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Top 11 ways to make your relationship work more better

Are you engaged or seriously dating someone you want to get married to, Have you been looking for how to make your relationship work even more better?, Do you need advice to make your relationship super better than it is now? You may be wondering,  “how can I make my relationship


Why top 5 boundaries in a christian dating relationship.? Majorities of Christians lovers in courtship / relationship sometimes end up making a huge mistakes as a result of inability to overcome and avoid some certain things, so therefore, we will be highlighting top 5 boundaries in Christian dating relationship today. One of

Can Sex Before Marriage Be Forgiven?

Can sex before marriage be forgiven, can sex before marriage ruin a relationship?Lots of singles due to one reason another has allowed the thought of immorality consumed their heart as a result causing them fall into the sin of fornication. can sex before marriage which is fornication be forgiven by

Immorality — A Sign Of The End Time

Immortality is the sponsor of calamity; fornication is the foundation for destruction.The Bible has made it clear that immorality is one of the epidemics that foster the destruction and extermination of a generation Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth

7 secrets to overcoming marital delay

Marital delay has become a concern in the society as it mount pressure on the youths eligible for marriage especially in lives of the females, and due to that, we will be focusing on some keys to overcoming delay in marriage.Marital delay is a situation where someone of a