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3 Powerful Ways to overcome Discouragement

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The Word of God tells us “I am the one who commands you to have courage and firmness. Do not be afraid or discouraged because I, your Lord and God, will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1,9. The question today is there someone who is discouraged in your family, group, or community? What is it that discourages you today? If God is with you, everything is possible.

3 Powerful Ways to overcome Discouragement

  1. Leave worries to God, let’s read what the Scriptures tell us in I Peter 5, 7 “Leave all your worries to God, because he cares about you.” Yes, friends, the God we have cares for each one of us personally. We must be brave and be sure that Christ will listen to our prayers and petitions.

  2. Stay close to God, so when discouragement knocks on the door of our lives, we will be sure that we have God’s support. God sent the most precious thing, his son Jesus Christ so that we might have life and life in abundance. Being close to God is being attentive to his Word and establishing communication with him in prayer.

  3. Rekindle hope in Christ, says the word of God in Romans 5.5 that the hope that He gives us is not disappointed. Rekindling our hopes in Christ is reviving our life, our soul, it is living again and awakening to all the blessings that God does not want to give.

In conclusion, do not allow discouragement to take away the happiness and joy of being a son and daughter of God. With Christ on our side, we can be more than victorious in the face of any trial or tribulation that comes into our lives.

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