25 Sunday Morning Prayer Points

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25 sunday morning prayer points

Here is 25 Sunday morning prayer points to help you start your Sunday with the holy spirit and Jesus Christ.

It’s very important to commit and start our Sunday morning with jesus because every Sunday carries it’s own blessings and we can’t afford to loose the blessings jesus has for us on any Sunday morning.

Why Sunday Morning Prayer Points?

Sundays are for blessings, as a Christian or believers, it’s necessary we recognize this so we don’t start our Sunday morning casually.

As a result, we’ve put together, 25 Sunday morning prayer points to help get start rightly with jesus and the holy spirit.

 25 Sunday Morning Prayer Points

Here’s 25 Sunday morning prayer points to begin your Sunday morning with.

1). Oh Lord, i thank you, as I go out this Sunday morning, let me encounter supernatural favour with you in Jesusname.

2). Oh Lord, as it was in the days of moses and the children of Isreal in the wilderness, let your pillar of cloud continuallygo with me this Sunday morning in Jesus name.

3). Oh Lord, deliver me from all the arrows that fly by day and noon in Jesus name

4). Oh Lord, arise and defend me from all those who will attempt to attack me this Sunday morning in Jesus name.

5). Lord, today, go ahead of me and take away every obstacles that will make today a living hell for me in Jesusname.


6). Lord, provide for me my daily bread today in Jesus name.

7).Lord, lead me not into temptation and deliver me fromall evil today in Jesus name.

8). I decree that those who lay in wait for me throughout the night in order to strike in the morning shall themselves notsee the sun shine of today in Jesus name.

9). Lord! Today, send your angels for the protection of my life in Jesus name.

10). I declare that any appointment of death targeted towards me today whether sent to me or through another person be dissapointed and torn to pieces in Jesus name.

11). Lord, raise men and women to help me meet all my needs today in Jesus name.

12). Lord, as I raise up the offering of praise to you this morning, let your rain of blessings follow me throughout today in Jesus name.

13). Lord, Let me see favor today in Jesus name.

14). Lord, through the help of the holy spirit in me, guide my steps as I face the challenges of the day in Jesus name

15). Lord, sanctify me for the work of today in Jesus name.

16). Lord, grant me my heart desires for today in Jesus name.

17). Lord, may the dissapointments and failure of yesterday not repeat itself in my life this morning in Jesus name.

18). I declare that I shall see your strange works and your strange acts in my life this morning in Jesus name.


19). Lord, do not judge me by the measure of my faith today. Let the rain of your unmerited favour and mercy fall on me as I leave my house in Jesus name.

20). As I wake up this morning, I shall wake with my glory and with songs of praises that overshadow all sadness in Jesusname.

21). Lord! As I wake this morning, send help from heaven and my destiny helpers throughout today in Jesus name

22).Lord, cause me to see your grace this morning and lead me in the way thst i should go today in Jesus name.

23). Lord, be my defender against every trouble of today in Jesus name.

24). I prophesy to my life this morning that as i arise, every dead thing around my life, my family, my business and careercomes back to life in Jesus name.

25). Lord, thank you for your steadfast love that is new every morning in Jesus name.


This 25 Sunday morning prayer points is help you engage in effective prayers every Sunday morning before leaving the house.

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