know Your heart. May his heart hunger for more of You and less of this world, and may he grow as he learns what it means to be a Christ-follower in every facet of life. Lord, I pray he lives so that it is evident to others he is different and that the difference is Your Light within him. May he be a man after Your heart in every way.

          In Jesus Name,  Amen

2. Prayers for His Dreams

Father God,
     I come before You to pray for my future spouse in his dreams and ambitions. Lord, You are so good in how You distinctly made our dream and to have passions to pursue. Lord, give him the ability to live out and run after the ambitions You have nurtured in his heart. May doors open in such a way that He knows it could only be You orchestrating it all behind the scenes. Work through him and help him to feel Your Holy Spirit within him as he performs the tasks ahead of him. May he be Your vessel here on earth as the dreams You planted in his heart yield fruit for the world to see. In Jesus Name,  Amen

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3. Prayers for His Relationships

Father God,
     I pray for the relationships my husband-to-be has with his family and friends. Lord, we know that relationships foster community and that they are vitally important to the Body of Christ as a whole. I pray his relationships with his parents are healthy, supportive, and loving. Lord, I know I will join his family and become family to his parents one day, so I pray a blessing over them today. I pray they know I already love them and hope so dearly to be a daughter to them both. I pray for my husband’s relationships with his friends. May godly men surround him, encourage him, and challenge him. I pray they help to keep him accountable and inspire him to pursue a godly lifestyle. May the community he has helped him grow, and Lord, if a single person is stunting that growth or pulling him down, I pray You would gently remove that person so that my husband can live to his full potential through You.   In Jesus Name,  Amen


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4. Prayers for Spiritual and Mental Health

Lord God,
     I come before You to pray for my future partner’s mental and spiritual health. Lord, especially when we live here on earth, things can so easily pull us down, invoke feelings of hopelessness, and oftentimes depression becomes a pit we fall into. I pray that if this is the case for my husband, you would be the one to extend a hand to him to pull him out. I pray Your Spirit pours upon him with feelings of peace, love, and worth. May he spiritually grow stronger with You in the process. I pray the attacks and ploys of the enemy would be shut down in Jesus’ Holy Name so that he may live in the abundant clarify and freedom that can only be born of Your Spirit. In Jesus Name,  Amen

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5. Prayers for His Character

Lord God,
     I pray for his integrity, honor, and character. May he have a moral code established within his heart that is refined and defined by You. I pray he would have a teachable heart and spirit, so if You had a place for growth within him, he would be willing and eager to submit to Your shaping. Help him to be a man that if anyone ever spoke a word against him, no one would believe it for others would know he is a man of dignity. Thank You for the man he is becoming. In Jesus Name,  Amen


6. Prayers for a Godly Mission

Father God,
     I pray that my future husband would have a Godly mission and Kingdom mindset. That he would not merely think of how his actions or choices would impact his own life, but how he can be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God through his own life. I pray he would seek You in how he can operate as a Godly man in his workplace, in his relationships with others, and in our world. Lord, inspire within him a mission not just for his life but also for generations to come. May his mind, heart, and drive be for the Kingdom of God, not the Kingdoms of Man.   In Jesus Name,  Amen


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7. Prayers for Preparation to Become a Husband

Father God,
     I pray that you prepare my man to become a husband. I know You are working on me as I prepare to become a wife to this nobleman of honor, but I pray for him as he prepares for me too. Help him step into the role You have for him, but help him to do so confidently. My prayer is that he would know his worth comes from You and You alone and that he would not question or doubt all You have prepared for him. I thank You that I will one day be partnered with him and be his rib and teammate. Help us become the people we need to be in order to live out the callings You have for us together. Thank You for taking the intentional time to make us ready. In Jesus Name,  Amen


Make it daily to lift the man you will marry up in prayer. Your prayers are not said in vain, nor do they go unanswered. Be confident that even when you cannot see it, the Lord is working and weaving and preparing the man He has for you to become not only the husband you will need but the man God designed him to be in his role in this age.

As you pray for him before you date him, it will only add to the habit of praying for him when you are dating and one day married.