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Why top 5 boundaries in a christian dating relationship.? Majorities of Christians lovers in courtship / relationship sometimes end up making a huge mistakes as a result of inability to overcome and avoid some certain things, so therefore, we will be highlighting top 5 boundaries in Christian dating relationship today. One of

Can Sex Before Marriage Be Forgiven?

Can sex before marriage be forgiven, can sex before marriage ruin a relationship?Lots of singles due to one reason another has allowed the thought of immorality consumed their heart as a result causing them fall into the sin of fornication. can sex before marriage which is fornication be forgiven by

Immorality — A Sign Of The End Time

Immortality is the sponsor of calamity; fornication is the foundation for destruction.The Bible has made it clear that immorality is one of the epidemics that foster the destruction and extermination of a generation Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth

Consequences of sex before marriage

Consequences of sex before marriage

Consequences of sex before marriage: It takes patience as the key to an unending harvest Fornication in has become a major issue in the modern society, Sex outside of marriage is having a devastating effect on the world today. Most people, including Christians, choose to ignore God's instructions concerning this area. A lot

Lesbian Marriage, sin and punishment

Lesbian Marriage, sin and punishment

It takes spirituality to silent the voice of satan We live in a modern world were the practice of lesbianism has become part of life as it's now legalized in some countries of the world. Lesbian Marriage, sin and punishment The lord speaking in proverb 14:12, Prv 14:12 There is a way

Masturbation a Deadly Sin In Christianity

He that run from the truth will surely end up in the pitLots of persons have asked, is masturbation a sin, many young believers also went ahead to a conclusion that masturbation is not written in the bible.Before we run to the answer, let's look at what's masturbation.WHAT IS MASTURBATION?


Hosea 4:6 my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.Men perish because they do not know they right and left.In recent times, Christians are faced with diverse temptation and many also try to live a holy standard revealed by gospel.Temptation and sins are globally common to the extent that