12 Great Prayers for Good News

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Everything God created was good so therefore, It is important to pray for positive news, especially with all the negative news being shown on television and smartphones. Here are 10 powerful prayers to receive good news.

A Prayer to Receive Good News (a prayer to hear a positive outcome over something you are anxious about)

Dear Lord, I wait, I hope, I dwell in this place of expectancy, not alone but with you at my side. Father, please come and calm my mind and still my thoughts with truth and life.

You are all that I need, for here I can lean into you and find rest. Lord, guard my mind, fill it with heavenly hope and my soul with a peace that surpass understanding. I pray for good news, news that brings release and freedom for me. Yet I know that you are the good news! That in you I have found the greatest treasure, the safest harbour, the most beautiful sanctuary. So I wait, I hope, I dwell with you. Amen.


The Prayer of Jabez the famous prayer which boldly asks God for success in life
Loving Father, I confess my great feelings of anxiety, sometimes the intensity of my stress is overwhelming. I know in my mind that you are with me, I know that your love encompasses all that I feel, that your peace fills me when I submit these things to you. So I draw near to you. Please still the circles of my thoughts. Help me to take each one captive now and allow your great love and grace to cover me.

Lord, I lay before you all the circumstances I face and ask for your Spirit to move in these things to bring change, healing and restoration. Thank you that you are the one in whom I shelter, you are the home in which I rest and you are the arms of love around me. I love you. Amen.

The just shall live by faith

Prayer for a Loan to Be Approved
All-Powerful Father, You know I have been waiting for this loan to be approved and that I need it to move forward with this plan. I pray that all documents are reviewed carefully. I ask that it would be approved according to Your will and if it is not that I would have the trust that it will work out for something better. May those whose responsibility it is to approve this loan realize that I am a worthwhile investment. I entrust this into Your hands. Amen.

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Keys to Enjoying the Grace of God

Prayer for News of Acceptance into College
Jesus, my Savior, thank You for how You have directed my life to this point. As I wait to hear back from my college application, I ask that You help me to trust You in all aspects of my life. May it come back with a positive result. Lead me to where I can be a light that shines for You. Grant me acceptance into this college so that I can be salt and light for You. Your will be done, Lord. I will serve You in all places. Amen.


Prayer to Find a House or Apartments
Almighty and Everlasting God, my home is in You, and I will always be sheltered by Your strong and able hands. Not a day has gone by where You have not provided for me. You know what I need and that I need to find accommodation soon. Go before me, Father, guide me to an appropriate place. May I receive news of an available house soon. You have promised to always take care of Your children. Trusting for Your provision, I will search for suitable places and leave the results to You. Thank You, gracious Father. Amen.


Prayer for a Loved One Safety News
God, my Fortress, I am on my knees to intercede for my loved one. Keep them safe. I do not know their condition right now, but You do. Father, protect them from harm and be their portion and shield. Bring news to me of their safety for my comfort. Do not let anyone or anything endanger them but instead give them supernatural security. Give them their daily bread by taking care of their needs day by day. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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Prayer for a Promotion at workplace
God of Victory, You have taken care of me my whole life. Right now, I am expectantly waiting for a promotion in my job. Lord, let it happen. Let my work record be viewed positively by my employers. Guiding my path in life, You have blessed me with this job, and I will continue to trust You. The next time I go to work, may I hear the good news of a new position where I can serve You with the skills You have given me. You are my true master, and I ultimately do everything for Your name. Amen.


Prayer for a Disaster to Be Averted
Lord, my Shield, I need You every hour. Disaster is looming for me unless You intervene. You have carried me to this point, Father, please do not destroy what has been worked so hard for. Grant us news of safety and that I may escape this threat. While danger seems inevitable, I will cling to You for Your protection. Knowing that You are a strong tower, I run to You for refuge. Protect me, take away this danger. Thank You that whatever happens, You are good, and You are with me. Amen.


Prayer to Pass an Exam
God of Blessing, thank You for giving me the mind that I have and the opportunities to further my education. With this exam, I pray that You give me a clear mind and the ability to recall the information I have learned. Allow me to answer the questions in a way that expresses my knowledge of the subject. With the talents You have given me, help me to serve You in the way that I take this exam. Help me to be calm and know that whatever result I get, You are pleased when I seek to honor You. Amen.


Prayer When Wrongfully Accused
Oh God of my Salvation, this is an hour of need. I stand accused of these things that I did not do and need vindication. My reputation has been ruined and I have lost friends. I need You to turn this situation around. Reveal the truth, Lord. May the real culprit be found. Restore my good name to me. Do this for Your name’s sake so that I might not bring dishonor to the church as one who follows You. In the name of Jesus, who is the way the truth and the life. Amen.

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Prayer for Good News in Poor Health
Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, You are the giver of life. This sickness has plagued my body for so long, and I need Your healing touch. Thank You for the medical experts and the tests and treatments I have received. Lord, I am asking for a good result – for news of improvement. Let health be restored to me. Acknowledging that even in sickness I will praise You, I still want to ask You for healing. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, for by His stripes my wounds of sin are healed. Amen.


Prayer for Good News for a Friend in a Difficult Situation
God of Loving Devotion, on behalf of my dear friend, I am begging for good news for them. You know them completely and every detail of their problem is known to You. In every trial and behind every challenge, You have a purpose to ultimately bring about our joy. Grant peace and calmness of spirit to my friend. As You taught us to pray, deliver us from the evil one, and lead us not into the day of evil. And so, save my friend from this tribulation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.